55 Happy Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status Friends

55 Happy Birthday Wishes for WhatsApp Status Friends

Happy Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status Friends : – Friends are very important in life. No one can live without experiencing the sweet feeling of friendship in one’s live. It is a divine and pure relationship between two persons who have mutual feelings. No matter how you make friends, either from social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp or by daily visiting one another; the feeling of friendship and love for each other does not decrease.

If you are in Whatsapp, then you must have hundreds of friends with whom you shares views, thoughts and feelings. It is very important to wish such WhatsApp friend on their birthday to maintain that friendship while making them feel special. So, here we give you few birthday wishes that you can convey to your WhatsApp friends on their very special day; Birthday!

55 Happy Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status Friends


A very happy birthday to my Whatsapp friend! Though we met via WhatsApp recently, I feel like I know you from my childhood. Thank you for making me so comfortable while chatting with you. I wish none but the very best for you!


Friendship without benefits is a unique experience which I got just from you. Thanks for being a good friend without any benefits. Happy Birthday Dear Whatsapp friend!

HAppy Birthday greeting cards
HAppy Birthday greeting cards


I have made many friends via WhatsApp, but none is like you who inspires others and make everyone very comfortable. All these because of your lovely attitude and beautiful soul. Happy birthday to you. May your wisdom and beauty increase in the upcoming year! Happy Birthday!


As it is your special day, I want to let you know that your inspiring status and views on WhatsApp have motivated me big time. I am sure, there are lots more who feel motivated reading and sharing your views. I hope you get more success in the future and inspire the world around you with your positivity. Happy Birthday To you!


Happy birthday to the cutest friend of my whatsapp friend list. You are cute, funny and intelligent at the same time. Wish your birthday invoke more wisdom in you. Good Luck!


Happy birthday WhatsApp friend! I wish this app never get shut down and we remain friends like this forever and ever.


Here’s wishing the coolest guy on WhatsApp a very cool birthday! Have fun today, tomorrow and every day. You deserve all the happiness and joy in this world!


The most special moment in one’s life is the moment spent with the true best friend. We have become friends via whatsapp, and as the time passed, we became the best of friends. You are truly an awesome friend. Happy Birthday to you buddy!


As you celebrate your birthday with your close friends and family, just remember that your WhatsApp friend is praying for your long term happiness, good health, and better future. Happy Birthday dear buddy!


Happy birthday to a special Whatsapp friend! You are a true friend of mine and admire you for that.

55 Happy Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status Friends


Happy birthday WhatsApp friend. May this new year of your life bring lots of luck and happiness to shower on you.


Happy Birthday to the person who has a golden heart, sweet smile, and incomparable courage.


Yet another year of your life just flew away making you more handsome, courageous and gorgeous than ever before. Happy Birthday dude. Have fun!


Most people think that Whatsapp friend do not last long. But, we have proved them wrong with our everlasting friendship. Happy Birthday Dude. Stay blessed.


On your birthday, I wish that may you get to live hundred more years to grace this world with your existence. Our world needs more people like you are. Happy Birthday!


I feel very lucky to have found such as amazing friend over a social networking site. You are the greatest friend anyone could have. A very happy birthday to you!


The more I think about you, the more I recognize your inner power, beauty, courage and passion. Hope your courage and wisdom increase indefinitely from today onwards as it has been growing till now. This is my only wish for you on your Birthday!

HAppy Birthday greeting cards
HAppy Birthday greeting cards


Have a friend like you is a boon for me and many other people who are close to you. May you get your dream in the year to come. Happy Birthday buddy!


Happy birthday friend! You are one of the very few persons whose birthday I remember even without any notes or alarm or Facebook notification. Have fun tonight!


Many many happy returns of the day dear friend. The moments that I share with you are the greatest and most memorable moments of my life.

55 Happy Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status Friends


It is the responsibility of your true buddy to remind you that – “Old is gold, my friend!” you are my old friend and a gold to me which is priceless for me! Happy Birthday Dude!


Many associates come and go nonetheless only a few true friend plants his footprints in the heart. Happy birthday to the only friend who has taken my heart! God Bless You!


Today, many years ago, a beautiful person was born to become my true best friend and companion and that is you. Happy Birthday to you!


I am totally aware that the true friendship cannot be measured. That’s why my friendship to you is priceless and all the support and love you showered on me are priceless too. I cannot pay it back, but I can definitely thank you for that. Thanks a lot man. And Happy Birthday to you. Today is a special day not only to you but also to me as well


Today it is the moment I want to let you know that I have elapsed when you became a family to me rather than just a good friend. Happy Birthday friend. You are a blessing to me!

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55 Happy Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp Status Friends

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