500 Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Happy Birthday Wishes for younger Brother: – Little brothers are like the devil cum angel of the family. Surely, they can be annoying most of the times. But with their smile, the whole house lighten up and the house becomes a home.

Even if we want to, we cannot ignore our little brothers. And no matter how irritating they get, we cannot resist smiling at their mischievous activities. They seek attention all the time.

Moreover, on the birthday, their demand for gifts, love, and attention increases even more. And, it is his elder sister’s or brother’s responsibility to make him happy on his birthday!

So, are you looking forward to celebrating your little brother’s birthday with lots of fun? Start it by sending him your unique, heartfelt or funny simple birthday wishes.

These are definitely the starting point of celebration which makes your brother’s day unique and happy. Here we present you 50 different Happy Birthday Wishes for your little or younger brother. Choose the best ones and convey it to your younger brother.

500 Happy Birthday Wishes for younger Brother


A very happy and joyous birthday to my little brother. I wish you get success in each and every endeavor you start. Your big sister is always there to keep you motivated and supported!


Dear brother, when you were young, you got on my nerves a big time. Your silly arguments and nagging used to get me irritated a lot. As you grew older, you changed into a gentle, kind, content and disciplined young boy. I wish you become more successful in the future. Happy Birthday!


You are not just my little brother, you are also a good friend. Time flies with joy when I am in your company. Happy birthday dearest brother.


As you are younger, I might have teased you while growing up. But, I always loved you and cared for you more than anyone else. Today, I am so proud of what you have become- A beautiful and wonderful man. Happy Birthday to you baby brother!


You were, are and will always be my special baby brother. I would like to tell you that no matter where ever I go, I will always take you in my heart and hearth. I love you, bro. Keep shining. And, happy birthday!


Our childhood went by, but our brotherhood is still on. With the passage of time, our connection has grown only stronger. I hope and pray for you best brother. Happy Birthday!


Dear bro, you are not only my little brother but also a best friend. Just remember that whenever you are in bad times, you can always count on me. I was, am and always be right beside you in all of your good as well as bad times. Happy returns of the day bro. I love you!


Even though I am elder to you, your optimistic spirit, cheerful nature, and positive attitude always inspire me and I am very proud of you for that my little brother. May in your upcoming year, you get all you have ever desired for. Love you! And, have a terrific Birthday!


The day you were brought at home for the first time, I looked at you and instant fell in love with my baby brother. Today, after so many years, my love for you is still the same. Happy Birthday, dude. You are the best younger brother anyone could have.

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother


Thanks, a little brother for great memories of childhood. Here’s to thousands more to come in the future. Happy Birthday baby brother.


While you count the candles on the cake, I will be counting the best moments we lived in our childhood. You have made my life very joyous dear brother. I love you and Happy Birthday!


Here’s your big sister wishing you a very cool birthday! I know I am your favorite sister as you are my favorite brother. I love you a lot bro. Happy Birthday!


On your birthday, my gift for you is directly proportionate to the slices of cake you will provide me. So, think about it. Still, have a great birthday dude!


Growing up with you was awesome. I fought with you, laughed with you, cried with you, and also kicked your ass at times. Just want to remind you all those moments. Happy Birthday!


The special sibling bond we have will always be intact, brother. I love you to space and back thousands time. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to the boy whom I proudly call my baby brother. Wish you very best for all your future works bro. I love you always!


My sweet, cute, lovely, wonderful, and sometimes mischievous, naughty and evil younger brother. Many many happy returns or the day! Happy Birthday!


May your birthday bring you lots of gifts, chocolates along with wisdom and patience. Happy Birthday dear brother. Though I might get tough on you at times, remember I love you a lot.


As it’s your birthday, don’t fear to ask for wonderful gifts and blessings you desire. You are a cute brother, and I would get whatever you desire for! I love you, dear brother. Happy Birthday!


I am truly happy to have a sweet little brother like you who always obeys me and loves me. Remember that, my love for you is unconditional. Happy Birthday!


I am sure that I have the best baby brother! I hope this feeling is mutual. Happy Birthday, bro!


As I got older, I started appreciating childhood things more often and there was nothing more special than you as a younger brother. I am glad I had to look after all day! I love you and happy birthday!


Dear brother, I assure you that I will always help you achieve your dreams and support you in your every step. I always wish the best for you. A very happy Birthday!


On the ladder of life, we climbed together, fell together, but never stopped from going ahead. You are the sweetest brother whom I would love to take to the road of success with me. Happy Birthday dear brother! I love you!

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Happy birthday, dude. I hope your day starts with beautiful rays of hope and ends with unlimited memories to cherish for your entire life. Your big sister always hopes for her younger brother’s success and happiness.


There is nothing in this entire world I would trade you for. You are one in a million and a true treasure of our family. We love you lots baby brother. Happy Birthday!


Dear brother, being you big sister was not an easy task. Cleaning up your messy room, helping you with homework, taking you to school and lots more. But, new I realized that it was the most beautiful period of my life, which made me responsible and loving, caring sister. I will never forget all those lovely moments with you. Happy Birthday, bro. May you always find happiness in whatever you do.


Good luck bro for your every venture and every work that you will do in your next year. Happy Birthday, baby! I love you.


Though we are miles apart physically, I miss you terribly and always wish your good health, brother. I love you and happy Birthday! May HE (The god) shower you unlimited joy!


I never thought I would miss you this much after all the troubles you gave me as a child. You were naughty, devil and mischievous. I terribly miss all the lovely and irritating moments we had. Happy Birthday, bro. I love you!


To my lovely brother, your potential is sky high which can lead you to success. Even as a child, you were more mature, talented and responsible than me. So, embrace your potentiality and keep on moving forward. There is nothing that can stop you from touching the sky. Happy Birthday and have fun!


Today is the day, lord brought you in our family and blessed us with lifelong happiness. Happy Birthday, bro. You are the sweetest!


With your childish jokes, pranks and sweet gestures you have always spread love and happiness around you. May you always spread love to the world as you have done in the past. Happy Birthday, bro. You are the light of our family!


A note for a sweet younger brother from his elder sister- Every day of your life brings lots of new challenges and obstacles. Remember that you need to fight those obstacles and challenges to embrace the sweet opportunity that comes hence. Happy Birthday Dear brother!


Sweet younger brother, I have seen you grow right in front of my eyes and you have amazed me with what you have become now- a true gentleman. Still, you are a little brother to me whom I love significantly. Happy Birthday, Baby Brother. Keep rising!


Happy Birthday, bro. No matter what I give you today as a gift, I cannot match it to the gift you have given me with your existence. You are the sweetest thing that I ever got! I love you lots.


Every single day I thank the lord for giving the sweetest brother and every day I wish for your best. Happy Birthday baby brother.


I might get hyper to you, scold you, fight with you, and argue with you. But, my day does not lighten up without you. I love you and care for you a lot. Happy Birthday!


It seems like just yesterday you came to our house wrapped in small clothes. I adored and love you from the moment I laid my eyes on you. Today, you are all grown up and able to handle yourself and I cannot be any more proud. Happy Birthday dear brother.


Having a little brother like you is a blessing for us. We can never get enough of you sweet talks, pranks and activities. We love you, bro. Happy Birthday!


Dear brother, on the way to success, never think you are alone. Your big brother is always there to help you walk on that road holding hands. Happy Birthday, dearest! May you touch the sky!


From today, you are going to add a new chapter in your life- a new opportunity lies ahead of you. May god give you wisdom and power to grab that opportunity. Happy Birthday baby brother.


Here’s your big brother wishing you a birthday filled with great memories and surprises. You are a very special person to me who is getting smart and bigger day by day! It is my pleasure to see you get mature right in front of my eyes!


Happy birthday baby brother. Enjoy every second of this day. You deserve it anyway.


Happy birthday to the coolest and funniest little guy ever!

47. When we were small, I always tried to find a way to keep you away. But, now as we are adults, I always wish you were right in front of my eyes to see to and have fun with you. It’s amazing how a person changes with time. Happy Birthday, dearest!


You truly are my most favorite younger little brother. Happy Birthday to you!


On your birthday, may the sweet surprises and gifts come along your way, little brother. Happy Birthday to you!

Lots of laughter and lots of fun
You are the source of all
As you are our sweet little bro
Today, I want to let you know,
My wishes are always there for you today
Tomorrow and every day
Wish you a very happy birthday!


Sweet Little Brother, a very happy birthday to you. My wishes are always with you. But as it’s a special day, I would like to wish you happiness, joy and bright future with my sweet words. May you always get your passion in your life and move forward accordingly. Your big sister wants nothing than her little brother’s happiness and success. Happy Birthday dear Brother. I love you indefinitely!

These are the sweet as well as heartfelt birthday messages that you can convey to your younger brother. No matter how you convey, verbally or in written form, these sweet messages will surely lighten up your brother’s mood and make him happy. All in all, as an elder sister or brother, you must make your little brother’s big day; Birthday, a very special day for him to cherish for his lifetime.

Good Luck!

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