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99 Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages For Younger Sister From Elder Sister

Happy Birthday wishes to younger sister from elder sister: – A younger sister for elder sister is always like a child for whom she cares, protects. For elder sister, younger sister is always like a friend with whom she shares her secrets and seeks advice for her problems.

Both elder and younger sisters are like life long companions who grew up to share clothes, makeup, shoes, and life problems with each other.

The born day of such little sister is precious for any elder sister, with her on this delightful occasion from one of the messages listed below:

99 Happy Birthday Wishes To Younger Sister From Elder Sister

You always support me and you never envy me. We will go hand in hand in life and I am sure that this will last forever!

Birthday Wishes & Messages To Younger Sister From Elder

We have the same family, the same blood, the same habits, the same aspirations. But most importantly, we love each other with the same power.

I don’t know if you know, but having you makes my life more beautiful, more fun and happier … Nothing is difficult or impossible with you … As if there is some magic in your smile that easily and quickly fulfills all my desires … You are my fairy sister!

I so want to wish you much – the most magical, the most gentle, the most exalted, and the kindest. Let everything come as you wish, joy lives in your heart, everything will be abundant in the house, and fluffy clouds of calm and tranquility float in your soul.

younger sister birthday wishes

I feel great with you. We could just sit down somewhere without talking and understanding each other perfectly.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister Younger Image

I wish you not to be sick, do not even grieve a little, always be positive, vibrant, unforgettable, and truly happy. With love, your sister.

Be amazing, charming, smart, beautiful, beloved, necessary, and important. Let all your plans come together, ideas come true, and life surprises will only be pleasant.

Sis, always remain as bright and positive, kind, and reasonable, and remember that I love you very much and will always and in everything support!

I wish you good health, the most tender and mutual feelings, only joyful impressions of life, loyal friends nearby, and great, very great happiness!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

I want to congratulate you with all my heart because you have always been to me not only a sister but also my best friend. You listened, helped, and supported.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

I wish you happiness in everything, and tears – only from happiness. Let success accompany you in life, a sea of flowers, and smiles. More victories in life! Failures bypass.

I wish you to remain as beautiful, strong, smart, and independent! Let your work be highly valued at work, the respect of colleagues helps and supports, and at home – the sea of love, understanding, and adoration!

I wish you health and joy every day, pleasant journeys, new experiences, and simple female happiness for many years!

I congratulate you on this important day in your life! Let everything be different from this day, there will be no sorrows, anxieties, or experiences in your life.

Happy Birthday Sister Wishes Card

May miracles circle around you, and pleasant things fly. I want even your wildest dreams and desires to come true. Be always happy and radiant!

I wish this year to bring you what you dream about, and many other pleasant surprises!


I wish you success, good luck, good health, and the opportunity to spend a lot of time on what you love!

I wish you success, good luck, good health, and the opportunity to spend a lot of time on what you love! Happy birthday card

Sister, my little ray of sun, I wish you a happy birthday! I wish you to be the happiest, most beautiful, and desired.

Let only the best happen in your life. Let your feelings be only sincere, your friends reliable, your health strong and your dreams beautiful.

For me, you are not just a native person, but also a dear friend, a wise adviser, a person who is always ready to support and help. I wish you to always live with a feeling of happiness in your soul, to be healthy, cheerful, beloved, and self-confident.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

May your life have no place for sorrows and tribulations, may your angel protect you from evil people and failures. I wish you, sister, good health, love and sincerity, happiness, prosperity, and success.


I would like to wish you all the best, wonderful and kind, wonderful mood, many, many positive emotions and feelings in your small world, and let it consist only of a fairy tale and beautiful dreams.

I wish you personal happiness, reliable support, the most devoted friends, and never need anything. Welfare and peace, little sister.

Today’s date is very important for me because on this day my beautiful and wonderful sister was born! You have always supported and protected me, and I wish that in your fate there are more kind people, incredibly happy memories, and unforgettable adventures!

May you always be surrounded by care, attention, and sincere admiration, because you shine like the brightest star!


A sister is not just a relative. She is a dear and close person, this is a soul mate and faithful girlfriend, wonderful company, and reliable support.

Honey, you and I are sisters, and your birthday is a big and bright holiday for me. I congratulate you and want to wish you good miracles in life and incredible luck, soft and fluffy happiness, bright and great love. Be always magnificent, successful, beautiful, and most wonderful.

I am grateful to my parents for giving you to me, and to you for helping me with clever advice and deed, which always support me.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

I wish you not to know sadness so that the rays of the sun always illuminate your path. May all your little dreams come true!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

I’ll say simply – I love you and wish you only good, and more specifically – happiness, health, love and friendship, success and good luck, joy and fun!

Let your soul always be open to miracles, good, and adventures. Never let a child’s naive evaporate from your heart, which allows you to see the good in everything, and thanks to which we can appreciate the little things and enjoy even trifles.

Always be optimistic, look ahead, boldly step towards your goals and you will certainly find your success.

Dear sister, best friend and close person, I want to wish you a happy birthday! I wish you a smile, enjoy life, pass insults, believe in yourself, and achieve your goals!

Sis, let every moment be saturated with joy, so that life gives only pleasure and unlimited happiness!


I wish you, as often as possible, smile, fulfill your dreams, and fill your heart only with love and kindness!

That when you receive this message, your heart beats stronger, your eyes shine and your lips smile. This is my most spontaneous and simple way for you to make this day a very important date for those around you.

I want to fill this message with flowers, smiles, meaningful words in terms of your kindness. I want to put into this message all the hearts that appreciate you, all the light and peace that you deserve.

May happiness always accompany you and may it be even greater than it already is, as it is wonderful the good that you sow along your path.


Let’s celebrate the most beautiful day of the year, since today, it is your birthday. You are the greatest gift I could have won.

Since the day you were born, it made the world gain more joy and color. I’m sure you captivate many friendships wherever you go because you have in your essence the purity of love.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Dear sister, I wish you many blessings, achievements, and happiness. From the moment you entered my life, I was able to understand the meaning of the word, sister.

With you, I learned that it is good to share and I will never forget our happy moments sharing love with each other.


I want you to know that you are the most perfect sister anyone could ever have. I feel immense pride in being part of your life and being your confidant and best friend.

I love you very much, not only for the blood bonds that unite us but also for the bonds of affection and spirituality that we have built over the years.

You know that you can always count on me, and that age differences do not hinder our friendship.

With you, I feel at ease and it is so good to be able to feel admired by someone you love.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister (2)

The best feeling for me is to see you with that smile of yours when you see me coming home, accompanied by your tight hug.

Today is a special day because it is the day that the heavenly father put you in my life. The love I feel for you is pure, simple, and eternal.

Sister, you don’t know how good it feels to be loved and respected by someone as beautiful as you. You taught me that those who love know how to share happy moments.

I want to wish you a future full of health, success, love, and happiness because it is the least you deserve. Keep bringing your captivating and charming way to everyone.

My rose, my beautiful flower, for you I seek the best verses to captivate you. When you were born, the world stopped to receive you with music and lots of love.


I want you to know, that you live in me, and the more time that passes, I learn to be better with you. Because your heart is generous and the kindness in you is so natural that it infects everyone.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Dear sister, on today’s date you complete another year, which makes me very happy because you are a person who always deserves to be remembered for being so special. A companion, friend, who is always by my side, whether in hardest times or the easiest times.

Thank you sister, that is why I am here today, so that I can thank you for all that you have given me in my entire life, and that you still provide today.

Sister, it is on dates like these of your birthday that loved ones try to say everything that someone is worth to you, but you are not. You are that person that praises us every day, that makes us happy at all times, that shows affection in everyday life, and that always offers us such inexplicable comfort.


Today I come with these mere words, to try to provide at least a little of all that you provide me every day. I wish you on your birthday everything you deserve such as health, peace, light, love, money, one prosperous future, and more.

I hope that big dreams and small joys will paint your day with the colors of happiness, making you an increasingly happy person and that in your smile the light that emanates from your heart will sparkle.

Dear little sister, let your life be full of joyful events, sincere love, and all sorts of success! I wish you to always be the same beauty and good girl!

Dear little sister! May your birthday bring you exactly what you were missing, what you dreamed about. I wish that the black stripes that accidentally penetrate your life are replaced by white ones and never appear on the horizon again.


I wish you incredible events, great happiness, blooming beauty, and stability. Be healthy, active, positive, good in everything, and always!

I wish your life to be vibrant, happy, fast-moving and filled with all kinds of amazing events, travels, laughter, great mood, sincere feelings, love, and prosperity. Be yourself, be charmed by your beauty, smile, and laugh!

Happy Birthday Messages For Younger Sister

My sister for me is not just my own blood, but my best friend, my best comforting vest, my best motor for moving forward, my best folly supporting all my extraordinary ideas.

I wish you, my dear, to always remain as you are. Never change yourself for the sake of someone, do not adapt to life. I wish that life itself would bring you the best and most pleasant gifts.


I wish you, my dear, female happiness, beauty, and success. Always stay so blooming, cheerful, and irresistible. And I wish you good health, sincere and mutual love.

It’s impossible to wish for a better sister. I wish you to be always cheerful, kind, the most beautiful, responsive, cheerful, healthy. May there always be loyal friends and loving loved ones around you, ready to turn your shoulder and listen!

What can sister wish for sister? Of course, kindness and happiness, bright love, and great success. My dear, let your Angel never let you in trouble, let your fate please you only with pleasant gifts, let your life provide you with a full abundance of bright emotions and strong forces.

Sis, let the sun in your soul always sparkles brightly! Give others your positive energy and get it in return twice!


Happy Birthday Messages For Younger Sister

My dear, for me there is nothing more beautiful than being your sister. And today I want to remind you of this. Indeed, in life, it is so important to have someone who is able to share these joyful moments of sisterly unity. I wish you to always be yourself because you are beautiful both externally and in the soul.

Despite our discussions and differences, you are still the most important person in my life.

The sisters share many emotions of joy, laughter, jealousy, happiness, anger, dreams, and togetherness, and this makes them the truest friends of all. Happy birthday my real sister friend!

All the wealth in the world is not enough to make up for a sister’s love. So, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday!


Sisters not only share clothes, shoes, bags, makeups and accessories, but they also share a life together. Happy Birthday!

Although I never liked to share my things with you, I always liked to share our childhood and love for each other. You are very precious to me.

You are very special and that is why you need to float with lots of smiles on your beautiful face.

When the caterpillar thinks that everything is fully grown, it becomes a butterfly. Congratulations on your day, butterfly.


She is the only one in the world who can make my tears smile. Happy birthday dear little sister.

My sister, I love you so much that I keep your photo in the deepest part of my heart.

Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Great stories can easily be written from many sweet memories of the old days. I remember them all because I love them forever. Happy birthday my sister.

Sisters always have specialties between them. Even though the years pass, these bonds do not lose their meaning.

Happy Birthday Messages For Younger Sister

It is very difficult to find a special birthday gift, but it is impossible to find a special sister like you.


My dear little sister, my faithful support and friend, and kind soul, I congratulate you on your birthday. Sister wishes you to circle in the flight of happiness, breathing in the scent of love and the air of joy. Let everything in your life go the way you want and plan, let your wonderful mood never be darkened by anything.

My beloved little sister, happy birthday to you! Be modern, beautiful, and young, sincerely loved, lucky, rich as much as you wish. I love and respect you immeasurably, I will always rush to your aid because we are sisters, kindred souls, best friends. Mark this day bright and fun, and always stay happy, my dear!

My dear little sister, let you have everything the way you want. Fulfillment of all desires, harmony with the world, good health, interesting activities, and great magical love. May you and I always be not only sisters but also reliable friends.

I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday and wish you great happiness so that it does not fit in your heart, inspiration, and harmony for your soul, pep, and body! Let your life path be dotted with beautiful flowers and meet only good and kind people! Filled with work and inspiration on weekdays and bright weekends! Love and understanding from the closest people!


My dear little sister, my best friend, and adviser, I wish you a happy birthday! I always want to see you healthy, cheerful, and happy, only good people meet on your way, and problems are solved easily and simply.

Sis dear, dearly beloved and dearest in the world! Happy Birthday! I wish you a brilliant career to be appreciated, respected, and paid a very high salary! Let there be many faithful friends around, always ready to help, so that your house is full of joyful laughter and happiness!

I wish you one, but the greatest earthly love, mutual, cordial, for life! Good health, cheerful mood, happy and interesting vacations! Be happy, may the Lord send you many blessings!

Happy birthday wishes for younger sister images
Happy birthday wishes card for younger sister

You are a cool figure and always be an example in my dress style. You also know how to make a smile on my face when I’m in a bad mood. Happy birthday, Sis.

Although I have never really enjoyed my personal belongings because I often have to share with you, but believe me I always enjoy sharing my childhood and love with each other. You are very precious to me. What an amazing experience to grow up with a crazy and fun girl like you, my sister. I cherish all sweet and pleasant childhood memories. For me, you will always be a sweet sister.


Happy Birthday Messages For Younger Sister

Let’s get delicious food that you have to buy with your money and decorate the house beautifully because it’s your birthday.

I wish you to live in a world full of diverse wonderful experiences! Happiness in the soul, beauty, health, love, surprises, and many smiles! I sincerely wish you well, personal development, and great achievements!

My beloved, I wish you incredible success in life and dizzying happiness, more and more new victories, and a wonderful mood. Feel yourself the most beloved and beautiful, live like a queen, and enjoy life like a child.

All that you have at the moment is all your fruits that you are reaping now. May all the roads of the world, good luck be open to you.


You are not just my native blood, you are also my closest friend, reliable support, and a wise adviser. I wish you real feminine happiness, love, financial well-being, success in work, and the fulfillment of cherished dreams.

Today is the birthday of the best sister in the world! Thank you for everything: love, support, tenderness, cheerfulness, and a radiant smile. Let the year begin with change, goodness, stability, health.

My sister, my darling, I’ll say a single gram is not melting: you are a unique person! I wish you to live at least a century. I wish that your dreams and actions are never restricted by anyone or anything.

You are a creative person, so create, get up, surprise, amaze, dream, and get everything you want!


I wish you to be free from stereotypes, wayward and individual, in-demand, and improved!

Happy Birthday Quotes For Younger Sister

I wish you beauty and grace, harmony and tenderness, miracles and inspiration, splendor and luck, strength and patience, courage and confidence, love, and awe of feelings! Be happy, sister, and live without knowing the troubles!

Accept from your sister the most sincere wishes of eternal beauty, unquenchable happiness, and good luck. May this world always give you strong faith, bright hope, and true love. Confidently go to your goal and achieve your goal!

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