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How to Say Happy Birthday to My Wife on Facebook? Here Are Some Romantic Ideas with Wishes



How to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook is something that every one of us wants to know. The thing is, that this particular task can prove to be quite daunting.

This is because of the fact that the internet is a vast source of information that is not always trustworthy. However, you will find out how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook by following these simple steps.

The very first thing you should do is make sure that the person who wishes you a happy birthday is actually one of your friends.

This is because if it turns out to be a complete stranger, you will end up being embarrassed or even worse, annoyed. You should then ask for the user’s name. After that, you should send the message “Happy Birthday! “, followed by your name and phone number.


Now when it comes to how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook, there are a few things that you should bear in mind.

The first one is that you should not have any graphics on your page. This means that you will not be able to add any pictures or videos. However, you can still show pictures of your spouse and friends.

Also, you will want to put in your address and contact details so that the other person can send you a card or write you a letter.

One of the main things you will have to ensure is that the page is actually relevant. For example, you do not want a page about your childhood if you are married.


You should therefore ensure that the information on your page matches what you are actually discussing. If you are discussing childhood memories with your wife, you should certainly not talk about the summer holidays. You should also avoid subjects that have anything to do with money.

A good way of finding out how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook is to search for users who are similar to your wife. Find out what their profiles are like and see if they have any comments on their profiles.

You can then go and chat with these people and ask them how they are getting on with their wives on happy birthday and Christmas cards. Many times you will be surprised at how easily this can happen.

Now onto the actual discussion topic, you should try and keep any gifts for your wife’s birthday inside the home. It is very easy to grab a present and rush into the workplace to get it done.


This will lead to arguments as other staff members may feel you are intruding on their space. Therefore, if you are going to send her a gift on her birthday, it should be at work, where it will be easier to manage and where it can be quickly put away. In addition to this, make sure you check in with her via your messages, as well as through emails.

The last piece of advice on how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook is to make sure you have some pictures of her posted. I know many men panic when they see pictures of their wives online.

However, this is a good way of reassuring her and telling her that you really do value her as a partner and want to keep her close to you. By doing this, you show her that you don’t take her for granted and are in fact prepared to spend time with her, no matter what.

By showing her this, she will start to feel closer to you and will want to spend more time online with you.


As you can see, these are three very important pieces of advice on how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook. Now, all you have to do is set up an account and begin communicating with your wife.

You can even add new friends to the mix, as long as they are also willing to say hello to her and add you to their list. Keep adding content to your page, posting happy birthday wishes on a regular basis, and always keeping up the volume of your voice.

These are the basic requirements for a successful, long-lasting online relationship. Good luck!

The question “How to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook?” is asked many times every day by both men and women. It is important to know how to say happy birthday to your wife on Facebook so that you not only get to share one of the most beautiful memories in your life with her but also so that your wife can share one of her own.


Now, when I am asked the question of how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook I often don’t have much help because I just don’t understand the concept behind it. When I ask my wife how she feels I’m trying to understand what she’s feeling. This can make things more difficult than they need to be.

I understand the concept behind the question, but I am still somewhat unclear as to how I should proceed from there. Should I send her a photo of ourselves or something else? Should I email her or write her a message? All of these things are fine as long as you know how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook.

The key to getting it right is to give her a statement that she will be able to share with her friends later down the line. This will give her plenty of content on which to base her happy birthday wishes.

For instance, one of the ways how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook is to send her a picture of a special occasion, such as our wedding. You may even want to include a short quote attributed to you as the groom.


We have an amazing cousin who divorced five years ago. My wife was only five at the time and still loves to share stories about her times with her dad. Ask her to email you the picture of the happy day and then copy and paste the quote we found into your Facebook status. This will help your wife share memories of that day for all of her friends to see.

Another way how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook is to encourage all of her friends to write her happy birthday notes.

This is very simple really. All you have to do is put together some words in whatever language she speaks and then attach them to an email. If she speaks Spanish, attach it to her Spanish-speaking email! It’s that simple!

Don’t forget, however, to write something for her too! Perhaps you want to write her a nice thank you note for all of the gifts she has gotten throughout the year. Perhaps you want to tell her how much she means to you. Whatever you want to say, just make sure you write it out!


The final piece of how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook I want to give you is to arrange for her to receive a special present from you. Whatever you decide to give her, just make sure you give it to her on the day of your birthday.

For example, if you want her to receive a new coffee maker, bring it out to her the day of her birthday. If she loves to knit, maybe you can get her an electronic knitting machine to keep her occupied.

As you can see, this is an easy way of how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook that will almost certainly work. The key to making it work, however, is to set it up properly.

You may not think that your wife knows anything about using social networking sites, but with the thousands of them out there, it is certainly possible to find her on Facebook. Once you do, though, you need to make sure that she is a genuine member of the site and not one of those ladies you see pretending to be someone they are not.


Another option of how to say happy birthday to my wife on Facebook that I have mentioned above is to get her to join your own page and interact with you.

This may seem like a strange idea, given that she probably won’t use Facebook to tell you she is happy. However, women love the interaction, so if she is a fan of yours, chances are that she is going to want to show off her page to you.

Just make sure to check her privacy settings before you do anything else, or else she could be revealing herself to all of her male friends! With a bit of clever dating, you should be able to get your wife to tell you everything that goes on in her life on a daily basis.

Best Wishes for Happy Birthday Messages for Wife

Baby, I love you no matter how far away you may be or how long I have to go without seeing you. I have gotten used to being away from you but that doesn’t mean how I feel has changed. It hurts a little inside every time just by seeing other couples together just knowing they have everything, they could want right there. Sweetheart, I don’t wish I was with someone else here and I don’t blame the distance. The distance was the reason we found each other, it won’t be the reason we lose each other, it won’t be the reason we lose each other. I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you have yet to be. That will never change. On this special day, I wish for wellness and prosperous life. Happy Birthday, my love!!!


Always look at the beautiful side of everything and make your dream and optimism come true. Always think to do good, work only for the best, and hope only for the best. Baby, forget the darkness and mistakes of the past and move forward for the greater achievement of the future. Give so much time and dedication to the enhancement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side as long as you are true to the best that is in you!! To is your special day of yours. To such as wonderful wife, I wish you good health so we could explore more places together. Baby, you are gifted with the patience to deal with me when I am having a bad day and I am blessed with a love that will strengthen our bond during the good and the bad days. I love you!!!!

It is believed that couples who fight often have a stronger bond than couples who do not. But it’s not that fighting makes them stronger. It’s what takes place after the fighting: the making up. It’s coming to the realization that your relationship is more important than your differences. You can get to learn something about the person when you fight. It is said that real relationships are not perfect and perfect relationships are not real. But our relationship is real, true, and perfect. Happy Birthday, my love!!! May your all dreams and wishes get completed by the blessing of god. You were the reason for my happiness and you are and I know you will be the reason for my happiness!! I love you, baby!!!!

Best Wishes for Happy Birthday Messages for Wife

Baby, when you want to give up than my heart which is meant to love you will fight for you, when you are feeling down then I will pick you up and will give you a smile when it’s hard for you to find yours. By seeing you weak, I will never get the strength, By seeing you hurt, I will never get power and by seeing you cry, I will never get joy. I promise I will never hurt you, my heart is meant to love you and wants to see the best of you. I truly wish that you are blessed with all the joy, happiness, good health, and prosperity in life. After all, you will share all you have with me, won’t you? Happy Birthday to the twinkle of my eye and the person whom I love from the core of my heart!!!

Honey, wisdom, and patience are two elements to live a happy and prosperous life. On this wonderful day, may god shower his blessings with two basics that are important for joyful life… Happy Birthday to the perfect person I know. I do not have gestures and words to show, that you mean the world to me, with you I feel loved and carefree. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!!! I wish you a happy life with me..


I hope that the thought of turning older never makes you feel nervous. Don’t get fear as Ups and downs in life will come and go. Don’t slow down, there is no need to worry about taking rest. Forget your age and live the single day of yours with more energy and happiness. Happy Birthday, dear…You are always in my heart and I am remembering you on your special day. I pray to god for good health and wisdom. And I wish the best for you this birthday!!!

Your age is just a number, it is really not all that big, you have seen a few decades since you were just a kid. But you don’t look your age, you beat middle age spread, your face glows like 1,000 stars and you can still turn heads. Happy Birthday to you, my love!!! You are my companion, friend, comforter, and friend. I am so blessed to have and to hold you as my wife forever. You have always been the princess of my kingdom of dreams. Baby, I am very lucky to celebrate this special day of my life and I will celebrate every day with joy to make you happy!!! I love you, my love…

Happy Birthday to my dear wife!! I love you, baby. You are very special to me, but today is extra special because it is your day, my sweetheart! I am sending all my hugs and kisses to you. You are the only one to who I wouldn’t mind losing sleep, the only one to who I never get tired of talking, and the only one who crosses my mind constantly throughout the day. You are the only one who can make me smile at any condition, bring down my mood at any condition, and affect my sentiments with your every deed. You are the one I am afraid of losing and the one I want to keep in my life.

Text for Happy Birthday Greeting Cards for Wife

Today, you are a queen. Tomorrow and forever, you will be a queen because you have earned it with all that you do to make this a better place for everyone. Baby, I am not perfect. I make many mistakes. I have jealousy issues and trust issues. I can be moody sometimes. Sweetheart, I love you from the core of my heart and I mean it. I am faithful, I am loyal and I will do everything I can keep you. Don’t confuse my caring for being controlling. Together, we are strong enough to overcome the worst of the worst. Happy Birthday, Honey!!! On this fabulous day, Glow like a candle. Today, may all your wishes come today. Today is a special and wonderful day. wish you a lovely birthday, stay blessed…


With your bubbly sense of humor, you bring a tonic such joy to everyone. It’s a trait that you are well known for and it’s such a lovely one! For laughter is a tonic and it’s never far away/ When we spend time together, you really make my day…. Happy Birthday, my love!!!! The best sight in the world is I look at your smile. I hope I can always bring a bright smile to your face that last a lifetime.

Your expectations may be ruined, your wishes may be creased, your illusion may be devastated, your plans may be broken, your ambition may be thwarted, and your faith may be shaken but you are not! There is more to you, more hopes to get up, more dreams to follow, more illusions to live, more plans to change, more ambitions to fulfill, and more faith to recapture… On this day, sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, love like you will never hurt, and live like there is heaven on earth. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day, I love you, Honey!!!

Now’s a great age to take chances, and do all you want to do, your creativity knows no bounds, what you need is right in you. Happy Birthday, Many many happy returns of the day…. That’s my birthday wish for you, honey!! I hope this special day shower you with abundant joy and happiness. And may you get to do what you plan to do!! Dear, live each moment and each day with more happiness and excitement!!! this is the time to remember, you only get one birthday a year…. I love you, baby!! Stay blessed…

Wish you many many happy returns of the day to you my beautiful wife, may this day, every day, every sec, min, hour, and year. Have a day full of positive things… Loads of love and laughter and tons of good wishes and good honest blessings. You deserve everything good in life. Have a good one. Enjoy it and remember you are getting younger, not older. As your age grows but your heart is getting younger. Happy early birthday wishes to you…… I love you a lot. May your birthday be more wonderful, and may all your dreams and wishes come into reality because no one else in the whole world deserves it more than you…


Life has its ups and downs but every moment counts! For every good moment, be grateful and forget the bad memories. People who enter your life with a loving heart, welcome them with a big heart and stay away from what makes you sad. Happy Birthday, honey!!!! Wishing you happy endings and great beginnings, on your big day, you are wished all that you dream of, hope for, and of course, that makes you happy and cheerful.



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