15 Best gift to give your wife for her birthday
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15 Best gift to give your wife for her birthday

Behind every successful man is a woman.” You may have heard it number of times and it’s actually true. The person who challenges and completes you- wife, is without a doubt, the most important person in your life. But you know, it’s somehow a bit hard to keep a sweet smile in her face and make her happy all the time.

It happens very often, especially when it is time to give her a really nice gift, right ? I am glad and happy to tell you the good news that you are about to get some really cool and best ideas to make her special day even more special.

A Husband carrying his wife is good. But it will be better when you show it to her in different phases of your life. Just for example, getting her the best birthday gift that she has always wanted for will work. And you are going to get the same ideas here.

Besides your parents, you love your wife the most. She has a special corner in your heart that is irreplaceable. The credit of your success goes to her and she was the one standing with you when you were in the worst situation of your life and she’ll keep doing it for you. Now, it’s your time to show her how much you love her cause it’s her special day, it’s her birthday. Make it the happiest moment of her life as much as possible. As much as you can. The best thing you can do is try to do it.

Don’t get confused. Make it happen. A little effort from you can make a lot of difference in her entire lifetime. Just imagine, she is celebrating her birthday, the best day ever she has had in her life just because you get your small job done for her day. And think it’s the best gift along with best wishes to her. We know women are mysterious and millions and millions of gifts out there are gonna put you into a big puzzle.

But not to worry my friend. It’s completely natural, don’t stressed out about it. Cause we are here for your help. So, guys, Are you ready ? Let’s get into the work.

Here are the best gift to give your wife for her birthday that you must know before making any decision for gifts.

15 Best Gifts to Give Your Wife for Her Birthday

1. Make video of her

This is really a nice idea to make a video to show a love to a particular person, as we human love compliments. We all have that tickling sensation inside when someone is explaining who we are to them, what our deed have positive changes to their life and yeah, we often love to hear it from others.

Make a video that is something that makes the reminder to your wife that she is still the same lucky princess inside your heart. Make a video that has a favorite thing of her like her favourite pet. Or maybe something that goes like, you and other friends are wishing her a best wishes. Talking about how she has a positive impact on you and others life, or how important is she in your life.

Make video that influence her to do good to others and find good in oneself and others. That will motivate her to be a wise person and make her happy that her life’s worth living a peaceful life and create such environment for others, too. Just keep in mind that you video can be funny or you can overreact in it but don’t fake the video. Just make it simple, whatever you are and what you can do.

2. A handwritten note about how much she means to you

Knowing you’ll be in my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful.” Aren’t these words pleasant to hear ? How about this – “I may not tell you this every day. But, I just want to say it today. That my pretty wife, You are my life. I love you !” Write these words on your own. Yeah,with your own hands. You probably guessed it what I am trying to tell you here. Don’t worry even though you may have a bad handwriting. Grab a paper, push a pen in a paper. Let the paper be inked with all of your good vibes and feeling about how much your wife mean to you in your life.

Women love small things done. They are happy to have those things in their life. So guys, a handwritten note about how much she mean to you is a key that unlocks a smile in your lucky charm’s face, your wife.

3. Necklace

Necklaces such as the gold necklaces is becoming popular among women nowadays. And you know no women hate a necklace. There are several reasons they love these necklace. The first thing is that it makes them even prettier and beautiful. The other thing is that it looks cool and it’s a sense of styling. What’s your wife signature look, I am pretty sute it will enhance her looks as well.

lady necklace image

The size, quality and design is also a thing to keep in mind before you are purchasing it for gifting purpose. The design, quality and size you prefer may not be the preference of your wife. In such case her friends, family or preference in fashion and styling may be a hint to break it out.

4. Candle Light Dinner

It’s a fact thing that you’re having a dinner with you wife from past few period. Or maybe not in the situation, you’re a busy guy, you haven’t. Whatever reason it is what you need to do in her birthday is that, take a break from all the thing of your life, give time for her that day. I mean you can have a candle night dinner with her. You can manage it in your home yourself if you like or you’re okay with it. Otherwise, reservation at her favorite restaurant or hotel is a good thing to go.

Enjoy the dinner. Drink some champagne, wine with her. Eat a favorite dish of her. Eat cakes, chocolates. Make a whole environment that she would love. A romantic music will help you out here. Express your love to her. That’s yet. And finally pay the bill.

5. Make a photo collage of memorable moments

Taking a click of the moment isn’t that hard these days. Smartphones had really made it ease. So, the job you are going to do is collect the images, especially images and pics of you and your wife in which you are together in it. If you have children and they are also in the pic it will be fine, too. Select the good looking pictures. Something that reminds you the funny or happy moment.

After selection of that you are going to make a photo collage from all the collected pictures. And wrap it in a gift paper. Then you are all set to give it to your wife in her birthday. Writing a note like “ To my wife. I love you.” That’s all.

6. Do something that she has never expected

Surprise is a key in all art.” And there are few people who don’t love surprises. Just imagine somebody start doing an unexpected thing but good thing and you are feeling amazed and happy at the same time. This works the same in your wife’s birthday gift. Do something that she has never expected from you.

For instance cook her favourite dish, decorate all the rooms and houses or especially the birthday party room. Now don’t say can I dust my cupboard or arrange my clothes or clean up my room. You can do that as well, but I suggest you be the cook for that day. Make some of her favorite dishes and make her feel like a princess. Believe me, she will love you for this. Or just do it like that. Those thing which surprises and makes her happy at the same time. Don’t do stupid things. Don’t freak or blow her out. Mind it, okay.

7. Flowers

Flowers are loved and adored by all. The flower is a pure and beautiful creation of Nature. It is offered to Gods and presented to the dear and near ones, because of its beauty and purity. It grows on delicate plants. It is thus a good gift to give it to your wife on her auspicious day i.e. her birthday.

flower for wife birthday

Flowers like the roses, lotuses, tulips, tropical water lilies, dahlias, etc. are famous for their beauty and glamour. It is good that if you already know which flower is the favorite one of your wife. It may be of different sizes, species, colour and shapes. Besides, there are many other popular and common flowers like lily, marigold, jasmine, China rose, chrysanthemum, etc. Choice is your which one to gift according to your wife interest. Take a bunch of flower and stick a sweet note with it saying something awesome about your wife and her birthday.

8. Best Wife Ever T-Shirt

T-Shirts are evergreen best gifts. It is a trend to have a t-shirt with a phrase leaving some kind of message. For example, “ Best Wife Ever.” Best Wife Ever T-Shirt is popular these days. It’s like respecting and loving her if you are planning to gift her a T-Shirt like this. She will be happy whenever she puts on this T-Shirt. I recommend that you can gift some kind of customized gift like this one. But if you don’t have time then this is what you can grab.

T-Shirt for wife Birthday

9. Be kids For a Day

If you are okay with trying a new something different, then I recommend you to be kids for a day. Visit fun park, amusement park, like you go there in your childhood. Look back into the time when you were kid and have a lots of fun over there without any sorts of trouble, a stress, tension or caring what’s going to happen to you in future or something like that.

If you are getting me I wanna ask you a question, allow me. So what about you two going for it and just be the kids for a day. This is really a fun experience you will ever have in your lifetime. You just forget everything. Only thing there remains is the fun and lots of fun. It’s just a fun and enjoyable moment like kids do.

10. Book a massage and spa

Massage has had a colorful and meaningful past throughout the world. Massage, the art of touch, is as old as time itself. We are born with the basic instincts of massage, as are apes and other animals. The benefit of rubbing aching muscles and hurt limbs comes to us as naturally as breathing air.

Thus, Reserve a massage and spa. Take your wife for massage and spa. It is a good thing to take a break from all the daily work and stress and give your body a little bit relaxation and massage. It costs you starting from $15 to $70 or more depending upon what kind and what time you have chosen for your massage and spa.

Massage is now a common treatment, along with diet, fresh air and hydrotherapy, to heal our pain or some defilements of our body. Among its many purposes and advantages, massage soothes achy muscles, helps heal injuries, strengthens baby’s muscles and relieves stress. To me, massage is not only a way to soothe the muscles and relieve the everyday stresses of society, massage is a way to connect with others through the common practice of touch. We have needed touch in our lives since the first seconds after our birth, so it’s not surprising that we would seek out touch in the form of massage.

11. Lantern

Lantern are the alternatives for lighting our rooms and wherever we need it for that purpose. There are lantern which have a fabulous design in them, filled with colours. They are just amazing and colorful. You can gift one to your wife. She will love it.

Lantern for Birthday Gift

Choosing that has some meaning or a fantastic drawing or picture is a good thing. Like the one that has a heart shape or picture in it. You can find a lots of homemade lanterns in the online market and website. If you can manage sometime from your busy life I suggest you to see some of the people on youtube and their website are teaching how to make a lantern for the purpose of gifting it to your wife. I can particularly suggest you to see or do this just see what’s sounds good for you.

12. Amazing Scarf

Anyone has something that they would consider as a sentimental value, mine would be a scarf. Yes, a scarf, and this scarf is really special to me. It’s not like any other scarf you would see on any shelves in any stores. This one is knitted and handmade by me and my grandmother. We made it together a long time ago when I was just six years old.

Amazing Scarf Birthday Gift

I was always sneaking up on my grandmother when she would sit in her armchair and knit, I was fascinated of how she made it look so easy. And one day I asked her to teach me how to knit, at first I was really frustrated because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it right. My grandmother was laughing and saying to me that no one gets it right the first time and that I needed to be a little more patient and I would get it right. I was watching my grandmother carefully and I was repeating every step after her and little by little with my grandmother’s guidance I finally learned the basics of knitting.

When you want to add some additional cloth wear on your body for travel purpose or the other, you should take a look at the scarf. The above paragraph is about a sentimental value of a scarf in a girl’s life. There are scarf for summer, winter and it look stylish and fashionable all the time.

In this sense the Scarf can be a best gift to give your wife for her birthday. Pashmina scarf, cotton scarf, chiffon scarf, what kind of scarf do you need? Scarf comes with variety of clothing material. Choose the color, size and quality of the scarf.

13. Beauty Products

What is your basic need ? A man will say food, clothes, shelter, education, and health. If you ask the same question to women she got more than that. I’m not sure what answer you’re going to get but I bet you one of them will be a beauty product. Yeah one of them will come out in the answer. I don’t know why and who beset this thing in their mind. The only thing I know is they are in deep love with it.

Beauty Products for wife birthday

So, here a package of a beauty products is a gift idea that can be a nice gift in your wife’s birthday. A package that has got all the amazing stuffs for her to treat her body, eyes, hair, lips, nails,skin. I think you get the idea.

14. Get her pet a present if she Loves one

Pet are adorable. They are like our friends and more like a essential member of the family. They complete the family. Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds,etc can be domesticated as our pet in our home. And we love them as if they are small baby in our family.

Owning a pet is one the amazing experience of our life. Your wife may be lacking such experience or maybe she’s eager to have such. Gift her a cute puppy, cat, or some pet that goes well with you and her and your family.

15. Handcrafted jewelry

Women are obsessed with the jewelry. They are likely to have all of them if their husband can afford it. A well Handcrafted jewelry are awesome. Handcrafted jewelry like Bracelets, rings and earrings are good to gift it to your wife for her birthday. We have already talked about the necklace. So, better you gift one Handcrafted jewel for your wife in her birthday. Don’t buy the expensive one. Buy one you can afford.

Get the cool stunning handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other jewelry alike that your wife can’t resist loving it from the nearest manufacturer. You are really a lucky person if you can take some suggestions and recommendations from them if they are willing to share some of them to you.

Besides above mentioned gifts Greeting Cards, Books, Novels, Magazines, Shoes, Chocolates, etc can be gifted to your wife in her birthday. There are still more to be counted on our list. What’s your best gift to your wife in her birthday or what will you be gifting her in her special day. Let us know it in the comments down below. Your comments are heartily appreciated.

Celebrating a birthday with your wife is a nice feeling. It is one of the essential thing in the life. There are lot of things that make this day a precious one, a memorable one. No matter what you do in the birthday of your wife, it is essential to be a happy couple. Be happy and share your joys and sorrows all the time.

Cause being in such a relationship is a good thing and it is the luckiest thing if you two can go travel a long journey of life together facing trouble together and sharing all the fun and enjoyment. Make promises to each other to do so in an event like this, the birthday of your wife. It’s worth this kind of thing that you won’t be making or try not to repeat the same mistakes or bad deeds you have done earlier in your life. Also, You receive and give the good blessings and best wishes for a happy successful life on a day like this.

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