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28 Best Way to Wish Happy Birthday – Birthday Wishes Ideas

Best Way to Wish Happy Birthday / Birthday Wishes Ideas: – As we know that happy birthday is the one of the best of the years which gives the message of the anniversary of self-growth. Thus most of the people of the world do not celebrate it normally rather abnormal. It is the also call an indication of their growth and standard in life.People in the teenage mostly celebrates it as festival even they wait for the next birthday. The way of wishing and celebrating the birthday differs from person to person, places to places, and country to country.

There also exist some of the peoples who do not become excites even in birthday because of taking it as also one of the way of year normally. If we talk about the people who celebrate mostly becomes from high or advance family. They look mostly connoisseur and glad to celebrate it as one of the important function and festival of the year. Many people even take it as the color of change and color of life by entering into the new age.  That is why birthday is also special for everyone.

We are recognized for our birthday and age. We change our expression and face looking in terms of our birthday because our age is moving ahead without tired. Celebrating the birthday does not fully makes the moment much more delighted and glossy. It depends upon the way to wishes the particular person for making the moment more funny and enjoyable. Scrutinizing also the way of celebrating the birthday, we find that there also exist many respective ways to different manners and person for completing the moment in an unforgettable manner.

Ways of wishing birthday depends upon the formation and relation with the respective person. The relation explores the different way to make eth celebration better and ideal. Commonly we see that celebration of birthday among friend is wild and vulgar too but it totally changes its moment and situation if we become part of the celebration in some of the elder birthday.The cases vary from relationship to relationship and so the way also gets different.There are the different way to celebrate the birthday to make the moment more ideal, decent and virtual.


28 Best Way to Wish Happy Birthday – Birthday Wishes Ideas


This is also one of the effective ways to make a respective person happy and it plays role of great ambition if you have the higher relationship or sibling relationship. The special song of the birthday can be prepared by self-signing or even making other to sing a song for them. Presentation and wishing in birthday is also one of the most important things to show your love, care, and dedication towards them.

The song would help your fro become the first person for getting such love and respect by them due to your specification of gift presentation this way also makes you the star of their eyes.

2. Animated or cartoonist videos:

This can be also taken as one of eth high respectable and valuable gift and way that you wishes to present them. When you prepare eth animated videos especially targeting their birthday wishes. Then it will surely touch their internal heart will troll their thinking towards you. You become closer to them and also a most loveable person in their eyes.

The person loves and like anyone because of your caring and loving. Your initiative towards them will increase the beliefs towards you. These ways also make the prospective mark in their celebration of a birthday.


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3. Making MMS:

This is also one of eth best way to wishes your  relatives birthday.  By preparing the MMS and sending it into their mobile will shock them and even laugh after seeing it. You can’t feel the sensation and thought that they’re mid started to think but it all about you and your action.MMS is also taken as the easiest mode of sharing your views, ideas and thought through multimedia devices in respective mobile. This is mostly used for mutual affection but is in the far distance. These the best ways to wish the someone’s birthday decently by expressing the wanted words in short clips.

4. Wishing in non-mother tongue:

There are many languages spoken in the world. And each language has their own tone and accent for having the same words and moment.Their definition differences from person places. In the certain time of birth, you can also wish them in another language of the same lines happy birthday. 

The people hear about them also get shocked and start to murmuring and whispering to each other to know the real meaning what you have said. You should also be earlier prepared and learn to express the same phrases another language in front of them to make it fruitful and perspective.


5. Wishing with abuse:

As I have clarified the statement in above that the case of wishing to get differs due to the relationship. When you want to make a plan for wishing the birthday of your friends, you can also celebrate it by abusing him or her. A celebration of birthday among friend went vulgar and un-limits of happiness and truth are started to share in the touching of wine and other beverages. Mostly in friends, it is practiced, so you can also wish him or her by abusing in standard and unique styles by considering about the hurting to their heart even in birthday.

6. Wishes only:

You can also wish him by texting the message or by sending or presenting the wishes text letter in respective birthday it is treated as traditional way but has effective function messaging the wishes text also brings the happiness in the face along with smile a automatically clicks their feelings. Wishes are sent to everyone by reading and making a suit with them to even brings a smile on their face. Additionally, the wishing by the text is taken as the tea having less quantity milk. Wishes should be also of prestigious and decent. It mostly focus one  wishing with text by messaging in mobile without presenting the gifts packet

7. Best wishes:

It is also the best way to wishes someone happy birthday.In happy birthday, all are in happy mode by forgetting the misery and pain of eth past. In that dimension of time, you can present your best wishes to them personally indecent manner. Your best wishes for achieving success, love and becoming the great and iconic person.

Happy birthday greeting cards Way to Wish Happy Birthday
Happy birthday greeting card

This types of wishes are mostly shared or presented to youngsters by elders.Best wishes should have the potential to impress him or her. Best wishes also have the effective sensation to ring out the happiness on their face.

8. Giving empty pack:

This way of wishing him or her is usually treated as the prank. And it is most effective if you are planning to do in your friend birthday not other else.  Giving empty gift pack first makes their minds full of bubbling happily and later on it makes them sad. Its same like the serving the tasty dishes catalogs in front of serving the real dishes. It will also make the moment occasional and memorable. 


This also helps to provide fun and make him aggressive for some time but again come in the same mood. in friends circle,  in this ways also, the birthday  can be wished.Friends will never forget this activity that you have done with them in particular birthday.

9. wishes:

This can be also one different way to wish birthday. Children are taken as the icons of giving satisfaction by their skills and adeptness. If the birthday is going to occur in few day after, then you can make the wishes dedicated to a respective person by children. Let instruct children to wishes birthday and record that videos and sent it to them. This will also do the work of delighting them. Children voice are sweet that can enchant other attraction and attention.

10. Presenting sour or bitter cake:

It will happen for the first time when you deserve it in birthday moment. This way also mostly indicate to celebrate in friend birthday for growing and peeling more fun. Friends circle have magical power and bond where everything is free and there is no rule and no one can break it. You can present him or her sour cake or bitter cake to make others laugh also.

We all have always eaten sweet cake never sour or bitter. So also it becomes their first experience to have it. You have to make prepare it for special orders.


11. Presenting unique design cake:

Sometimes design in any things also changes the mood of the person. A person becomes happy and starts to get pleasure by watching towards its fascinating designs. You can also present the unique design cake which he or she has not yet sawn or eaten this also become the one unique way to celebrate the birthday. The cake may have special attractive color painted, or having some special flavor or might be a large size. All these design and models help to influence their birthday. So it is also one way to wish birthday.

12. Giving expensive gift than other:

Sometimes, there also s starts the race of being giving the expensive gift than other to make a different mark in comparison with other.Expensive gift is also the symbol of expressing the personal identification. Person are also judged by their gift presentation that reflects their capacity and standard. Thus in birthday, you can present the most expensive gift than other to make your presentation glossy making the gift packed in large size. It is also one way to wish birthday.

13. Wishing them in tradition style:

Traditional style means loving style which mostly the youth act at the time of purposing the girl. Girls do know the meaning of love and impressing other. And the style of purposing that is kneeling down and also you can say happy birthday. Mostly youth use this pose for a purpose and say ”I Love You”. This is also one way to wish birthday for making your presentation prominent in the ceremony.

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14. Wishing them with exorcism:

By using this way also, you can standout your presentation difference in e function.Exorcism is mostly used by the Dhami and Jhakri{ a traditional doctor} who uses this for curing someone. And also mostly the sage or hermit speaks in Sanskrit while doing any religious function. By converting the words happy birthday into Sanskrit as exorcism and wish them by saying it. It will also make up your identity in function.

15. Not off, only on the candle:

It is the way of celebrating the birthday that every person swipes out the candle by their mouth and speaks together happy birthday for two to three times. It has been practiced for a long time and going on.

But when you make its rule break and convince to celebrate in new styles, it will also become effective. By dis-burning, the candle makes dark for sometimes, but you can wish them a happy birthday by burning the candle will add the more value for celebration. It will also become the new way to wish the happy birthday by burning more number of the colorful candle.

16. Celebration without cake:

This is also one way to wish them the happy birthday. The cake is taken as the main assets of birthday and most focusing subject in a ceremony. But when you make disappear of cake, it will make the whispering and murmuring because of its disappearance. You can celebrate the birthday without having cake and only burning the colorful candle and have to share of fruits.Replacing the cake into fruits and distributing the pieces to everyone same like the cake also become the more effective.


17. Saying ”Happy Birthday and ”Happy All Day”:

It has been coming for a long time for celebrating a birthday.People around the world used the same phrase while wishing someone birthday. But from yours, change this system and slogan of wishing the birthday. You can say happy birthday and happy all instead of only saying Happy birthday. Wishing Happy birthday mostly speaks to the birthday wishes only but next one wishes speaks about life. You can bring the change from your turn.

18. Saying ”It’s your promise day”:

This slogan can be applied and used instead of the old slogan happy birthday to wish them.  You can wish them the happy birthday by saying it because it is new styles of wishing others.Birthday also symbolizes eth new eclipse in the life. So you can also wish them to promise day as a birthday. In birthday, people swear different promise to step up their life towards the peak.

19. Punching them:

This is also the way to wish birthday to the respective person It will be more effective to friends.Some of the ways of wishing mostly get suits with friends. Punching to the friends and beating lovely to them also gets the color of affection to disclose the enjoyment. Punching to friends reveals the new styles and he also becomes happy when you do it in a lovely manner.

20. pasting the cake into entire faces:

It is done when you have the deeper relationship with them. These kinds of activities are mostly done with those friends who do not mind the friend’s action and having calm nature. Otherwise, pasting the cake in the entire face will make them aggressive and the happy function converts into the fighting field. This is also one way to wish your friend’s happy birthday.



This is also one of the new and laughing ways to celebrate the birthday. It will affect and change the modes of function when you activate it. Mostly, the birthday wishes together by all the presented people. But when you make a dog bark at the exact time of wishing or accenting the words. The dog should be brought earlier to make the situation happy. It also becomes one prank videos when you record it and post in special sites to gain appreciation.

22. Making electricity off at wishing time:

This is also one way to wish the birthday. Usually, the person celebrates the birthday by making the surrounding more lighter and radiance to drawn the attraction of others. But if you change the situation entirely in seconds will bring the new idioms in the function for sometimes. You can turn off the bulb and light while people gather for wishing the birthday. At that time, you can act according to your plan to wish them birthday.

23. Cracking the crackers:

Usually, it is not seen in the function of birthday that people crack the crackers. They do not explode the crackers because it is not taken as the means of entertaining in birthday. But you can change the thoughts and systems of celebrating the birthday.

You can crack the highest sound crackers to vibrate everyone especially at the time of wishing. This is also one way to wish birthday. All the people who are presented even scared for some time, but you can say later on that crackers are exploded by us. This kind of action also includes the list of ways to celebrate the happy birthday.


24. Gifting god’s statue:

This is also the way to wish the birthday to the respective person.  We can see that in someone birthday more of the personal gift some precious thing but no one’s focus goes towards the statue. In all the series of gift presentation, you can make your separate identity by giving the gift like the statue of the god.

When you gift the statue of god to your friends, then it will surely make them happy and shows him or her the new path to move ahead without fear and low confidence.  The way of wishing birthday will also make the expression of remembrance.

25. Jesting the  oldness of age:

We become so busy then we even forget the reality which is lighting under the candle. We do not see due to its small area which has been covered by the light of candles.The fact is that we are becoming day by day younger and older.

We are decreasing our life period daily. And get notification better when we celebrate pour birthday. By taking this fact also, you can jest and tease your friends in birthday.  You can make other laugh by arising this fact and topic that you now become old and we are still young. This is also one of the influence ways to wish some one’s birthday.


26. Celebration with and without wine:

This can be also the best way to wish someone’s birthday. You can present him a special or foreign wine if he is a drunkard or even putting the water in the wine bottle. Mostly the birthday is celebrated with wine in friends birthday to make the moment more fickle and entertaining along with unforgettable.

In another side, you can also not celebrate the birthday with wine by making him motivated.  By all these, it will impact positively on birthday and apart from his life too.

27. Sent private message

When the birthday of the friend is special and if he has good relation with you then also you can practice it as one of the best ways to wish him a happy birthday. Mostly the boys are of open mind and in friend circle no any abusing are taken seriously.

So also, you can send him any filthy message regarding the birthday that will troll him. You can send a private message by saying some secret and subjective words of wishes. Like you can sent him message texting about any confidential gossip related to any activities or anything other else. This is also one way to wish birthday.


28. Post the happy birthday on Facebook publicly:

Facebook is the large platform of sharing something private feeling and views and thoughts. You can post your wishes publicly inFacebook and tagged your wishes to respective person  for making him happy and delight. Wishing happy birthday in Facebook and public. It holds more value and even makes the person happy because it can be viewed by large groups of personnel.

A birthday should make him or her more happy than other because it is the day of flying like the bird in the sky to observe the life dimension. That is why it is also the best way to wish a happy  birthday and it m become more effective you upload some videos on it.

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