9 Indoor Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds

Indoor Birthday Party Games for 10-Year-Olds: – All kids love to play games, laugh hard and be silly all the time. During parties, their expectation for having fun rises even more and even parents should not restrict them from having fun. It is for that reason, parents or adults planning for a party for 10 year olds birthday party should always keep in mind that kids love to have fun with each other and for that, they need different types of games lined up.

Games are the best ways for keeping the kid’s birthday party always rolling and making kids more social. Having games at the birthday party usually serve these two basic purposes. Other than that, games and fun entertainments at the birthday party makes the party more vibrant and happy, which is also the sole purpose of the birthday party, isn’t it? So, if you are planning a birthday party for 10-year-olds, then GAMES and fun activities are the aspects that should never be ignored.

When talking about games, mostly outdoor games strike out mind like games in the park, playground etc. However, there is no compulsion that kids should be taken outdoor for fun activities. There are lots of games that can be played easily at home too. In this article, we have listed out some of the fun games that can be played indoor which requires minimum preparation cost as well as time. However, various things need to be considered, from spaces, special needs, first aid kits etc. With all these conditions fulfilled, the indoor party can be very fruitful for all the kids out there.

Indoor Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds

Check out 10 amazing games and fun activities which you need to have in the kid’s birthday party.

  1. Indoor bawling:

Indoor bowling is a unique game that can be played by 10 year old kids. This game requires less time for setting up and is lots of fun to play and watch.


  1. Some empty water bottles or plastic cups
  2. A ball
  3. Some tapes
Indoor bowling game

How to set up and play!

To set up for the game, get some empty water bottles or plastic cups. Place these cups or bottles on one side of the playing area and mark the starting point with the tapes. Now, make teams with an equal number of players on each team and let them start the game. Make them hit the water bottles or cups with the help of the ball. Give chance to each and every participant and declare the winner based upon the points each team gets. This is a simple, yet very interesting game every kid would love to play in the indoor party. Include this in your game list and surprise every guest.

  1. Indoor basketball

Very popular as an outdoor game, with some variations, basketball can be easily played inside the house and is equally fun for kids.


  1. Snowballs made out of socks or small balls.
  2. A basket; laundry basket would be good enough
  3. Spacious area inside the house

How to set up and play!

To play basketball inside the house, first of all, get some spacious area where you can set up. In a small hanger or pole, attach a basket and make it quite lower so that it becomes easy for the kids to score. Now, a few meter from the basket, mark the starting point from where the kids have to throw the balls and get the score. Give chances to each and every kid and the first one to score the maximum point wins the entire game.

To make it even more interesting, let the scorer take a step back every time he or she scores. However, the score from the farther distance is higher than from regular throwing point.

  1. Games with marbles

I am sure everyone has played marbles back in childhood. This classic game for kids is often very entertaining and joyous.


  1. Marbles
  2. Tapes or strings
  3. Spacious room

How to set up and play?

For this game, obviously, you will need lots of marbles. Get lots of small marbles and make sure you have 1 bigger marble than the rest for each kid. Now, get a tape or string and mark a circle at least 3 feet wide. After that, keep around 5 marbles near to the center for each kid participating. For example, if there are 3 kids or participants, place at least 15 marbles in the center. Now, give the participants to play. Each player has to flick the big marble at the other marble inside the circle. If they get to knock any marble out of the circle, they get to keep the marble. If not, other gets the chance. Lastly, the kid has the most number of marbles when the game is over wins!

  1. Guess and win game

For 10 year old kids, guessing the game is a new form of the game that is funny, memorable and awesome; all at the same time.


  1. Sticky notes
  2. Pen
  3. A bucket

How to play!

This game is quite like a board game but with some twists. To play this game, you need to prepare at least a day prior to the actual party. Get lots of sticky notes and write the names of popular figures like actors, scientists, singers or write movie’s name, character’s name etc. Then, provide it to every kid attending the party and ask them to put these on the forehead without seeing. The soul of this game is to guess who’s name is actually written the sticker put on the forehead.

Get any of the kid from the mass and start off the game. To guess, he can ask several questions to the other kids like “Am I a female actor?” “Am I a male actor?” “When was the movie released?” and much more. If finally, he gets it correct, he wins. However, keep the game of till everyone guesses the name correctly.

This game is cheap to set up, fun to play and at the same time quite interesting. So, make sure you have this game in your game list for the party.

  1. Treasure hunt

One of the fun and exciting game for all kids where kids can be creative is treasure hunt game. This game can be easily played inside the house, however, it does require some prior preparations.


  1. Gifts or treasures
  2. Clues

How to play!

To play this game, first of all, brainstorm and come up with certain clues and print them. Now, from among all the kids, make groups or teams of two kids and give them a list of clues. Make the clues so arranged that one clue leads to the next clue and finally to the treasure hidden somewhere in the house. The first pair who gets to the treasure or the gift wins the entire game along with the gift. This game is equally fun to watch as to play. Prepare for this game next time you are having a birthday party for the kids.

  1. Game of Charades for Kids

Charades is an ancient game but is equally popular among kids, youths as well as for adults. A simple game of charades is perfect for an indoor birthday party.


  1. A big box
  2. Pieces of papers
  3. Pen or market

How to set up and play!

For the game of charades for 10 year olds, prepare a list of some movie names, names of famous actors, or songs. New, keep the names in a big box and keep it on one side. Now, invite the kids one by one, ask them to reach into the box and get one paper. Then, he or she has to act it and make the team member understand the name. If he becomes successful to make his team member understand, then the team gets the point. Otherwise, the point goes to the opponent team. Finally, the team with maximum points win the game.

  1. What is in the bag?

This game is a fun way to start the party. Though you need to prepare it a few days earlier than the actual party, it will definitely bring life to the party.


  1. A big bag
  2. Food in the bag

How to set up and play!

To play this game, first of all, you should make all the children sit in a circle and feature 10 or so “mystery” foods in black boxes/ bags. You pass the field around the circle and everybody can watch, or taste the meals (only once) without searching for the bag, blindfolds may be required. After the youngsters look at the meals they write down what they suppose is in the baggage/ containers, and the man or woman with the most correct on the quiz wins.

  1. The chocolate game

Lastly, you can end the party with a game called ‘The chocolate game’. I am sure the kids will love this game as much as they love eating chocolates.

Requirements for The chocolate game

  1. A big plate of chocolates
  2. Knife, fork, headscarf, gloves

How to set up and play The chocolate game!

To play this game, first of all, sit the children in a circle and supply them a cube. You could use small die which you’d find in a board game, or you may do it yourself and prepare very own out of cardboard packing containers, making a massive cube, that could add a feeling of fun. Inside the center of the circle put a plate with a huge chocolate bar, a knife, a fork, a headscarf, and2 gloves. Starting with the birthday boy/ female each baby rolls the dice till one of them rolls a 6.

At this factor the child who rolled the 6 enters the center of the circle and ought to put on the hat, scarf and gloves and consume the chocolate with the knife and fork (no arms allowed, and you’re simplest allowed one rectangular on your mouth immediately. After every square you have got to show an empty mouth to the adjudicator) this player can consume chocolates till some other kid rolls a 6 and replaces him. Finally, the individual that eats the last square of chocolate wins. This game calls for both quite a few small chocolate bars, or a clearly massive one, in any other case the sport is just too quick

This game is unique and is perfect for kids who love to eat chocolates. So, make sure you arrange for this game for the upcoming birthday party for 10 year old kids.

  1. Movie time

Last but not the least, you can have a quiet and fun movie time to engage all the kids while they are in a party. This is not a game but a fun activity to do at the party.

Get a nice kid’s movie like toy story, baby’s day out, cartoons which all the kids love. Play it on a big screen or tv and let the kids watch the movie and have fun. While they watch, make sure you keep different types of snacks in front of them. While the kids can have fun watching the movie, all the parents or adults can enjoy their time out away from handling kids. This is also one of the best ideas to get all the kids focused on the birthday party and not get bored.

Final take away!

When we talk about the birthday parties, normally we think of foods, gifts, decorations, cake and tend to forget the importance of games and entertainment. So, if you are planning on throwing a birthday party, you must have few games or activities for the entertainment of all the guests.

The above-mentioned games are perfect for the kids of 10 years old. These games do call for few preparations before the actual party starts, however, it would not take long to prepare. I hope this article will help you generate enough ideas for games and activities to have at the birthday party.