Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old Baby – How to Plan and Execute
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Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old Baby – How to Plan and Execute

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old : Throwing a birthday party for little ones is as difficult and challenging as handling them. Their tantrums and demands are not easy to be handled for anyone; especially for parents. However, despite how clumsy they might get rest of the days of the years, they deserve to be treated like the prince and princess on the one special day; BIRTHDAY! Additionally, no parents would miss celebrating their kid’s birthday as the happiness they get from their kid’s smile worth more than anything else in this world.

So, if your kid’s turning 3 anytime soon, you would definitely want to throw an amazing birthday party for him or her and make that day very special for everyone. However, having a party, especially at home is the lot more difficult than we imagine. There are a lot of things that need to consider; from decorations, gifts, party venue to games and entertainments.So, to make the party successful, you need to plan about a week earlier so that you do not miss out on anything special. But, don’t get overwhelmed, with proper arrangements and planning, your kid’s birthday can be a day to remember for a long time.

Here, we have listed out few points on what you need lots of consideration before throwing an actual party for the kids. Check out these points and make your arrangements accordingly.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for a 3 Year Old – How to Plan and Execute

  1. What’s your budget limit

Before deciding on the location, party details, themes, decorations and presents, you have to figure out the budget. And even before that, you need to understand that birthday party lasts for few hours, however, the repercussions of spending the huge amount of money could last for long. So, I suggest that you set the realistic budget that could help you throw the decent party for the little ones. However, if you are financially rich, then you can put in as much money as you want.

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Only after you have handled on how much to spend on the party, you can start generating ideas for the creative and fun filled party that you, your family and your kid will remember for life long.

  1. Guests list

Guests play the significant role in making any party wonderful and successful. No matter what the celebration is for, sharing happiness with near and dear ones is always an important aspect of the party. In a similar way, a birthday of your little one is incomplete without his or her little friends, relatives and well-wishers. If possible, get as many kids of around 3 with whom the birthday boy or girl can have fun.

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And, it is not possible to handle all the kids, so, you must also invite the parents of all the kids. However the decorations, foods, themes should be for the kids rather than for the parents. So, choose the guests very carefully and always go for those guests who are close to you and your kid.

  1. Themes and decorations

Choosing the themes to depend upon the children’s likes and dislikes. However, making a theme like the animal theme, justice league theme, fancy dress theme is always the winner. Some best themes for children’s party can be:

  • Jungle theme birthday party:

Kids are usually obsessed with animals. Jungle theme birthday party can make their excitement even higher. To pull off this themed birthday party, get a lot of decorative items like soft toys of animals, animal outfits, pictures of animals all over the house. You can use such items to decorate the home as well as ask the children to wear the animal outfits and make them recognize each and every animal.

  • A rainbow birthday party:

This is perfect for a girl or a boy. It’s quite easy to plan as well as execute. All you need is colorful decorative items like lanterns of different colors, balloons or varied colors, pinwheels. Decorate the room or house with these items and throw one of a kind birthday party for you little one to cherish and remember for a lifetime.

  • Candyland birthday party:

If your little one can never get enough of candies, then you can arrange for the candyland-themed birthday party. Get lots of candies and decorate the rooms with candies and present lots of candies to all the kids. To pull this off, you need to get candies cutter, some cotton candies, chocolate fountains, candy crafts and decorate the rooms with these items. I am sure you kid, as well as all other guests, will love to become the party of such an amazing Candyland-themed birthday party.

  • Art Party:

Art party is an amazing way to bring out the best of every kid and bring out the creativity as well. In this party, make the kids to prepare any kind of art at the party venue, frame it and gift it to the kid back so that he or she can remember this for a long time. Also, you can arrange for other activities like sidewalk chalk, art paintings, finger paints, picture paints etc. I am sure, for the kids who love to play with colors and paint in whatever way they can, this themed birthday party would be very beneficial.

Decorations for the party depends on the theme you choose. If you actually choose the Jungle Theme, make sure you have lots of animal soft toys, paintings of jungles, plants and sufficient animal costumes on the party.

Other than that, balloons can be used to decorate the house. Use lots of balloons and hang it from the ceiling, make banners with the help of balloons and paste it on the wall. Children love to play with balloons, so make sure you have enough balloons in the floor as well.

While having a birthday party at home, rather than decorating every room, you can decorate the party area; i.e. the living room and most importantly, you must decorate your kid’s bedroom. You can get as many gifts, balloons glitter, lights to decorate the rooms. Always remember that while choosing decorating items, you should use light weighted items as lots of kids love to play with colorful items. Children’s protection should be the first priority.

  1. Food to serve

Food is another very important aspect that needs to be considered very carefully while throwing a party for little ones like toddlers. Since 3-year-old kids cannot decide good food from bad, it is completely the host’s responsibility to make healthy as well as delicious food.

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For kids, the colorful and small portions or food are always inviting. For example, prepare some mini pizzas, colorful popcorns, bite-size appetizers, a small portion of rice and noodles etc. These foods are eye catching and on the other hand, these are healthy for 3-year-old children. To make kids even more interested in food, you can have enough child-sized tables and chairs.

Similarly, you should not ignore all the parents of the kids and should prepare good food for them as well. you can make snacks like sausages, chicken lollipops etc for all the adults that are present in the party.

  1. Games and activities

Without some fun games and activities, the party is incomplete. So, to keep the party rolling and keep all the young ones active throughout the party time, there needs to be some kind of games and activities. Some popular and entertaining activities and games for 3 years old’s birthday party are as follows.

  • Musical Bash:

All kids love to dance and sing in whatever way they can. You have considered having them sing songs while acting in different children songs like “the wheels on the Bus”, “Ring around the Rosie”, “Head and shoulders, toes and keeps” and many more songs. Play this song on the music system and ask all the kids to dance and sing along. It will definitely be fun for all the kids.

  • Bubble game:

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Simple yet very classic; Bubble game is something that every kid would love. To play this game, gather all the kids in the living room and blow bubbles and let all the kids try to pop as many as they can before the bubble actually hit the ground at last. Lastly, give the little ones the bubble machine and make them blow themselves.

  • Freeze Dance:

This activity or game is for all the kids in the party. Just put the music on and let the kids move or dance on the music. Then, stop the song and make all of them freeze until the sound starts again. If it is being played by 3-year-olds, then do not eliminate anyone, just let everyone repeat this process until they have lots of fun. I am sure everyone will definitely love it.

  • Color time:

All the kids love to play with color and do paintings. So, why don’t you think about this! All you need to do is get a lot of colors, coloring books and make all the kids sit together and paint their respective coloring book. This is something that is not only fun for kids, at the same time, kids can develop their interest in paintings as well.

  • The treasure hunting game:

Treasure hunting game can be simply played and need less time to arrange for. Get different types of balls, toys, candies and hide it in the home where the party is being arranged. When all the kids arrive at the party, give them small sacks and ask them to collect the treasures that are spread over different places at the home. Give them some time and ask them to reveal their findings. Once all the treasures have been found, divide them equally to all the kids which will make them very happy.

  • Gifts and presents for all:

Lastly, when the party is over, make sure you give all the kids some return gift so that they can go home happy. Give every kid similar gifts like some soft toys, flowers, color books and others. It will make each and every one of them very happy and excited at the same time.

  • Cartoon time:

There is hardly any 3-year-old kid who would not love to watch cartoons. These days there are various cartoons that are specifically made for kids. So, why don’t you play the cartoon and make all the kids enjoy with their favorite cartoon? In the meantime, you can have some alone and quality time with your friends or kid’s parents. This is also a good idea for kids who get all tired of games all day. After all, it’s the party for the kids. They need to have fun and get entertained.

So, if you are trying to plan for the birthday party for your 3-year-old kid, then these are all the things that you need to consider while planning a perfect and most importantly fruitful birthday party for all the kids. However, pulling these all activities in a day or two would be definitely very difficult. So, remember to plan at least a week earlier so that you can make this party even more special.

One final takeaway- Kids love to get presents, so, if you have enough budget, then get something as a return gift for all the kids. No matter how small or cheap it is, it’s the thing that will always remind the little ones about the awesome party he or she has attended.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points are helpful for you. If you have any other ideas so that a 3-year-old’s birthday party can be made even more special, let us know. Comment your ideas in the comment box below and share it with everyone else.