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10 Best Birthday Gifts for Ex-Girlfriend on her birthday

10 Best gifts to give to your ex-girlfriend on her birthday!

Best Birthday Gifts for Ex Girlfriend :- It is not a completely bad idea to remain close friends with your ex-girlfriend. No matter if love is dead, you could still be friends and hang around. To start the fresh friendship by forgetting the past hurdles, you can make her birthday the special day. Just get your ex-girlfriend a cute and thoughtful gift and start the friendship.

I am sure it must be hard to you searching for the best gift to your ex-girlfriend. So, here we are with yet another set of birthday gift ideas for your ex-girlfriend. I am sure these ideas will blow your mind and will be helpful to maintain the good relationship with your ex-girlfriend.

10 Best Birthday Gifts for Ex Girlfriend

  1. A thoughtful photo frame or an album

Girls love to make memories and keep those memories in the form of pictures. A nice album would let her keep all her favorite pictures in and relive those moments every time they turn that album. So, go ahead and give your ex-girlfriend a beautiful photo frame or an album. Let her relive all the past memories with the pictures she has.

A thoughtful photo frame or an album Birthday Gift
  1. Makeup kit

Every girl loves to look lovely and beautiful. A makeup is a must for every girl for a party or for small outings. Without soft makeup, no one goes out. So, a makeup kit would be a good thing to gift her on her birthday. Select a makeup kit that has many things like lotions, eye colors, foundations, sunscreens, hear curlers and much more. I am totally sure she will love her new makeup kit.

Makeup kit
  1. Jewelry

A cute piece of jewelry will make her feel beautiful and thankful every time she wears it. Any kind of jewelry would be fine, but as she is your ex, do not give her a ring. You could go for a cute pendant. To make it look even more special, you can engrave her name on it and present it to her. I am sure she will love all the effort you have done to get that customized pendant.

Jewelry Birthday gifts
  1. A designer dress

If you are not short on cash and would like to give your ex-girlfriend something special, then go for a designer dress. Girls love to wear dresses that make her look beautiful and lovely. It could be a little difficult to get the measurements, but you could give a tentative idea about the measurement to the designer. A designer piece of dress will totally make her look beautiful and lovely at the same time. So, think about it.

A designer dress birthday gift
  1. Chocolates and flowers

Who would not love chocolates and flowers? So will your ex-girlfriend. It is a good idea to wrap up some chocolates and flowers beautifully and present it to your ex-girlfriend on her birthday. Make it very simple so that she does not get any wrong idea about the relationship.

Chocolates and flowers

Flowers are also a great way to make her refreshed and re-energized. If possible, give her flowers in the beautiful flower vase so that she can keep it next to her bed in her own room. So, get beautifully wrapped chocolates and flowers to her and make her feel very special on her birthday.

  1. A notebook and a pen

Does your ex-girlfriend love to write? If your answer is yes, then you could probably give her a diary or a notebook and a beautiful pen together. I am sure she will appreciate your thoughtful gift on her birthday. Different types of notebooks and pens are available in the market, pick up the suitable one and give it to your ex-girlfriend together with your birthday messages and wishes.

A notebook and a pen birthday giftA notebook and a pen birthday gift
  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important as it protects eyes from the UV rays or from the dust around. Presenting a sunglass would be a good idea to make your ex-girlfriend happy on her birthday. Make sure you pick up right size and color that suits her. Different branded specs or sunglasses are available like ray ban, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Vogue etc. The costs of these branded glasses can be higher but these totally worth the price.

  1. Wallet or Clutch

A wallet or a clutch also make the best gift to be presented to your ex-girlfriend on her birthday. Various types of clutch or wallets are available in the market. Get the one that has maximum compartments so to keep things separately. Also, women love to carry few if her things in her wallet like cell phone, lipsticks, money, credit cards on her wallet. So, get the medium sized wallet if possible.

  1. Hand woven sweater

Hand woven sweater girl image birthday gifts

If you want to buy a piece of cloth for your ex-girlfriend, then buy her a hand woven sweater. These sweaters are soft and comfortable to wear in summers as well as in winters. So, a hand woven sweater is the perfect option for your ex-girlfriend to give on her birthday.

  1. Soft toys

Everyone loves soft toys. I am sure your ex-girlfriend also loves it. So, get a soft toy to your friend on her birthday. Any form of soft toy would be appropriate. If she is the dog lover, give her a soft toy of dog shape. I am sure she will love it.

Soft toys for Birthday gift

These are the 10 best things that you can give to your ex-girlfriend on her birthday. But, remember that birthdays are the great days to start the new friendship. So, if you want to become good friends with your ex-girlfriend, make this day special day to start that friendship.

I hope these birthday gift ideas will help you to get the best gift for your ex-girlfriend. See our page for other best gift ideas for your near and dear ones.

Good luck.


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