Birthday Party Food Ideas for 4 Years Old Child

Birthday party food ideas for 4 years old child

Birthday party food ideas for 4 years old child: contain- Birthday is special for everyone. It’s the day that gives someone feeling that it’s their day. Especially in childhood birthday used to brings much joy to us. Birthday gift with elder warm wishes with the celebration party, that is so memorable moment for all. But when it came to thinking about our child, we also wish that they would experience the same feeling inside, and make them realize that they are special for us.

But as they are a child, and when it comes to the stuff to care about their health it’s the parents feeling to get worried about their health. One day celebration can bring your bed to the hospital visitor’s room, so we should consider the food for children birthday party as well considering they would have their great party. So, what would be the right choice for food idea for our child especially when they are below the age of five?  We have to consider about their diet they need, avoiding the junk food, not too hot and not too cold.

childern birthday celebration
children birthday celebration

Here are some tips which may be helpful to you if you are worried about the food for the party for 4 years old child.

Birthday party food ideas for 4 years old child

*) Avoid the packaged food as much as possible. It contains the chemical preservatives that make the food inside to preserved for a long period of time. They are not actually good for children metabolism, and their physical and mental growth. But children love such food unlike other food, so what is the next option? You can google about the recipe with which such food is made, and made them at home with great love and care. With this, your children would feel proud of you, with their friends. And it would be your happy feeling too.

*) In case you don’t have enough time or device to make them, and can’t more avoid packaged food, then there is the sincere list of ingredients included, just you need to google each of them whether they are healthy or not. Chemicals like Mono-Sodium-Glutamate are used to enhance the flavor in the packaged food like noodles, beverage, chips etc. but they are very much harmful to the child growth. It decreases the bone density and reduces the physical development, so it would be better you should strictly avoid them in the party as well further on other days too. Similarly, you should consider other taste enhancer or preservatives, that affect their health.

children’s party

*) Child would love the sweet foods than other because it gives their taste bud the great feeling. And you have to include them as their demands too. Before fulfilling their demands, you should consider some things about their health. Too much sweet could bring a dry cough and could raise the sugar level in blood. Yes, you should worry about the sugar level, if their family or above generation are with the problem with diabetes. It is not the disease that comes with the age and you should consider it in the daily basics. So what is its best option? It might trigger you right now and nature has its best solution. Its bee honey, which is sweet in taste and clinically proven for a healthy diet, don’t affect the sugar level in blood as well it’s used as the medicine for a cough in Ayurveda and it has same tingling sensation to the taste bud. But you should make your child drink a lot of water because it brings the thirst otherwise you should not have to worry about anything other things.

*) Next thing you have to consider is the beverage. There are a lot of beverage that ranges with their types, flavor, ingredients. It would be best if you avoid your child with soda containing beverage like Coca-cola, Pepsi, etc. It will erode the weak layer of enamel in children teeth and make them weak, as well to the bone too. It’s not healthy for the child in another extent too so you should prefer the juice for your child. It should not be deeply chilled that can brings cold and fever and not too much sweet. You can make your own with the fruit available around you or you can buy the fruit from the local market which would taste natural as well far from the additive colors, flavor contains lots of love and care. You can chill them lightly after you made it.

guest childern getting amusement with elder one
guest children getting amusement with the elder one

*) You should include the non-veg item in the party because it’s their age of the growth and they need a lot of protein for it and the non-veg product is the best source of it. It should be fresh, clean and well cooked. You should better steam it before you cook, which will remove excessive bad fat from it and kill all the bacteria and virus in it. It should not be too spicy and oily as children don’t like it and it’s not good for them too. Notice that it is well cooked or not because it’s hard to children to digest them if it’s not well cooked. You can get a number of recipes that you can make from the internet and better you should make it light and healthy.

*) Dairy item is very good for the child, as it contains all the healthy diet they need. There is a verity of the dairy product like curd, paneer, a sweet item of milk, etc. But you should be careful to some extent too. You should avoid curd and ice-cream if your child is suffering from cold, cough or just been recovered. It would make their condition rather worse. You should not offer them milk when they have just eaten meat or egg product because they both contain the saturated fats and it’s hard to digest in great quantity. Besides this, some guest child may not digest dairy product so well so you have to consult with their parents before you fed them with it.

parents with childern enjoying
parents with children enjoying

*) Since you are about to organize the party for your child and many children are invited to join, so you should maintain some healthy habits in order to teach them. Elder should not drink cigarette and liquor in the party. After all, they learn from what you do, so you should better inform other not to drink them in front of children. You should rather join with children play and games, and make them closer to you.

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