55 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Father

55 Happy Birthday Messages, for Father

Happy birthday wishes for father: – Father is the first love of every little girl and the superhero of every little boy. A father works each day just to keep his family and children happy. His every action during the day is ultimately related to providing the better life for his family.As they say, theirs is no other love as pure as a father’s love for their children. So, every child also needs to respect his or her father. Why not start to show this love on this special day, Birthday. It is his children’s responsibility to make him happy, to make him realize how important he is in your life and to thank him for his continuous support.

Here are 50 different quotes or wishes you can send to your father as a gift to him for his continuous struggle. Go ahead and make your father’s birthday super amazing. He deserves every respect, honor, and love.

55 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Father

Happy Birthday to my dad / father
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Happy Birthday, Dad! You are the best father anyone could have. Thanks for all the support you have given to me and the family. Without you, our life wouldn’t be so wonderful!


On your birthday, I would like to promise that I will make all your dreams come true; the dreams you have seen for me, for you and for our family. I love you, dad! Happy Birthday!


I might have caused you a lot of troubles in the past. But, deep down inside there is an ocean of love for you dad! You are my superhero! Happy Birthday!


Each day, I see you struggle for giving us a wonderful life. Only a super dad can to everything you have been doing for us for last 15 years. My respect for you increases every single day. Love you, dad! And have a fantastic Birthday! You deserve it!


Every day, I inspire to become like you! But then I realize, there is no one who can be just like you. You are unique in your own way. Thanks for inspiring me in every step in my life. Happy Birthday, Papa!


Many many happy returns of the day papa! May you have a long, prosperous and healthy life. May each dream you have in your mind become reality this new year. Happy Birthday yet again dad! You are my superhero!


Happy birthday to the world’s best dad! Your love, support, and motivation have made me who I am right now. Without you, our family would have been torn apart. Thanks for binding our family together with your efforts. Love You Dad!


Dad, you have done so much all your life just to satisfy our every small and big demands. I am well aware of your struggle and sacrifices. Today, I would like to take all those struggles and sacrifices from you and give you love and support instead. Happy Birthday, Dad. It’s the new beginning for you!


As we celebrate your born day today, I would like to raise a toast for your continuous work to make our life better. Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you more than ever!



Happy birthday, Daddy! You are the love of my life and I am your angel for always. May you live long dad. I love you!

55 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Father


While growing up, I really admired your awards. Today, I know why you won so many awards dad. You are really the best of the best! Happy birthday, dad! You justify nothing but the superior.


Happy birthday to the world’s best father. I vividly remember all the care you gave me; from cleaning up my knees, teaching me to ride a bicycle to teaching me to pursue my dream. You are my true inspiration!


Your heart is beyond cost, your soul is pure and your wisdom is amazing. Happy Birthday, Dad. You really deserve to have a super amazing party tonight!

Happy Birthday to my dad / father
Greeting Messages for Happy Birthday to my dad


Now that I have a son of my own, I have the deeper appreciation for everything that you have done for us without sacrificing your own happiness. I aspire to be a dad like you. Love you Dad! Happy Birthday!


Another year of having the greatest father by my side. I cannot explain how happy I am to be living under your shadow. You are my true love dad, my inspiration, and my everything. Happy Birthday Daddy!


I am what I am just for your sake dad. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be as successful as I am right now. On your birthday, I wish nothing but the best for you always! Happy Birthday Dad!


If god granted me to relive any past days, I would choose the day I spent with you dad! I can never get enough of you. I love you and Happy Birthday!


You have made all my wishes a reality. Today, I promise you that I will definitely make all your dreams come true. I love you, dad! Happy Birthday!


To the smartest man I have ever met, I hope your wisdom multiplies this year. Happy Birthday Dad!


Another 365 days have gone and with each passing day, I am reminded how grateful I am to have the most handsome and intelligent person beside me as my Daddy! Happy Birthday Dad!

55 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Father


Dad, a very Happy Birthday! You have been an amazing father as well as a true friend of mine with whom I can share my every joy and sorrow.


Over the past years, you have been teaching me so many wonderful things with your vast knowledge and humble attitude. I am really blessed to have you as my father. Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to my dad / father
Greeting Wishes for Happy Birthday to my father


To the person who is forever beside me, a very happy birthday. You are more than a god to me for giving me birth, loving me, caring me and guiding me through every step of my life.


The greatest gift the god has provided me is in form of human and that is you, dad! Happy Birthday Dad! Love you always.


I am very happy that you are my father
And so, I would like to say
I love you
And wish you
A very Happy Birthday!

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55 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Father


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