9 Things You Can Do Easily on Your Facebook Friend’s Birthday

What to do on your Facebook Friend’s Birthday

Things to do on Facebook Friend’s Birthday: – Today, the world is globalized and has become a single common place. With the advancement of technology, people living in one corner of the world can easily contact to people living in another corner of the world. In doing so, social media; especially Facebook has become a landmark. Today, people are more connected with each other via Facebook rather than any other media. So, the right use of Facebook can not only help you make good friends but also help you go know the world better.

So, do you have any Facebook friend who is living far away from you physically, yet share the beautiful bond of friendship? Well, I am sure you have just like everyone else. So, what are your plans for his’/her birthday? How are you going to let them know about your feelings and share happiness? If you are running out of ideas, do not worry. We are here to give you some ideas regarding how to celebrate your Facebook friend’s birthday.

9 Things You Can Do Easily on Your Facebook Friend’s Birthday

1. Write beautiful birthday quotes or messages on the timeline

happy birthday to you wishing animation gif picture and quotes
happy birthday to you

Birthday is a very momentous occasion for everyone (Even for your Facebook friend), and this special day becomes even more momentous with the heartfelt messages or wishes from friends and well-wishers. So, on your Facebook friend’s birthday why don’t you write beautiful and heartfelt birthday quotes on his/her timeline? Show your love and respect to your friend via beautiful messages. Look at 50 Happy Birthday Messages for Facebook friends to get ideas regarding the birthday messages or quotes.

2. Poke them


Poking in Facebook usually mean “I am thinking about you”. Since you are living far away from each other, all you can do is poke the birthday boy or girl and let them know you are constantly thinking about them. By poking, only the recipient will know about it unlike writing on the Facebook wall.

3. Tag them on special status update

Birthday Status-

Status updates are generally your own post on which you can tag your Facebook friends. Make a status update about your friend and his birthday and tag the birthday girl or birthday boy on it. I am sure with the tag, your Facebook friend will be very happy and appreciate you more. To do this, just go to your timeline and type your status in the share box. Then, select your friend’s name and when you post that messages, he will be notified. This is one of the lovely ways to make your Facebook Friend’s birthday special.


Author: Rita Mahato

I am Rita Mahato, an employee in a Birthday Party Palace in Chicago, USA, who has deep knowledge about society and celebration.