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10 Best Birthday Reminder Android Apps – Happy Birthday Apps

Birthday, for most of the people, is the most awaited day of the year; it is what they believe to be the celebration of all the years they have lived. On such a special occasion everyone wants to be wished by their loved ones.  However, in the world that is pacing at an extremely high […]

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11 Different Ways Of Celebration Happy Birthday in Hindu Religion and Culture

Happy Birthday in Hindu religion and culture: – Hinduism is a way of life and since birthday celebration in Hindu Culture is an important part of our life, there is a Hindu way of celebrating birthdays. However, in the past few years, the celebration method has been influenced by the western celebration method – cutting fancy […]

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Top 10 Important Reasons Why To Celebrate Our Birthdays

Have you ever wondered why the earth revolves around the sun? Did you ever interrogate yourself if ‘time’ could be stopped or paused? Similarly, have you ever imagined why we celebrate birthdays? But all of the mentioned questions have a reason; the reason that vividly justifies its presence and process. Once in every 365 days, […]