100 Happy Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom and Dad – Quotes, Messages, SMS & Cards Collection

For Son, with each birthday, it’s been so rewarding to watch you grow into the thoughtful, caring person you are today. Now you’re celebrating another birthday, and that means another year of good times to have and great memories to make. So wherever the day takes you, hope it turns out to be amazing just like you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Son. Watching you grow from a little guy  full of wide-eyed wonder to a man who lives life with passion, purpose, and joy is everything a parent could hope for. Here’s to another year of amazing you.

Loved the boy you were. Love the man you are. Love having you for a son. Happy Birthday.

Birthdays are a good time to stop and marvel a bit at the good work God does with a willing heart. He’s done a good work in you, Son, and there’s honestly no greater reason for joy for the ones who brought you into the world than seeing that. Happy Birthday, son.

We have everything we need to live a life that pleases God given to us by God’s own power, when we learned that he had invited us to share in his wonderful goodness. Enjoy a new year of God’s purposes–both challenges and blessings–knowing He will take you through each one for your good and for His glory.

On your birthday, Son, we’re wishing you a moment to take pride in who you are and what you stand for. We’re wishing you the chance to spend time doing things you enjoy with people you love. We’re wishing you a day that’s happy, a heart that’s full, and a life that’s rich. No one deserves it more. Happy Birthday.

Remembering the boy you were, celebrating the man you’ve become. Feeling very lucky to have you for a son. Happy Birthday.

A  son is the one who can drive you crazy one minute and make you want to hug him the next. He’s the one who’s never outgrown his little boy smile.. the one who can make you laugh with just a look. A son is the one you couldn’t be prouder of, and couldn’t love more. Happy Birthday.

You know what? Having a son like you is like going to a movie. We laugh, we cry, we cover our eyes when it gets too scary. But then in the end, everything turns out great! Happy Birthday with love.

Son, some birthday cards are way too mushy, but here’s one that seems perfect for you because nothing says “love” like a fist bump.

If I could make a list of all the ways you’re like a son, it would go on and on about your kindhearted, good-natured, dependable self, and it just wouldn’t stop until you really knew how much you mean to me and how easy you are to love. Happy Birthday.

Today is one of the best days of the year, simply because it belongs to you–a son who is wished every happiness. Happy Birthday.

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Here’s to a Son Who’s Often Imitated. But Never Duplicated. Always Admired and Definitely Loved. Happy Birthday to the one, the only, you.

Son, no matter how old you get. You’ll still be someone whose voice can make me smile. Someone whose victories can make me cheer. You’ll always have a special place in my thoughts and in my heart. Happy Birthday.

Birthdays are a chance to take a little time to think about who we are and how much we mean to others. On your birthday and always, we’re wishing you all the things that make you feel good about life and about yourself the special things that will give you wonderful moments today and warm memories tomorrow. On your birthday and always, we’re wishing you the happiness that you so richly deserve.

Son, your birthday is the perfect time to honor you–an amazing man and a wonderful person. What a blessing you are, Son. That’s why on your birthday we don’t just celebrate the day you were born but the way you’ve given your all to this family. Happy Birthday With Love.

Son, so happy to see everything coming together for you more and more as time goes by. On your birthday, we just want to remind you that we love you and we can’t wait to see where life will take you next. Happy Birthday.

A son gives you a heart full of pride, plenty of laugh lines, and a lifetime of love. Son, we couldn’t love you more or be prouder that we’re family. We’re especially lucky  to have you. Happy Birthday.

I remember the first time I said “I love you” to you. You had just been born, and I thought you were so amazing. It looked amazing, too. I’ve watched you grow and live your life with happiness and courage and hope. Happy Birthday, my love.

Although we don’t have as much time together as we did when you were little, I can still tell you the same thing I told you back before I even knew who you were the same thing I will always tell you: I love you. Happy Birthday.

Life is an adventure. The secret to life is enjoying every single minute of this beautiful journey. And you, Son, have always known that. So my wish for you today, and every day of your life, is that life brings you more amazing moments to cherish and keep in your heart forever. You deserve that and much more. Happy Birthday.

You’re More Than Just a Great Son. You’re Also a Great Guy. It’s no wonder you mean so much to those who love you, you’re someone who’s in a league of his own. Happy Birthday.

Love hanging out with you. Love how fun and funny and smart and kind you are. Love You! Happy Birthday.

We’ve loved watching you grow up, becoming the honorable, giving man you are today. You’ve found your way in this world, figuring out what was right for you and that not only helped you become a caring man, but also the devoted father you are now. How rewarding it is for us to see so many lovable and familiar traces of you in your kids. Saying you’ve made us proud–that would be an understatement. Happy Birthday.

You’re such a stand-up guy…with a quick smile and a good heart. Happy Birthday.

And while it’d be nice to take credit for all of your great qualities, the truth is that’s just how you are… and how you’ve always been. You’re simply a wonderful son, and the years only  make you more so. Happy Birthday.

Smart. Funny. Good-hearted. You’re not just a good son, you’re a good person. That’s why you’re celebrated today! Happy Birthday.

We’re Blessed to Have a Great Son. Wishing you whatever brings real happiness to your day. You deserve it and so much more.

All these years, it’s been nothing short of magical watching you become who you are today. But it’s even more rewarding to see the man you are today the son I will always be proud of and who will always be loved so much. Happy Birthday.

Family isn’t just people we’re related to–It’s people we’re lucky enough to relate to in a family kind of way. You’re loved like a son and what could be more “family” than that? Happy Birthday With Love.

Son, there is only one you. You are your own man and an amazing one at that. Loyal. Loving. Generous. Full of integrity. You’re the kind of son anyone would be lucky to have. That’s why it feels so great to celebrate you today. Happy Birthday.

Wishing Life’s Best For You, Son. For your birthday, I am wishing all good things to come your way. Where there are opportunities, I wish you the ability to see them and seize them. Where there are challenges, I wish you courage and patience so you will grow in strength and wisdom. Happy Birthday, my son.

Where there is love, I wish you the openness to accept it and the willingness to return it. And within each wish is a hope that you will be blessed with a meaningful, successful life. All good things, Son, are wished for you this day, with all my love. Happy Birthday.

Son, there are so many snapshots of you in my head–reading a storybook, having a catch in the yard, hugging you at the door on your first day at school. The years have gone by too fast, but they’ve left behind the best memories of my life and so many more to come. Happy Birthday.

Son, so many good qualities add up to make you such a great person. You have a lot to be proud of. We are always proud of you. Happy Birthday.

On your birthday, it’s a joy to remember the special moments lived with you. You are someone who is admired and cherished for his character, generosity, and spirit. You’re a great person, Son, a source of pride and joy. Please never forget that you have a very special place in my heart and that you are deeply loved.

You take what life brings and make it into something powerful, something meaningful, something others can look up to. Son, I couldn’t be prouder of the way you live your life and all the good things that come from it. And I want you to know I couldn’t love you more. Happy Birthday.

Wishing a good son with a good heart a day full  of good times and a life  full of good days Your day is for letting you know that with a son like you, it’s all good. Happy Birthday.

Son, you’re unstoppable. You never stop growing, never stop improving, never stop pushing yourself to reach higher. That’s why every year on this very special day, I’m even more grateful for the amazing,  unstoppable son you’ve always been. Happy Birthday.

Lots of parents would like to have a son like you but we won’t give you up! Happy Birthday.

Never settle for ordinary. You’re just too wonderful for that! Happy Birthday, Son.

Happy Birthday, you son of a  really nice lady  who deserves respect. Hope we always get chance to celebrate the special days with you.

Another year to explore, to learn, to grow into the person you’re meant to be. Another year filled with new dreams and more love than ever. Happy Birthday, Son.

Son, you’re a guy who’s clear on what really matters in life. It shows in how you take care of the people you love and how you treat everyone. It shows in where you put your energy and how you choose to spend your time. It shows whenever your generous nature shines through which is pretty much daily. It shows in all you do and all you are a good man and a wonderful son. Happy Birthday.

Nothing in life has been more exciting than watching you grow and mature, find your own way, become your own person. Nothing has been more rewarding than seeing you take your place in the world, sharing in your accomplishments, believing in you  and your dreams. Happy for you. Happy Birthday, son.

Nothing in life has been more important than being a part of your life, because nothing has been more wonderful than having you for a son. Happy Birthday.

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