9 Fun Ideas for Outdoor Games for Kids’ Birthday Party
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9 Fun Ideas for Outdoor Games for Kids’ Birthday Party

Fun Ideas for Outdoor Games for Kids’ Birthday Party:- For a kid, the birthday party is all about food, cake, gifts, decorations, and most importantly ‘fun’. It’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure the party keeps rolling. And, one most important thing that keeps the party on its high is some GAMES.

For kids, a birthday party is awesome when there are lots of games to be engaged in. Having games at the birthday party for kids serves two purposes.

Firstly, all the kids from different backgrounds can play with each other and know each other better with games.

Secondly, it keeps all the kids entertained without getting bored. So, make sure you have some games prepared for the upcoming party.

There are two types of games; indoor games and outdoor games. While indoor games are played at the house, the games like football, volleyball are the games that are played in the open space at some parks or stadiums.

So, if you are arranging for a birthday party at the park, you can choose some outdoor games that are suitable for the kids as well as for few adults that are on the guest list.

This article precisely gives out some of the outdoor fun games that can be played at the park. These games are suitable for all the kids in the party.

So, if you are arranging for the party, make sure you have all the required props and objects that are necessary for the game beforehand rather than panicking at the last moment.

Check out the top picks for the outdoor games for a kid’s birthday party and make your choices.

10 Fun Ideas for Outdoor Games for Kids’ Birthday Party

1. Obstacle course:

Organizing the obstacle course game can be a bit difficult, but it is sure to be an instant hit. This game can be played in the park with some minimum DIY setup.

Obstacle Course Game Kids Birthday
Obstacle Course Game


  1. Old tires
  2. Hula hoops
  3. Balloons
  4. Some plywoods
  5. Few potato sacks

How to arrange and play!

To make an obstacle course, you can come up with your own ideas. However, here, I am going to discuss the ways to prepare the course as well as play on it.

First of all, set up some old tires and set them on their sides to crawl through or you can just lay those on the ground for kids to run through. Once the kids go through these, the kids move on to the next obstacle where you can hand some hula hoops from the tree and kids have to throw something through it before they are allowed to move on to the next course.

For the next course, pile up some blown balloons which the children must pop by sitting on. Lastly, lay a big plywood and make the kids hop in a sack from a section to the last one ending the course.

At the end, whoever gets to the final destination by crossing all the obstacle, becomes the ultimate winner of the obstacle course.

2. Sack Racing

Perfect game for outdoor fun, sack racing is a classic that have been played by everyone once in their life. This game is simple, easy and fun as well.


  1. Potato sack or simple sack
  2. A rope
  3. Participants
  4. Whistle
sack racing children

How to play!

To play this game, first of all, you have to mark the beginning and ending point with the help of the rope. Lay down the rope on the ground at the beginning as well as at the end of the course.

Once the course is ready, make every participant lie up at the starting level and make them step inside their particular sack. On the sound of the whistle, let all the kids hop in their sack as fast as they can to get the finish line. The one who gets to the finish line is the ultimate winner.

3. Balloon Relay

No matter where you are celebrating the birthday, balloon games are always fun and is a classic birthday party game ever. Make sure you have this game in your game lists.


  1. Large baskets
  2. Lots of inflated balloons

How to play!

To play the game of balloon, first of all, divide the children or kids into two separate groups and line them up. at about 25 yards away from the starting line, place two baskets of inflated balloons.

Blow up the whistle and let two kids from each group run to the basket, grab a balloon and sit on it until it pops out. As soon as it pops, make them run back to their starting point and tag the other two players from each team. The first team to pop all the balloon wins and the next loss.

4. Blind Man’s Bluff

This is a very unique, old and favorite game of the children. It is widely known as Blind Man’s Bluff, however, Chinese know it as “Blind Man’ or Chicken as well.


All that is required to play this game is some blindfolds

How to play.

From among the bunch of kids, choose one kid to be called IT and blindfold her or him. Let her turn around few times so as the little one gets disoriented. Now, ask her to tag any other friend or children in the playground to make him or her IT.

In a similar way, continue the game. The best part of this game is all the kids can have fun while not worrying about coming first or second. Let all of them enjoy this wonderful and classic game.

5. The splash game

For a hot sunny day, the game of splash would be the perfect game for all the kids having the party in the park.


  1. Some cards
  2. A big container of water
  3. Small buckets

How to play!

To play this game, first of all, gather the participants who like to play this game. If there are 10 kids in total, writer on the card numbers from 1-10, 10 being the total number of players. New, fill a container with warm water and place a small bucket by its side.

Now, let all the participants sit in a circle. From among all the kids, choose one player and ask him to pick any number from the container and let no one else see the number. Then, let him fill up the bucket with water from the container and ask him to sit in the middle of the circle.

Now, ask the player to face each player turn wise and ask them to guess the number the player has picked up from the container. Each player has to guess a different number. As soon as someone guesses the number correctly, make the player with a bucket of water splash all the water over the one who has guessed it correctly.

However, if no one is able to correctly say the number, the child on the center himself or herself has to throw the water over himself or herself.

So, would not this game be the most amazing game for kids1!

6. Capture Flag

This is the popular game among the kids which they usually play in the school or during the summer holidays. The children of all ages can play this game.


  1. Two flags
  2. Participants
  3. A large area

How to play!

First of all, split all the kids into two different groups and teams with equal numbers. Give a flag to each team and instruct them to set up two positions. The base position where their flag is kept and the goal position where they keep the prisoners.

Now, allow each team to capture the flag of the opponent team by venturing in the other team member’s territory. However, whenever someone ventures into another’s a territory, they can get caught by the players of that territory and can be put in prison. He or she cannot be freed until one of her own team members tags him or her.

Finally, the one team that get the opponent’s flag and keep it in the base position wins the game.

7. Treasure Scramble

This is the perfect outdoor game that can be played either in the backyard of in the park. Kids of all ages can play this wonderful game easily and happily.


  1. Candies wrapped in the wrapper
  2. A bunch of kids
  3. Some guards of treasure

How to play

First of all, wrap some candies or small prizes in the aluminum foil and place it in the different places inside the park area. Now, ask all the participants or kids to collect the treasure and get it to the base position where they can open the treasure and claim on the win.

However, place a guard or dragon at the side of each treasure and if he tags the kid, then the kid gets eliminated and cannot get the treasure.

To play this game, make some adults the dragon and also ask them to look after the kids on the playground.

8. Water pipe

It is well known that all the kids love to get wet. So, when there is a party in the park or backyard, you can let them play with water with a game called water pipe.


  1. Bunch of Kids
  2. Big bucket of water.
  3. Buckets

How to play!

First of all, set two groups of kids with an equal number of kids in the each and provide a cup to each player. On the other side of the playing area, make a large pool or place a container of water and on the other side, almost 20 yards apart, and place two identical buckets.

Make both teams create a line from the container to the identical empty bucket on the other side of the ground. On the sound of the whistle, let the child closest to the water container fill his cup and pour it to the next kid beside him.

The second kid again pours it to the third kid and this goes on until the bucket on the other side gets completely filled with water. The team that is able to fill the bucket faster, wins the game.

9. Ball game

This is the easiest and simple game for the kids of age 6-10. It is the classic game that has been played by all the kids at least once.


  1. Tapes or markers
  2. Balls or Oranges also can be used

How to set up and play!

To play this game, first of all, mark the starting point and the finish point at least 15 yards apart in the playground. Now, choose the participants who are ready to play this game. Place the oranges or balls on the starting point and ask the participants to roll it pass it the finish line.

BUT WAIT, the kids are not allowed to use their hands or feet. They have to roll the ball using their nose instead. Well, now isn’t this fun! On the blow of a whistle, let all the kids use their nose to roll the ball past the finish line and claim the VICTORY.


Remember that birthday as the great days to have fun and enjoy with one another. And, the games are the best ways for that. Having games in the birthday definitely serve two major aspects. It keeps the party rolling and all the kids have fun while they can learn actual social skills and other skills like counting, mass speaking and much more.

So, make sure you choose appropriate games to include in your kid’s birthday that not only is fun but also helps the kids to learn different skills.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned games are of use to you in your attempt to search for new, innovative and fun games to include in the birthday party.

If you have any other suggestions regarding the games, make sure you share it with us. Comment to us in the comment box below and share it with everyone else.

Thank You!

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