Top 10 Happy Birthday Party Food Ideas for 3 Years Old Boy

3-year-old birthday party food ideas:- One of the most amazing aspects of being a parent is the opportunity to throw an amazing birthday party for the kid and make them happy. The happiness that a parent gets from the child’s smile is the most divine feeling which overpowers all other happiness in the world.

So, if your kid is turning 3 soon and you want to throw an amazing party for your kid, you have to buck up. Birthday Party Food Ideas for 3-Year-Old Boy definitely is not an easy task and it needs a lot of preparation; from a selection of party venue, invitation list, decorations, gifts, games to the preparation of menu for the party.

Food, being the center attraction of the party, needs to be carefully selected, especially when the party is thrown for a 3-year-old kid. The party would be full of the kids and their parents, so you need to prepare the food items or menu considering the guests as well. This is definitely one of the most difficult aspects as there are thousands of dishes to choose from to serve the guests.

Hence, to reduce your dilemma, we have come up with few food ideas for the birthday party for a 3-year-old kid. Hopefully, the following food ideas will be of help to you in your attempt to decide on the menu for a birthday party.

Top 10 Tips on 3 Year Old Birthday Party Food Ideas | Maky Your Boy Happy

  1. Let’s get started with the Birthday Cake!

At the age of just three, I am sure your kid is not big enough to decide on his own birthday cake. However, they do have few favorites like favorite cartoon characters or favorite games. To surprise him and make him feel a little relatable, you can customize the cake and make prints of his favorite character or game on the cake.

This way, he will surely love the cake and relate to the cake as well. Also, you can get number 3 on the birthday cake that symbolizes his years! This is on the list of 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

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  1. Baked potato smileys or potato alphabets

Like the starters, you can bake some potatoes which are healthy as well as tasty for the kids. To make it look even more interesting, you can make smileys and make alphabets and numbers on the potato.

For a three-year-old kid, this could be the best dish to make them happy and full at the same time. This is on the list of Birthday Party Food Ideas for a 3-Year-Old Boy.

3. Mini Potato tikkas

Potato tikkas or commonly known as potato patties are yet another dish for a birthday party for a 3-year-old kid. Easy to make, delicious, and healthy; with potato tikkas, no parent needs to compromise the health of the child.

Mini Potato tikka recipes

To add an extra special look, you can make the tikkas in different shapes like triangles, rectangles, or squares as well. This will definitely catch the eyes of the little ones at the party. This is on the list of Birthday Party Food Ideas for a 3-Year-Old Boy.

4. Cheese balls

Cheesy, delicious, tasty, and of course healthy; cheese balls serve as the perfect dish for the party of a 3-year old who has lots of 3-year-old kids. So that the kids can eat it properly, you can add a small stick on the cheese balls making them cheese ball lollipops as well.

Well, with these new lollipops on hand, who would go for candy lollipops! Right? So, this is on the list of boy 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

  1. Mini Strawberry Tarts

Mini strawberry tarts are great for family gatherings as well as birthday parties. This is the heavenly sweet dish that is served inconveniently in small portions so that every kid can easily eat these in one go.

Mini Strawberry Tarts 3 year old birthday party food ideas

This very impressive treat will leave all the kids amazed and happy at the same time. Apart from strawberries, you can also insert other fruits like pineapple, apple, orange, and many more. This is on the list of 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

To the 3-year-old kids, you should not only serve snacks. There should be some portion of heavy items and what would be better for them other than macaroni and cheese. Without a doubt, this is easily the favorite dish of every kid these days. You can serve these in tiny cups to make it look pretty as well. This is on the list of boy 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

  1. Noodles with vegetables

Crunchy veggies with white noodles is a definite dish for a birthday party having lots of kids. The combination of white noodles with vegetables makes this dish super-rich in flavors, ingredients, and taste as well.

You can serve these noodles and vegetables in small cups or small paper plates with few extra fruits on the side. Once the kids get the taste of this, I am sure, they will crave more in the future too. This is on the list of boy 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

  1. Small cups of ice creams

No party is complete without sweet dishes. And, who would not love ice creams? Though it is not recommended to serve a large portion of ice creams, you can serve chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream in small cups. If possible, serve these ice creams in the day rather than in the evening when the weather is colder. This is on the list of boy 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

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  1. Fruit juices in small tetra packs with straws

One thing that most people forget while at the party is to keep them hydrated. With lots of snacks and heavy foods, it is essential. Your kid gets lots of fluid as well. Rather than just serving water, you can get the fruit juices in small tetra packs and put a straw in them. Kids love to drink water or juices via a straw.

For the 3-year-old boy’s birthday party, the most important aspect is the preparation of healthy as well as tasty food. While you need to serve them tasty foods, you should not at all compromise with the quality of food and the diet necessary for the 3-year-old kids. However, the above-mentioned foods are rich in ingredients as well as very healthy for any 3-year-old kid.

So, next time you have a party for your son’s birthday, make sure you have these items on the menu. This is on the list of 3-year-old birthday party food ideas.

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So these are the delicious birthday food ideas for a 3-year-old boy.