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151 Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend From Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend from girlfriend: – If you have a boyfriend, you must be well aware by now that no matter what, boyfriend treats his girl like a princess. He cares for her girlfriend, respects her and love her more than anything in the world. He stays by his girl’s side every single day and in every up and down of her life.

So, it’s also the responsibility of a girlfriend to show an equal amount of love for a boyfriend. Moreover, he deserves to be treated like a prince in his special day; the Born Day!

So, is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner? If your answer is yes, you need to buck up and prepare to surprise him and shower him your unconditional love.

Here are few messages that are sure to melt your boyfriend’s, heart. Wish him on his birthday with these messages and wishes and make him feel special.  The list contains some sweet, lovely, naughty as well as classy wishes.


The welcome or messages amongst sweetheart and sweetheart, for the most part, they endeavor to transmit the sincerest sentiments to our couple, be that as it may, infrequently it is truly difficult to convey what needs be a great way.

Putting the greater part of our affection on a message to indicate the amount we acknowledge and think about that unique individual isn’t generally that simple as everyone supposes it seems to be.

Hence, on the off chance that you can’t get a smart thought to compose a decent love message, recall that you can beware of the web for a few alternatives so you can express how glad you are with your couple by sharing a so extraordinary day.

In this article, for instance, you will discover best birthday wishes cites for a beau, some birthday welcome and messages for our darling individual, so there no much to consider, correct?


The affection is a standout amongst the most complex sentiments a man can explore different avenues regarding.

Despite the fact that the master individuals say this is simply in regards to a physical fascination between two from various physical relation, this idea has been changing a considerable measure of late.

255 Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

The best happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend should come straight from the heart. Think about all of the things that make him special and find a way to incorporate them into your birthday message. If you need some help getting started, take a look at the examples below.

1. Happy birthday my love! My love for you is unconditional which only grows with every passing moment. Today, let’s make it extra special with lots of lovely and sweet moments together.


2. To my king who loves me and protects me through every up and down- your queen is here wishing you a very extraordinary birthday! Have a fun baby!

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3. Every moment is special while I am with my love. Today is extra special as it is your birthday! I am more than happy to share this day with you celebrating together. Happy Birthday, love!

4. I just stopped by to wish a very happy birthday to the only special person in my life- my boyfriend! You hold the most special place in my heart which no one can ever replace. Happy Birthday, love.

5. As much as you are special in my life, your birthday is equally important. Because, if it was not for this day, you would not be in this world. Happy birthday my prince charming!

6. As we celebrate your birthday, I cannot resist but thank god for sending you down to me to bless my life. You are the only good thing that ever happened to me. I love you like crazy. Happy Birthday.


7. It does not matter how old you grow, you are and will always be the most handsome person for me. Your beauty and grace are beyond explanation. Happy Birthday my prince!

Happy Birthday wishes for boyfriend image

8. A very happy birthday to the man who is not only my boyfriend but my best friend with whom I can share every joy, sorrow easily. Happy Birthday love!

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Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

9. Happy birthday love! You deserve the best birthday party ever as you are the perfect man. Love you loads!

10. I wished for a man in my life who loves me, supports me and cares for me. My dream became a reality once you entered my life. On your birthday, I wish your every dream come true. Happy Birthday Baby!


11. As you entered my life, you brought me the light of hope and completed me as a person in every possible way. I hope you get what you wish for. You deserve every single joy in the world! Happy Birthday!

12. I never knew true love exists until I met you. You made me realize how important love is in someone’s life. With your love, I know I can win the world. Thank you for being an awesome boyfriend.

13. Happy birthday to the most handsome person in the world. May the lord grant you every happiness of the world.

14. My entire world revolves around you, my love. Happy birthday and have a great year ahead! Make sure to involve me in your every step! I love you.


15. We have been dating for a decade now, and even today you make me blush with your sweet smile, touch, and kiss. Happy Birthday Baby. May we never ever get separated!

16. Happy birthday to my prince charming. Loads of kisses and hugs for you on your big day! Love you.

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17. Happy birthday to the most charming person in this world. Let us make this day the most memorable day in our life as a couple.

18. I never thought I would find my best friend in my boyfriend. I feel fortunate for that. Happy birthday baby. May you always be as happy as you are with me!

19. Your touch, smile, and sweet kiss are enough to make my day wonderful. I wish my sweet kiss will make your day today. Happy Birthday love!


20. I am glad that I am in love with the most amazing guy in the world who is very special and makes my love even more special. Happy Birthday Dearest! I love you!

21. The words cannot explain my love for you. This is pure and unconditional feeling for you that grows continuously every day. Today, on your birthday, I can only wish you lifelong happiness!

22. As a girlfriend, I am very excited to be around you on your born day. Here’s to making a promise that next year will be filled with love, fun, and romance together. I can’t wait to make our life wonderful together. Happy Birthday!

23. May the lord bless you with good and successful life. I hope these blessings will make your day even more special. Have a blast this birthday! Happy Born Day!


24. There is no better day than your birthday to express my deep and unconditional love for you. Happy birthday darling. Stay happy!

25. You and your life are very special to me. So is the day you were born- your birthday! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend

happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend

26. The best part about being in a relationship with you is that I get to be called your girlfriend every single day. It is an honor in itself, baby. I love you. And have a blasting birthday!

27. Every year on your birthday, I wish to celebrate your hundred more birthdays together. May this dream of mine come true and you get a long life. Happy Birthday dearest!

28. I have been waiting for your birthday for last few months just to show you how much I love you with my words. May these messages reach you and you realize your importance in my life. Happy Birthday. I love you crazily and unconditionally!


29. With every shooting star I see, I just wish for our relationship to end for eternity. Happy Birthday baby. I can never be separated from you!

30. Have the sweetest birthday ever my sweetheart. I miss you and love you!

31. With every blown candle
I am going to make a wish
May you always remain sweet
And may your love for me never diminish
May we be together and near forever
Happy Birthday, the dearest!

32. May we always are by each other’s side and may we never get any reasons to leave each other. This is what I wish for your birthday besides your good health! Happy Birthday baby!


33. Everything about your birthday is so sweet and perfect to just cuddle up and get cozy with each other. Happy birthday baby! Love you!

34. Over the past 5 years since you are in a relationship, our love has become more stable as well as stronger. I am very happy to be the love of your life as you are mine. Happy Birthday!

35. You are the only person who is close to my heart even though we are far away. On this day, I would like to tell you how much I like you and love you and adore you and I wish you are always blessed with love and happiness. Happy Birthday, dear!

Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

36. We might not always think alike or in a similar way, but what matters is despite all we have always been together in each other’s life and have enlightened each other’s life. Take my lovely hug and embrace me, dear! Happy Birthday!

37. Ever since we began our love relationship, my each and every moment have been very wonderful and I am sure yours have been super amazing too. Happy Birthday!


38. Let’s celebrate your big day by partying very hard and forget every problem that we have for a moment. Life is very beautiful when we are together. I love you more than words can say. Happy Birthday!

39. Your born day is here and it has made me very happy. Though we are living miles apart, our heart is always together and are beating in rhythm. I hope you enjoy your day today without me but always remembering me. I love you and be happy always. Happy Birthday!

40. When the wine gets old, it becomes sour. But, when you grow old, you become hotter. Happy Birthday Sexy!

41. Sharing my life with you was probably the best decision I ever took. Your love is my blessing from god. Today, I want to tell you how happy I am for you and your success. Keep on gaining new heights. Happy Birthday!


42. Happy birthday to you from the bottom of my heart.
Your loving girlfriend-

43. Happy birthday my prince. May every new step you take leads you to the path of success, enlightenment, and happiness.
Yours and only yours.

44. True love is like the gift from the god
It is a key to soul’s happiness and heart
You are my life and my Love
Happy Birthday Darling!

45. On your birthday, I wish to see you and hug you properly. For now, I can only wish you for better future. I love you. Happy Birthday and see you shortly!

Birthday Messages  and Wishes for Boyfriend

46. Every time I stare at your eyes, I think to myself that ‘we are made for each other’ is written just for you. I am yours and only yours as you are mine. Happy Birthday!

47. As sunny as your laughter
As warm as your soul
May your day becomes wonderful
As much as you are.
Happy Birthday!

48. Happy birthday to the love of my life. You are such a wonderful person who is always cheerful, lovely and calm. Even I wish to, I can never get enough of you. Happy birthday my prince. Keep smiling!

49. I wish sincerely from the bottom of my heart that you are always blessed with happiness, joy, prosperity, health and love in your life. Happy birthday to the one whom I love from the core of my heart! I love you!

50. Happy birthday to the only person in the world who I love very much, irritate very much, bag very much. In spite of my constant irritation, you have always been supporting me since we first met. You have no idea how much I appreciate your love and how much I treasure your love in my heart. Happy Birthday once again my love.


51. I’m so blessed to always have you by my sideThis birthday wish goes for my one and only.
52. There’s still a long way to goThis birthday is just a door to another chapterHappy Birthday

53. For the most handsome and loyal boyMy birthday wish for you is that you live happily ever after.
54. I don’t need chocolates just the warmth of your armsHappy birthday dear.

55. Never leave holding my gently. Happy birthday
56. All those irreplaceable moments has come to this day when my king would cut his cake.Happy birthday.

Birthday Messages  and Wishes for Boyfriend

57. Smile, laugh and memories are great.But our happiness is the best thing given to us.Happy birthday to my sweetheart.
58. Today, my special person needs a special treatment.Look forward for surprises.Happy Birthday.

59. The happiness I long for, I find it in youHappy birthday to my everything.
60. You are the author of our Romeo and JulietHave lots of gift to unwrap.Happy birthday, sweetheart.


61. I wish my knight in armor a happily happening birthday.
62. Your birthday and my wishBoth of them are destined to be written in the stars.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

63. I’d like to wish the price of my life a blissful happy birthday.
64. The love you gave me comes with the price of happiness.Happy birthday dear.

65. Stay safe, stay sound.Happy birthday, prince.
66. I see you when the night falls, I think of you on the daylight.Happy birthday sweetheart.

67. Today is the day that happiness must come alive.Happy birthday dear
68. Heard that keeping your heart on your sleeves counts the most so I kept all my money inside my purse.Have a great birthday.
69. for that sexy man who drives all the girls crazy but is loyal only to me.Happy birthday.


70. Who said a manly person can’t be sweet.Perhaps, they haven’t met my man yet.Have a great birthday.
71. You’re demeanor is as sweet as you look.Happy birthday, sweet heart.

72. You’re birthday excites me more than my own.
73. Today is the greatest day I know of.You’re birthday brings me a bliss.

74. You are my one and only.So I planned you a surprise.Err really can’t keep that a secret.Happy birthday.
75. Today is the day I’d always eagerly waited for.Because today I get to wish you a very happy birthday.

76. Life is a cone.Birthdays are ice-cream.Many happy returns of the day.
77. You gave me the feeling I’ve never had.You are worth wishing.Happy Birthday, sweet heart.


78. The is a very little contrast in our birthdays.I feel special in mine and I feel extra special in yours.Happy birthday.
79. I hope my words will sugar coat you’re special day.Happy birthday, stay unwrapping you’re gifts.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

80. I’ve mastered happiness by just knowing this day exists.I wish you a very amusing happy birthday ever.
81. You want me inside your heart.Are there any better gifts that I can give to you?

82. One minute feels longer without you.Stay blessed, happy birthday.

Birthday Messages  and Wishes  for Boyfriend

83. Time for the hard work of whole year to pay off.I wish you happy birthday.

84. Thinking about what to plan on your birthday never ever exhausts my mind.
85. Would you believe me if I say you’re birthday is the only thing on my mind.Either way it won’t change a fact.Many happy returns of the day.


86. May we make memories? Happy birthday.
87. There are no such things that I will keep a secret from you.So just wanted to know how you would feel if I were to plan a surprise birthday party.

88. From the moment I saw you, I smile brighter, laugh harder and it feels a wonderful to say I’ve beening living for this day to come.I wish you a many happy returns of the day.

89. You’re heart has always harmonized with mine till day.Maybe, it is the reason I feel lucky to cast this magic spell.Happy birthday to the king of my life.

90. Misunderstanding creates the diversion that we have never wished for or wanted.But birthdays helps those diversions to meet the same end..Many happy returns of the day stay happy and blessed.


91. I want to be the one to wish you happy birthday in the minutes to midnight.Not only this year but all my life.
92. My attempt at making you feels special.I wish that attempt will always work on you and never fade out.Happy birthday, king

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

93. They say loving is one thing but first learn to make birthdays special.Here I am wide awake to be the first to wish you happy birthday.

94. Wish you another year of happiness where I will ride along with you.

95. If you’re birthday was a house, I’d be furniture.
96. There is a magic in the way you touchThat makes me want to wish you a happy birthday with many surprises.


97. Today you age will add another plus one.I wish to be alongside you watching those number grow bigger and bigger.

98. Life is a front camera.It reflects what we are and what we want.Maybe you’re birthday is all I want.Happy birthday, sweetheart.

99. May you’re birthday be delightful as you are my love.

100. Do you want me to hold your hand and walk you along the beach in the evening sun? Happy birthday, MrPrince.


101. Just like you say you never get enough of my love, I never get enough surprising you on your birthday.

102. Unwrapping gifts are you’re favourite part of birthday but some birthdays are for undoing my clothes.Happy birthday dear.

103. How come your warm heart love my cold soul.And how come my cold soul love your birthday so much.I’m glad to send you a happy birthday kiss.
104. Just my back on your chest and you’re hands on my waist with a little birthday cake is the perfect setting there ever will be.

105. The smile on your lips means a world to me than these birthday cakes.Happy birthday.


106. There will be most amazing clouds, there will be snowy evening, and there will be rainbow.But there will never be the birthday like yours.I wish you on this very day as the one who will always love you.

107. the most delightful feeling is to surprise you with birthday cakes and presents.Happy birthday.
108. You’re face will look as cute as it was splatter by last year’s cake.Many happy returns of the day.

109. You’re birthday is the salvation of my happiness.Happy birthday dear.

110. All the memories that was spilled on those cakes are the fantasy that you and I will live with.


Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

111. You’re birthday is like magic.It always empties my purse.Happy birthday sweet heart.

112. The more you write the better your words get, the more you eat cake, the more it’s like to celebrate.Happy birthday.

113. You’re birthday cake will be as tasty as today, when we will pass by gate of heavenTo my only love.Happy birthday.

114. I look up to the sky and send a prayer.It echoes on our ear.You are blessed to have each other.Happy birthday, always stay the same.


115. I feel so lucky to have my comfort while wishing you the very best on your birthday.

116. You will do better than you did yesterday.Happy birthday.

117. Be gone sadness, come stay happiness.After all it’s your birthday today.

118. There are no words that can express my overwhelming birthday surprise for you.Have a blissful birthday.


119. I am falling for you as the shooting stars.Stay blessed, happy birthday.

120. I want to smother you with flowers.Have a blissful birthday.

121. The root of all my feeling started on the day of your birthday.So I want to take this moment and wish you the very best.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

122. Kind, gentle, manly and sweet man like you is the gift of heaven.I’m happy to wish happy birthday to my archangel.


123. The foreword to speak is that you’re birthday gives me the sensation of warmth and comfort just like you doHappy birthday dear.

124. Happy birthday!! Not just any other price but my priceI want you to chase you’re dream to the end of the world.I’m just happy to be by your side while you do it.

125. Curse the sadness.You’re birthday is for joy.Happy birthday.

126. The birthday like yours is the four-clove leaves and I’m happy that you belong with me.Many happy returns of the day.


127. It’s good to add a candle every year.Happy birthday.

128. Hey my prince, birthday means you’re existence.Many happy returns of the day.

129. So many present to unwrap and so many memories made.I’m glad to wish you on your happy birthday.

130. You give this feeling of happiness like no other can.Stay happy, happy birthday.


Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

131. Little things like cuddling with you make me feel like I’m worth to tell you happy birthday.

132. You’re birthday bring me the joy in my eyes.Happy birthday.

133. Let the happiness empty you’re heart instead of leaving sadness to break itHappy birthday, sweet heart.

134. You’re birthday sparkles the hope of happiness in my heart.Many happy returns of the day.


135. I love you for who you are.And you’re birthday is significant to me.

136. Happy birthday!! My hope of marvel.

137. I think I was made to believe in the dignity of light that the birthday of one person can ignite.

138. Happiness dwells in believing that you’re birthday makes the chill run down my spine than mineHappy birthday.


139. The cake laid on the table will splatter in your face in no time saying many happy returns of the day.

140. You’re face that is as sweet as the chocolate makes me want to watch and eat you at meanwhile.Happy birthday.
141. The portrait of your life style ends up in the size of your cake.Happy birthday.

142. May my price be blessed with all the happiness that heaven have to offer?
143. You’re birthday is to me a realization of love that was never forgotten.

144. Happy birthday, this life is life only when I feel you’re existence.
145. Happy birthday boy!! The sky is yours.


146. Today’s date will always forever ring a bell in my heart.Happy birthday, love

147. Despite, I found your feet made of clayYou’re birthday will be more important to me than my life.Happy birthday

148. Regardless of the awesomeness of the Rome it wasn’t built in one day.Neither was our love, it was written very long ago.Happy birthday to my one and only.

149. Time to rise and shine….Happy birthday to my only love.


150. As we are celebrating your born day, I cannot be happier with any other thing rather than your pretty smile on your pretty face. May god give you thousands of reasons to remain happy. I love you more each and every moment baby. Happy Birthday!

151. Here’s your lovely girlfriend wishing you an amazing day. May many great times come in your life in the coming year to the most wonderful person in the world. Happy Birthday Dearest person.

152. Happy birthday to my love. Each day I wake up thinking about you, and each moment I pray for your happiness. Today, as it is your birthday, how can I forget to make your day special. I am sure I will make the most of this day. Just wait for my surprise party love. Happy Birthday.

153. Happy birthday to one of the few persons in the world whose birthday I remember without Facebook notification. I love you more than words can explain!


Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

154. All the very best and happy birthday dearest. You are the sunshine of my life who gives me warmth and love. May you get all the happiness in the world. Happy Birthday Once again.

I have a Boyfriend who never overlooks anything; however, who’s one look cause increment my heart beat. An exceptionally glad Birthday to my Boyfriend who influences my heart to thump, strange.

I Love to date you since I imagined that you are the gorgeous catch. Presently, in the wake of dating your my contemplations have changed, Now, According to my reasoning, you are my ideal match. Upbeat Birthday Handsome.

Today is the day of your Birthday! May your year goes cheerful and in affection my dear!!! Glad Birthday my future!!


Today is your birthday; we should commend our past, present, and future! I will carry on for as long as I can remember by adoring you.

Yummiest Birthday to you my provocative! Getting fretful for today around evening time to wind up noticeably the first wish you glad Birthday!

I am extremely fortunate that you pick me to spend this unique day. A debt of gratitude is in order for all that you give me, I adore you a great deal, my sweetheart! Upbeat Birthday child!!

Celebrating your Bday influence I to remind that being your better half makes me upbeat consistently and worth celebrating. Cheerful birthday kid heart.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

I am yours and you are mine. Like Every birthday this birthday is likewise uncommon and you will perceive how! I am recently sitting tight for tomorrow morning and you will get the colossal surprise.happy birthday and cherish you my nectar.

I know you have faith in enchantment. The Biggest enchantment has I discovered you! Cheerful Birthday to my Lovely Boyfriend In this world!!

My heartiest compliment is for those Mom and Dad who bring forth your. You are such a lovely soul and heart. You generally advise me that you are the kid with whom I need to spend as long as I can remember. Cheerful Birthday sweetheart.

On the off chance that read the entire lexicon, you can’t discover the word to express my inclination for you. The amount you intend to me and the amount I adore you. I can’t think an existence without you. You finish the vacancy inside me. Upbeat Birthday Darling.


You are my Angle who shower love on me. Darling, I am pulled in by your excellence and love. There is never a moment that I won’t think about yours. You are superb and I Love you. Glad Birthday!!

You are cooler than the other side of the pad. Upbeat Birthday.

I am Sweet cherry of your life which is dependably on the highest point of cake. Glad Birthday Darling. Remain Sweet and stay Cool. With consistently your turn out to be sexier. Today is your birthday and your hotness develops more. Upbeat birthday my sweet heart.

On this uncommon day of birthday, I just need to remind you, I am enamored with your absolutely frantically, profoundly, and genuinely. Let make this day enormous and important!


I can’t hold up till you wear my blessing. I adore you. Host an incredible and paramount gathering! Glad Birthday Sweetheart.

My dear Boyfriend your know I am dependably the first to wish you Happy Birthday! Lovely And Sweet Greetings wishes for my Charming and Handsome Boyfriend. Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him.

A yearly festival of the day like a birthday is the most ideal approach to appreciate the day. Since it comes once per year. It’s likewise time to reflect did we are spending our day properly. Today is your birthday my sweet BF and this is your greatest endowment of love. I Love you and I can’t survive without you.

I don’t know why act insane when I am with you. At whatever point I am with you, I turn into the best form of me. You illuminate my reality. Upbeat Birthday Dear.

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Hey BF, You Work day and night consistently. Today is the ideal opportunity for no particular reason and delight with the one you adore the most. Cheerful Birthday Sweetheart. You are my ruler with whom I can spend rest of my life. I adore you more than you know.


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