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Birthday Dresses

Birthday Dress Ideas for Elder Sister

Birthday Dress Ideas for Elder Sister :- Sisters are angels to all the younger brother and younger sisters out there. If you have an elder sister, you might know how special she can be in any one’s life. She is the only person who has seen you grow up right in front of her eyes, tolerated all your mischievous work and has borne all the responsibilities of little brother or sister all her life. Not only that, remember how she has helped you celebrate how your special day; birthday with lots of gifts and parties!

Now, if her birthday is around the corner, it is definitely your responsibility to make it very special for her. You would want to make it more special with awesome gifts, special messages and lots of love. However, you must not forget that girls love to dress up and look pretty on their birthday. That is why, if you are arranging for a party, you must also search for best dress for her to wear on her birthday.

Confused about what to get your sister on her birthday? Well, do not be, we are here with few birthday dresses ideas for your elder sister’s birthday. So, do not waste any time, and search our database and pick up any cool and beautiful dresses you want to gift your sister on her birthday. .

Here are few of the Birthday Dress Ideas for your Elder Sister. Let’s get started.


Perfect Dresses for the Perfect Party

When it comes to dresses, girl are quite lucky than boys as they have more choices. There are hundreds of variety of dresses that a girl can wear on her birthday. From a skinny jeans, to floral party dresses and traditional dresses, a woman can pull off any dresses and look gorgeous in every outfit she wears. Few of the dresses that she can wear at her birthday party depending upon the weather and party venues are as follows.

1. Midi Dresses

Mid-length dresses are glamorous as well as sexy. No matter what your sister’s age is, you can get her a mid-length dress. But, make sure the dress you choose has maximum of 3 colors and keep it simple as far as possible. Here, this silver colored outfit is just the classiest outfit ever. Get this to your elder sister on her birthday and look how happy she would get.

Midi Dresses girls

2. Smart Casual

If you are unsure about what to get your sister on her birthday, why not get her a casual outfit with a cool jacket and shoes. This never go out of style and make your sister look glamorous. Blazer and heels can give your sister an ultimate style. This will be great if you are celebrating the birthday party at a club or at the restaurant. Choose the color carefully. As in the picture, get her a cool blazer and team it up with vibrant colored trouser or pant and she is perfect to go. Remember to get a cool hand bag to complete the look.


3. Maxi skirts

Every girl has her favorite crop top or blouse which she loves to wear and is comfortable in. To complement the fashionable crop top, you can get your sister a maxi skirt. I recommend you add a thin leather belt to add to the outfit. A fashionable top or blouse and a long skirt never go out of fashion. Here, a blue colored long skirt is perfect with the white blouse. Get your sister this look and add to her happiness.

4. Pencil Skirt

If you want your sister to look super glamorous, then go for a pencil skirt and let her show her curves. To complement with it, get her a classy top and few accessories with a perfect shoes and she is ready for her birthday party. As in the picture, a black pencil skirt, white top and a clutch is absolutely classy! This dress is perfect for a cocktail birthday party at party venues or at restaurants.


5. Traditional dresses

Girls these days love being traditional. Whatever the occasion is, be it a wedding ceremony or birthday party, girls love to flaunt their traditional side and surprise everyone. Sari among all, add to the beauty of every girl. Just like in the picture, a blue sari with silver lining is a perfect attire for your sister’s birthday. This attire is very smart for a house party where all the relatives are invited. With this dress, I am sure every eyes will be stuck to your beautiful elder sister.

If your sister is not much of a sari person, you can always go for a simple Kurtis which is lot easier than wearing a sari. Personally, I love to wear Kurtis at any event as it is more comfortable to wear and looks elegant as well. Here, a light green colored Kurti is a master piece, isn’t it? It is simply the best attire your sister can go for on her birthday party.

6. Funky birthday t-shirt and jeans


For a casual birthday party at home or at the back yard, you can get her a funky and cool birthday top, jeans and sneakers to go with it. This type of dress will make your sister look casual as well as funky and cool, all at the same time.

As in the picture, the cool t-shit is team up perfectly with the jeans and a pair of sneakers. This dress will definitely make you sister stand out at the party with her cool and funky look. Easier to pull off and comfortable to wear, this dress is perfect for summer party. So, go for it and surprise your elder sister.

7. White dress

White is just a flattering color which makes every girl stand out. If your sister is confident enough to pull off a white dress without any fear or spilling something on it, then go for a beautiful white long party dress. Isn’t this dress just pretty? Couple it with a beautiful set of jewelry, clutch and shimmering glamorous shoes and your sister will be perfect for her birthday.


8. Winter birthday dress

If your sister is a winter born, then you need to have a complete different set of winter dresses. For perfect winter party, pair together a sparkly dress with a coat for extra warmth. As in the picture, the black shimmering dress, black coat and a black boot is a perfect combination for winter party. Look how beautiful she is looking in this dress. You can go for this and make your sister stand out. Lastly, couple it with a perfect cap or hat for extra warmth and your sister is ready for the birthday party during winter.

While black dresses are gorgeous, you can also go for vibrant colored winter clothes to make your sister stand out. Just like in the picture, you can get a red sweater and couple it with black pant. To complete the funky look you can get a black boot. Lastly, a simple necklace has make this look a complete party look. You can completely get this look for your elder sister which is elegant, simple and glamorous at the same time.

Perfect shoes for birthday

Choosing the right shoes for the birthday party is definitely crucial. They should be comfortable to wear as well as eye-catching and attractive. Moreover, the shoes should perfectly go with the dress your sister is wearing. Based on the attire your sister is going for, shoes should be chosen. The best one is high stiletto heal for the parties. These shoes go with every dress; be it midi dress, traditional or jeans. To make it look even more dazzling, accessorize with an anklet. Shimmering anklets make the foot wear eye catching as well.


This black is adorable, isn’t it? It perfectly goes with the jeans as well as with the short dresses. However, if she is going for traditional attire, the yellow colored shoes is the best.  A perfect shoes definitely add up to the personality of your sister, so you need to make the pick carefully.


The birthday girl’s accessories should always stand out from the rest of the people. A jewelry is always the best accessory she can wear. Get a set of jewelry for that complete party look. Other than that, you can get her a clutch that complements the dress she is wearing.

The black clutch as in the figure is definitely the best of all. Lastly, get a shimmering watch for that complete look. All these accessories will definitely make your sister look out of this world and I am sure every guests will have their eyes stuck on her.

Lastly, if you are having a big birthday party for your sister on her birthday, make sure you have perfect dress for her. Remember, she loves to dress up and you as a party host must make sure her dresses, shoes, accessories are all perfect and as per her need. I hope these basic dress ideas will be helpful to you in your attempt to search for perfect dress for your sister on her birthday.


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