Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old Baby – How to Plan and Execute

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old – How to Plan and Execute

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old : Throwing a birthday party for little ones is as difficult and challenging as handling them. Their tantrums and demands are not easy to be handled for anyone; especially for parents. However, despite how clumsy they might get rest of the days of the years, they deserve to be treated like the prince and princess on the one special day; BIRTHDAY! Additionally, no parents would miss celebrating their kid’s birthday as the happiness they get from their kid’s smile worth more than anything else in this world.

So, if your kid’s turning 3 anytime soon, you would definitely want to throw an amazing birthday party for him or her and make that day very special for everyone. However, having a party, especially at home is the lot more difficult than we imagine. There are a lot of things that need to consider; from decorations, gifts, party venue to games and entertainments.So, to make the party successful, you need to plan about a week earlier so that you do not miss out on anything special. But, don’t get overwhelmed, with proper arrangements and planning, your kid’s birthday can be a day to remember for a long time.

party ideas for 3 year old
party ideas for 3 year old

Here, we have listed out few points on what you need lots of consideration before throwing an actual party for the kids. Check out these points and make your arrangements accordingly.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old – How to Plan and Execute

  1. What’s your budget limit

Before deciding on the location, party details, themes, decorations and presents, you have to figure out the budget. And even before that, you need to understand that birthday party lasts for few hours, however, the repercussions of spending the huge amount of money could last for long. So, I suggest that you set the realistic budget that could help you throw the decent party for the little ones. However, if you are financially rich, then you can put in as much money as you want.


Only after you have handled on how much to spend on the party, you can start generating ideas for the creative and fun filled party that you, your family and your kid will remember for life long.

  1. Guests list

Guests play the significant role in making any party wonderful and successful. No matter what the celebration is for, sharing happiness with near and dear ones is always an important aspect of the party. In a similar way, a birthday of your little one is incomplete without his or her little friends, relatives and well-wishers. If possible, get as many kids of around 3 with whom the birthday boy or girl can have fun.

Get On The Guest List

And, it is not possible to handle all the kids, so, you must also invite the parents of all the kids. However the decorations, foods, themes should be for the kids rather than for the parents. So, choose the guests very carefully and always go for those guests who are close to you and your kid.

  1. Themes and decorations

Choosing the themes to depend upon the children’s likes and dislikes. However, making a theme like the animal theme, justice league theme, fancy dress theme is always the winner. Some best themes for children’s party can be:

  • Jungle theme birthday party:

Kids are usually obsessed with animals. Jungle theme birthday party can make their excitement even higher. To pull off this themed birthday party, get a lot of decorative items like soft toys of animals, animal outfits, pictures of animals all over the house. You can use such items to decorate the home as well as ask the children to wear the animal outfits and make them recognize each and every animal.

  • A rainbow birthday party:

This is perfect for a girl or a boy. It’s quite easy to plan as well as execute. All you need is colorful decorative items like lanterns of different colors, balloons or varied colors, pinwheels. Decorate the room or house with these items and throw one of a kind birthday party for you little one to cherish and remember for a lifetime.


Author: Rita Mahato

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