How to Write a Happy Birthday Letter: A Guide
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How to Write a Happy Birthday Letter: A Guide

Let’s pretend your friend or beloved one or family relative has an upcoming birthday, and you puzzle your head with the proper congratulations. You might just send a funny meme, or limit yourself to a brief-brief call just to say Happy Birthday!

Even though you might think that happy birthday letters are old-fashioned and not used much today, they still bring joy and happiness to the hero of the occasion. This brief article will reveal some tips on how to write such a letter so that it won’t seem boring or too trite. 

Mastering Happy Birthday Letters

Let’s start with a bit of theory. Before, we used to buy such letters in booths, and just write their intended name and deliver them. It was kinda boring and even ridiculous, however, every person who received such letters/cards was actually happy. 

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Then, there were times when we just copy-pasted the happy birthday letter’s congratulations and sent them via messages to our friends. They were anecdotal congratulations, or verses and poems. 

Finally, there were those people who used to always compose the congratulations alone in pursuit to make them more special, personalized, and just caring and loving. If you belong to this group of people, you won’t come across any difficulties with writing happy birthday letters in 2021. 

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Today, everything is actually tied to the following rules:

  • Depending on the hero of the occasion, you should mind language. By writing to older people, please use respectful words without any familiarity and contempt. If it is your close or best friend, there might be no limits in your language style;
  • Everything should come from the heart. Yes, you might say Nah, but the best happy birthday letters are the ones composed sincerely;
  • You should do your best to limit the borrowings/quotes but add more your considerations, and wishes to the person;
  • You should not write a huge poem that may resemble a biography or screenplay to your friend’s and your life together.

You might be also surprised, however, even happy birthday letters can be ordered with a professional letter writing service. No jokes, such orders are pretty common when the hero of the occasion is a big fish or a very close friend of one who inspires the best congratulations. The writing companies literally reinvent the wheel to make such a letter special by following all one’s requirements.

So, if you have some difficulties, no need to neglect such third-party help that is available around the clock. Now, let’s share the examples of non-trite congratulations for one’s birthday.

Casual and Funny Congratulations for Your Close Friends

  • I hope your birthday will be the same fun as our story of friendship;
  • Enjoy this day, while I will do my best not to spoil it;
  • Have the lit birthday ever which can make your enemies frustrated;
  • This day is yours, while the others are mine;
  • Wishing you the silver, while the gold is mine;
  • Let’s throw a huge party to celebrate that you are one year older than before.

Adding Compliments in the Happy Birthday Letter

  • You are a very special person, so I wish this day will resemble you;
  • Wishing you all the happiness you deserve by being so kind to other people;
  • If there is someone who deserves the love, it is you because you are always there to assist me whenever I need it;
  • Your birthday is the day when humankind met a hero who can easily warm the hearts and bring positivity;
  • You age like old wine, wishing you to continue doing it.

Congratulations to Older People 

  • May your birthday be the start of the new beginnings and achievements;
  • Wishing you health, and happiness by having all your close friends with you;
  • Wishing you never ending laughter and joy by being involved with beloved ones;
  • Thank you for being so inspirational to me during the last years;
  • Have the best day in your life because you contributed positively to the lives of many others, and we want to pay you back;
  • Never stop being the person you are now, it is the best example for the younger generation to never give in and achieve their set goals.

These are just examples to make your happy birthday letter a little bit special. Now, let’s also share additional tips to make the letters easy to read.

First off, you should understand how much you are going to write. It means the word count, the same as with the essays and college papers. For instance, your close friend can enjoy reading the big letters only because they know and love you and can tolerate such congratulations, strange it may sound. If you plan to write a letter to a much older person or a respectable one, you should limit yourself to brief congratulations.

There might be one or two phrases from the above-mentioned lists, and just your personal statement to indicate how that person contributed to your life. In the end, you can add something like Sincerely Yours, Truthfully Yours, and name.

To rest assured knowing your letter is good, you can also ask your friends to read it and give you unbiased feedback about what they think of your sincere congratulations. Otherwise, add some of their recommendations if applicable to make it even more special.