10 Indoor Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Indoor birthday party games for toddlers

Indoor Birthday Party Games Ideas for Toddlers :- I always feel grateful sharing my thoughts and ideas with you to make your birthdays great. Today, I am here with some awesome gaming ideas that are good to be played in the house, especially the games that are suitable for toddlers.

Birthdays are itself special for anyone; be it birthday boy or girl or their relatives and friends. This special day becomes even more special with different types of decorations, foods, wishes and people. While there is hype over gifts and foods on the birthday, there is one thing that should not be ignored at any cost; that is games. Games can be indoor as well as outdoor games. Outdoor games like baseball, basketball, football are usually played outside. However, there are many games that can be played even in the house where the party is being undertaken.

birthday party
birthday party

We all know, kids love to play games. Even toddlers get engaged on games. They love to have fun with some simple indoor games. The whole responsibility of making the birthday party amazing for toddlers comes down to the host of the party. In this article, there are lots of gaming ideas that can be played by the toddlers in the birthday party.

So, are you arranging for a birthday party for a toddler at home? If you are, make sure you arrange for lots of simple games so that all the kids at the party can enjoy with each other. Having the games in the party serves two different objectives. One, it lets the kid play with each other and develop social skills. Two, games let the Kid’s party come alive. Here, I have listed out 8 simple yet fun games that can be played inside the house. You need not go to the park or any playground to play these games.

Indoor Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

1. Musical chair for kids

Well, the best and the simple game where all the toddlers can enjoy is the Musical Chair game. This game can be played easily inside the house too.

musical games
musical games

Requirements for the game

  1. Few chairs
  2. Music System
  3. Participants
  4. Stopwatch and a referee

How to play:

The game starts with arranging the chairs in the circle. If possible, get the small chairs that are suitable for the toddlers. Then, select the participants and make them sit on the chair. With the start of the music, instruct all the participants go revolve around the chairs and eliminate one chair while the music is on. Now, stop the music and make them sit on their nearby chairs. The last kid to remain standing gets eliminated from the game. At last, two players compete for a single chair and whoever gets that chair first is the ultimate winner of the game.

To encourage all the kids and make them special, remember to give some token of love to all. This will make everyone special for sure.

2. Bubble game

Every kid loves to pop up the bubbles. The next game is about popping up the balloons that are fun and easy for the toddlers to play.

bubble games
bubble games

Requirements for the game:

The only requirement for this game is the bubble machine and the participants.

How to play!

To start with, in the free space, gather all the toddlers and with the help of the bubble machine, create some bubbles in the room. See if they can pop up the bubbles before they hit the floor. Instruct every kid to pop up the balloon while it is in the air.The best part of this game is, this is just the fun game where there are no winners or losers. It lets each and every kid have fun. Also, the older kids and their parents can enjoy this game as much as a kid does.

3. Coloring games

Every kid of any age love to color! This game (Coloring Game) serves two purposes; one, kids can enjoy coloring and making their party awesome. Second, this game can encourage kids to draw and make beautiful portraits.

coloring games
coloring games


  1. Colors or color boxes
  2. Coloring sheets
  3. Timer or stopwatch

How to play!

Well, this is the fun game where all the toddlers can color the coloring sheets. Place the coloring sheets with different pictures like pictures of fruits, balls, and animals and make all the participants color on the respective objects. Give then at least 5 minutes and after the time is up, collect all the papers. Announce a winner based on the best work and encourage everyone of them by giving some consolations prizes to each participant.

4. Duck and goose game

Duck and goose game is probably the most suitable game for toddlers. This game doesn’t require any specific equipment or gaming materials.

duck duck goose toddlers games
duck duck goose toddlers games

How to play the game of Duck and Goose.

To play this game, let the children sit next to each other in a circle on the floor. Start the game with a child (matter) who need to walk around the big circle of participants patting the head of each of the participants. Normally, every time they pat on a head, they call out the duck, except for one when they yell out GOOSE. Once the GOOSE is yelled out, the patter then runs and tries to sit in the place of the goose before he tags them. In this game, if the goose becomes able to win the patter, he gets to sit. But, if he becomes unable to win the patter and patter sits in his place, the goose becomes the next patter and the game starts again in a similar manner.

This is really a simple yet interesting game for the toddlers. They can enjoy as well as learn social skills from this game.

5. Cake hunt

All kids love to have cake at the birthday party. Without the cake, the birthday party is definitely not complete. So, why not have fun with the cake.In this game, just hide the cake in the safe place under the guidance of the parents and let all the kids find the cake.

toddlers games
toddlers games


  1. A cake
  2. Some cards or sticky notes

How to play

First of all, hide the cake somewhere safe and easy place under the guidance of any parent of the adult. Then, divide the kids into the separate group and let them find the cake. To help them get to the cake, make some clues that lead to next clue and finally to the cake You can give them a certain hints as well in case they get clueless. Finally, the group that comes with the cake, shall be declared as the ultimate winner.

To motivate them for the future and participate in the games, make sure they have fun and learn something new from the game.

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