199 Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife Who Passed Away in Heaven – Messages, Quotes Collection
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199 Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife Who Passed Away in Heaven – Messages, Quotes Collection

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven who passed away:- Losing a person close and attached to our heart and soul is absolutely the saddest as a well miserable moment of life.  

If our loved ones are no more with us then instead of being sad remembering them, we should celebrate their birthday with some wishes for them too. If your dearest and loved one died and you are planning to celebrate their birthday then here are some “happy birthday” messages for you to wish for those who are in heaven.

It’s aggravating when our friends and family abandon us; however, we generally ask that their spirit rests in harmony dependably. We recall the recollections we made with them and proceed onward and we always remember them. What would it be a good idea for us to do if the day touched base on which they were conceived?

How might we celebrate without them? Why not? Missing them typically is a certain something and missing them at their birthday celebrations is something else. Death is a universal law. People take birth here to die. We can’t stop this law but the time between birth and death is called life and we can make it count.

We need someone to spend this path of sorrow and happiness. And that person is our life partner or wife. And when she dies it is the most heartbreaking moment. But we have to learn to move on.

Now let’s put some words on the wife. Losing somebody near our hearts is certainly the saddest snapshot of our life. In any case, regardless of whether they are no longer with us, it would be an incredible thing to commend their birthday and maybe say a few wishes for them as well.

It is your mother’s birthday and she is no more with you. She is in Heaven! It truly is hard to live without your mom since she is your hugest help who cherishes you unequivocally and stresses over you consistently. She is the person who deals with you with every last bit of her endeavors for as long as she can remember.

Possibly Heaven is a greatly improved place for her now. You should miss her since it is the birthday of your mom and this day is more valuable for you than some other day ever. You should miss those minutes that all of you went through with your mom on everything about the birthday. Indeed, that is unfortunate that she isn’t with you. Yet at the same time, the festivals are in your heart, and recollect those recollections you had with her.

Wish her a Happy Birthday In Heaven! We have gathered and made a rundown of Birthday Wishes for Mom in Heaven which is largely loaded with wonderful words to wish your mom in paradise. You can post any of these on your Facebook course of events to let everybody realize that it’s your mom’s birthday. You can put it as a status on your WhatsApp also.

Appeal to God for her and wish her to let her realize that the amount you adored her and miss her on this event to make her cheerful in paradise. Look down to experience the rundown and pick one of these desires for the birthday of your mother in paradise.

199 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Wife in Heaven

1. birthday wishes for wife in heaven

Sweetheart, today is your birthday. I am missing u a lot. Dear, I am sending you my blessings as well wishes for the peace of the soul on the annex of a pigeon. I am not sending wishes today but every day. I always think of you, my sweetheart.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Wife in Heaven

2. birthday wishes for wife in heaven

I wish the angel sing the beautiful song for you my love in the most blissful way. Happy birthday in heaven, my lovely, cherished love

3. birthday wishes for wife in heaven

It makes me sad that you are no longer with us. Sweetheart, Your birthday is here. I want to go for the candlelight dinner, but I know I can’t, so I will make a wish upon the moon that you carry and still deserve my love wherever you are my baby.

4. birthday SMS for wife in heaven

Even though we miss each other, every day, the loneliness seems to cuff us even more. Today is the date of your birthday. I only wish you happiness and peace, my sweetheart wherever you are, with lots of love, happy birthday!

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5. Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven

I miss you a lot every, every moment since you leave us alone, Baby, I am missing you so much more today since it was your day to remember. Nevertheless, you are not with us, but I feel your presence like you are around me and I want to wish you a very very happy birthday.

6. Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven

I am missing you a lot, even though your presence is no more with us. I think about you every moment and a single day and each lonely night. There were lots of lessons and beliefs that you taught me. I miss you and your cute smile, your laugh as well your sense of humor, and mostly the way you used to console me. I guess heaven is so fortunate for having an angel as good and kind as you, best birthday!

7. Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven

You are an inseparable part of my life, even if it’s only in my soul and absent in my physical presence. It’s hard to be here without you. On every lonely night, I remember you the most and pray dedicated for you with loyalty, with a hope to speak to you. A wise life partner is just so difficult to get and I am dejected, that I cannot see you on your special day. Happy birthday to you.  I will always paragon that joyful reminiscence we have enjoyed together baby.

8. Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven

Sadly, God took you from us earlier and you are no more with us. I still wish you a very happy birthday even if it feels like I am chattering to the moon and star.

9. Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Wife in Heaven

Every year, When I think of you my love while casting and pounding with so many tears. I feel like yesterday we have been far even whereas it has been many months and years. I know that you are in a peaceful and nice place right now. May you have peace there … Wonderful Birthday!

10. birthday poem for wife in heaven

Today is full of memories
Happiness and tears
Of birthday celebration
We have shared throughout the year
And though I’ll always miss you
The endless joy you brought
Warms my heart with the gratitude
And fills my every thought
Wherever you are resting
I hope you can see
How precious and uplifting
Your memory is to me
I feel you are with me
In everything I do
So I’ll celebrate your birthday
Happy birthday my darling

11. birthday messages for wife in heaven

Looking at the back, there are so many precious reminiscences that we have shared. All these memorable memories are now blazing in my mind when I commemorate your birthday. I miss and love you so so much, Hoping you have a wonderful birthday in heaven! —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

12. birthday poem for wife in heaven

I see the tears you cry
And the pain that’s in your eyes
But please don’t be sad
Because love never dies
And though you cannot feel me hold you
Or give you a quick little kiss
The sound of my voice and the touch of my hand
Are the simple things you miss
So please let me celebrate your birthday
Filled with memories and love
Just close your eyes and realize
I am observing the ground below
And when the tears overwhelm you
Just pray; he will help you to be strong
You will find the peace where he alone can give
Knowing I am in heaven where I belong.

13.  happy birthday poems for a wife who is in heaven

Though I miss you always
Every day
It seems to hit me even more
Because it is your birthday
I send wishes to heaven
Carried to you, upon a prayer
To the place where you are now
With sweet, tender love and care

14. happy birthday poems for a wife who is in heaven

Wishing here you today
For even just a while
So I could say happy birthday
And I could see your loving smile
The only gift today will be
Your sweetest memory left behind
Of laughter, joy, and happiness
That echo, in my mind
May angel holds you closely
And sings you happy songs
And I will be sending wishes
Today and all year long

Happy Birthday Poem Wishes in Heaven who passed away

15. happy birthday poems for a wife who is in heaven

You were very kind and thoughtful
With a warm and loving heart
And when other people need help
You always played your part
You’re thought of every single day
Whatever time of the year
But somehow, more than ever
Now your special days are here
No present can be given
And that’s hard
But there is a world of love inside
This special little status
Each memory is shining bright
And treasured dearly, too
But memory can’t take place
Of someone dear, like you

Happy Birthday Wishes Poem in Heaven who passed away Image

16. happy birthday poems for a wife who is in heaven

How very much you are missed
Is something you will never know
You left behind the broken heart
Of those who loved you so
A sea of tears and endless grief
Would simple ebb away
If only you could celebrate
Your special day today
This birthday flower brings you love
It’s just a simple touch
To let you know how dear you are
You will always mean so much

happy birthday poems for a wife who is in heaven image

17. When we marry, I was blinded by your excellence, however, finfinishingthe e years of our marriage has opened my eyes to a superior life. Cheerful birthday to my happiness, my affection, and my motivation. —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

18. Rather than thinking about your birthday as getting more seasoned, endeavor to consider it a sweet yearly update that we have had such huge numbers of blessed years together. Here’s to ideally having some more.

19. This most recent couple of years may have been harsh, however, the past has never made a difference when my future is so obvious with you. Glad birthday to my better half who has dependably been there through various challenges.

20. The lady who has figured out how to endure me merits overwhelming applause on her birthday. Additionally, my undying adoration. Glad birthday!

21. Regardless of whether it’s bustling circumstances, calm circumstances, or cuddly circumstances, I guarantee that I will dependably love and regard you. On your birthday I say we begin with those cuddly circumstances and go from that point. Upbeat birthday from an incredibly glad hubby.

22. When we were getting hitched, I believed that you had never been more lovely or brilliant. I know now I wasn’t right since today on your birthday you are more perfect than any time in recent memory.

23. Amid great circumstances and tough circumstances, I need you to realize that I will esteem you. May you generally feel as adored as I do by you. Cheerful birthday, sweetheart.

Birthday Wishes For Wife in Heaven

24. Upbeat birthday to the world’s sweetest mother and most cherishing spouse. May your birthday be loaded with heaps of chocolates and cake. Realize that none of them will be about as sweet as you.

25. I feel extremely honored to have such a wonderful, mindful, and amazing spouse. I cherish you so much and expect that your birthday realizes all that you would ever want. Cheerful birthday!

Happy Heavenly birthday wishes for wife

26. After such a long time you are as yet my ruler. Much obliged to you for being such a kind tyrant in our marriage. I imply that with all the affection (and funniness) on the planet!

27. Much thanks to you for consenting to impart your life to me. May your birthday bring you bunches of minutes to esteem, and may you be encompassed by individuals who adore you as much as I do. Cheerful birthday!

28. Upbeat birthday to the main lady who can influence my substance to flood with bliss. I adore you to such an extent! May you just have happiness and pleasure on your extraordinary day.

29. There is such a great amount to adore about a spouse as sweet as you: your grin, your eyes, and your spirit. There is an excessive number of things to check, however, realize that I adore them all. Glad birthday!

30. Wishing the woman of my life a cheerful birthday. You are such a sweet, mindful, and cherishing spouse, and may your birthday be as remarkable as you may be.

31. Birthday celebrations are multi-day for dreams to materialize. I can confirm this because my fantasy of having a spouse as impeccable as you worked out as expected. Cheerful birthday!

32. It’s difficult to express the numbers I venerate you. There aren’t sufficient words, yet I trust that my loving grin gives you a measure of my adoration. Cheerful birthday my significant other.

Birthday Wishes For Wife in Heaven

33. On your birthday I need you to realize that my best circumstances in life have been with you and my most exceedingly awful circumstances improved all by your essence. Much thanks to you for continually remaining close by.

34. From the minute I met you I realized that you were the one for me. It might have paused for a minute to influence you of the same, yet it was justified regardless of consistently to get the opportunity to be your better half. Cheerful birthday to my cute and enchanting spouse.

35. Glad birthday to the lady who rouses me to be a superior individual. Much obliged to you for continually giving me adore and love. You are everything a man would ever seek after in a spouse.

36. I guarantee to attempt to influence you to grin every day since you fill my heart with incredible bliss. I trust we have a lifetime of giggling my adoration. Cheerful birthday!

37. I’m glad to tell individuals you are my significant other. I wish I could shout it to the world day by day, however clearly, individuals scowl at that. I’ll need to agree to let you know rather than in this birthday message.

38. There is nothing more wonderful than having one more day where I get the chance to wake up beside you. A spouse like you should be given everything on the planet, however, we can begin with my adoration and love.

39. Multi-day there will come a period when I’ll be old and dim and won’t considerably recollect our names. I realize that I will recollect a certain something, however: that you are my phenomenal spouse. Glad birthday my dear.

40. My dear spouse, I need you to realize that I anticipate loving all of you in the times of my life. You are my satisfaction and my beginning and end. Cheerful birthday!

41. Love isn’t generally suppered by candlelight and long strolls on the shoreline. For every one of the long periods of interminable clothing, you will have my endless love and additionally my appreciation. Cheerful birthday to the lady who keeps everything together, my better half.

42. You’ve acknowledged me regardless and constantly upheld me. I may not recognize what’s on the horizon but rather I realize that I will dependably adore and support you. Much obliged to you for being all that somebody would ever need in a spouse.

Birthday Message For Wife in Heaven

43. I couldn’t be more thankful to walk the adventure of existence with a spouse as magnificent and adoring as you. I trust that this year brings you more love and giggling than you would ever need or need.

44. You are my quality and my expectation. Without you, I would not have accomplished such a great amount throughout everyday life. Much obliged to you for your steady inspiration throughout everyday life. Glad birthday!

45. No compelling reason to light those birthday candles, my affection. You’re as of now ridiculously hot. Upbeat birthday to my better half who still sets my heart burning.

46. Glad birthday to my better half who still sets my heart burning.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Heaven who passed away Picture

47. I realize that I don’t reveal to you regularly enough the amount you intend to me. This is on account of it’s difficult to pass on with just words.

Birthday Message For Wife in Heaven

48. The nearest that I can come is: you are my beginning and end. It’s as yet insufficient, but rather I’ll continue striving for whatever is left of our lives.

49. You bring me such bliss and satisfaction, my dear. No man could request a superior spouse than you. I trust that on your birthday you feel half as cherished by me as I do by you and that your year is loaded with affection and cheer.

50. Developing old with you used to be my greatest dream. Now that it’s happened I need you to know it was considerably more amazing than I figured it would be. I cherish you and your cheerful birthday.

51. My greatest lament in life is that it took me so long to discover a spouse as stunning as you.

52. I wish that I could have discovered you sooner with the goal that I could have adored you longer. Upbeat birthday and here’s to a lifetime of affection.

53. There are numerous things I could get a spouse as impeccable as you for her birthday, however, I am will begin with deference, love, trade-off, and dedication.

54. Glad birthday to the lady I had always wanted.

55. You have appeal and elegance, yet more critically, you have my interminable love. Glad birthday to my better half who is a consistent wellspring of joy and satisfaction in my life.

Birthday Quotes For Wife in Heaven

56. My dear spouse, I consider you day by day. There are such a significant number of things to adore about you. The way your eyes shimmer, the way your giggling mitigates my spirit, and the way you cherish me are only a couple yet realize that I adore every little thing about you.

57. There’s a reason there are such a large number of affection melodies. I can think about no more noteworthy feeling to deify with music.

58. Simply realize that there aren’t sufficient melodies I

59. Rare somebody gets the opportunity to meet somebody, however, I have been sufficiently lucky to wed this extraordinary somebody! I trust you have a delightful birthday. Glad birthday dear.

60. The truth is that no one does it for you as I do it for you, aside from your birthday because with each passing year you look better and better. Cheerful birthday.

61. Upbeat birthday to the main lady I realize that never ages and dependably looks so bewitching!

62. I got you this cake since it is as sweet and stunning as you. Upbeat birthday my excellent love.

63. I adore you so much. Upbeat Birthday.

64. I trust this day influences you to feel in the same class as you influence me to feel. Have a favored Happy Birthday sweetie.

65. Nothing in this life thinks about you and no one has ever done much for me. You are a genuine motivation and enjoyment to be near. Upbeat birthday lovely!

66. Sometimes somebody comes into your life and they flip around it – positively and you are that somebody for me! You are my beginning and end and I wish you an exceptionally glad birthday.

67. Upbeat Birthday. I revere you!

68. Without you, everything appears to be so dull and exhausting. You convey such a great amount of fervor to my life. I adore you. Glad birthday wife!

Happy Birthday Wishes in Heaven who passed away Quotes

69. To my lovely spouse, may the years perpetually be to support you and the days constantly kind. Cheerful Birthday!

70. Cheerful Birthday, my excellent spouse! They say ‘an apple daily wards off the specialist’ and you, my adoration, will always be my absolute favorite.

71. To my affection, the universe wound up brighter and the planet more excellent when you were brought into this world. Glad Birthday.

Birthday Quotes For Wife in Heaven

72. To my unrivaled, my lovely spouse, I trust this year brings you as much delight and bliss that you have conveyed and keep on bringing to my life. Glad Birthday!

73. Having you as my better half completes an awesome activity is that warming the cockles of my heart. Cheerful birthday, sweetheart.

74. In my eyes, your life is a gazillion times more valuable than the most perfect gold in the universe. Glad birthday, my sweet blessed messenger.

75. Wishing you, the greatest lady in my life, the most superb birthday festivity ever. May the sun dependably grin at you and place satisfaction in your heart.

76. On this extraordinary day, I praise my main wellspring of inspiration throughout everyday life and I say thanks to her, especially for her great petitions for me to be a superior individual throughout everyday life. Upbeat birthday, my dearest spouse.

77. A wonderful birthday to a genuinely lovely lady. It’s an incredible benefit to call myself the man in your life.

78. You are not only my dearest spouse but rather my most noteworthy companion ever. Upbeat birthday, my affection.

79. God adores me so much that He favored me with His most wonderful creation – you, my dearest spouse.

80. I will always demonstrate thankfulness to God for uniting us. Upbeat birthday.

81. I was powerless, troubled, and vulnerable until the point when you came into my life and changed me into the most joyful and most grounded man on the planet.

82. Glad birthday, my delightful holy messenger.

83. I have experienced a considerable measure and I need to thank you from the guts of my heart for always being there for me. Your affection is and will everlastingly be the bedrock of my joy. Upbeat birthday.

84. The way you influence me to feel at whatever point you are around me is the way being in paradise must feel. Upbeat birthday, dear.

Birthday Wishes For Wife Who Passed Away

85. I trust that every desire you make today works out as expected because your bliss is likewise my satisfaction. I adore you, dear. Upbeat birthday.

87. You are the Nutella to my toast and the frozen yogurt to my crusty fruit-filled treat. Upbeat Birthday to my excellent spouse.

88. Upbeat Birthday. I adore you more than I cherish bacon… and that is a hell of a great deal.

89. Upbeat Birthday to the main lady I would need as my co-pilot.

90. A wrinkled old witch you are not. Hair developing from your nostrils and ears you have not. Possessing an aroma like mothballs and musk you don’t. Developing old is most getting to be to you, my dear.

91. May you have a birthday brimming with cheerfulness and optimism encompassed by your family and companions. Upbeat Birthday, my mind-blowing spouse.

92. Upbeat fifth Anniversary of your 29th Birthday, Sweetheart!

93. Upbeat Birthday, my exquisite spouse! Today is the multi-day out of the year where I express gratitude toward God for my relative.

94. Upbeat Birthday to my family CEO. You are one-in-a-million and I am so grateful you are my better half.

95. Congrats, my dear spouse. You are presently viewed as a work of art! Cheerful Birthday!

96. Sweetheart, as indicated by the financial records you truly love that stylish vintage dress store downtown. I figured I could spare cash by discovering you something vintage from somewhere else you visit regularly.

97. After I cleaned off a few webs and washed it a few times to get the scent of mothballs off– I think this sweater from the back of your storage room looks entirely great! Cheerful Birthday, my wonderful trendsetting spouse!

98. Cheerful Birthday, my lovely spouse. If we had been on the Titanic and just had 1 entryway between us, I would have prepared for you and never let you go.

99. Glad Birthday, my better half! Today we celebrate and you are not permitted to lift a finger. Supper, clothing, and cleaning will be dealt with… put your feet up and make the most of your day! Glad Birthday to my dearest wife in heaven.

100. Glad Birthday to the one that still influences my heart to skirt a beat and my stomach do somersaults when she goes into a room. I am so pleased and favored to have the capacity to call you my significant other!

101. Much obliged to you for continually having faith in me and influencing me to feel like the most essential thing in your life. You are unquestionably the most vital in mine. You will always be loved by me from Earth.

102. Consistently with you, I get the chance to begin to look all starry-eyed at all finished once more. Here’s to a lifetime of being enamored with you. Cheerful birthday. May you be in peace in heaven.

heart touching Birthday Wishes For Wife Who Passed Away

103. The best parts of my day are the circumstances went through with you. You are a fabulous spouse, and I trust your birthday is similarly as stupendous as you may be. May God bless you in heaven.

104. Individuals disclose to me that the greatest years are still to come. I need to concur with that because my up-and-coming years will be gone through with the world’s most astonishing spouse.

105. On your birthday, I need to advise you that you are exceptional, to me as well as to every one of the individuals who is advantaged enough to know you for the astounding individual you are. Individuals like you are rare, yet getting the chance to have a spouse like you is, in fact, a blessing.

106. You make not simply me, but rather our entire family totals every day. I trust that on your unique day you are showered with all the appreciation you so lavishly merit.

107. I am so honored to have such a great spouse close by. You’re so amazingly valuable to me, and I trust your birthday is as delightful as you seem to be.

108. I can’t envision a world without you in it, and I am grateful to the point that I don’t need to. Glad birthday to my wonderful, beguiling, and revered spouse. You always meant everything to me on Earth and in heaven as always.

109. I’m sending this cherishing birthday welcome to my sweetheart spouse. I’m sad I can’t be there with you to celebrate, however simply know I’m tallying during the time until the point that I can. Upbeat birthday my adoration.

110. Upbeat birthday to the lady who still influences my heart to thump quickly my better half. May your birthday be loaded with a million snapshots of giggling and love.

111. I need you to realize that as opposed to prevalent thinking, I do happen to see and welcome all the easily overlooked details you do each day to make my life so total. If I happen to neglect to specify it, this is on account I am caught up with being dazed by your excellence. Glad birthday dazzling!

112. Birthday celebrations may travel every which way, however, a spouse like you is one out of a million. I’m glad to the point that I could discover somebody as immaculate as you. My affection and regard for you will never blur. Glad birthday my adoration!

113. Love of my life and torment in my back. It’s hard to do, yet you figure out how to be both. Cheerful birthday to the best multitasker on the planet: my astonishing spouse.

114. Upbeat birthday to my beautiful spouse. Indeed, even after such a long time, I can hardly wait for you to victory every one of your candles so I can be separated from everyone else oblivious to you.

heart touching Birthday Wishes For Wife Who Passed Away

115. At birthday events individuals wish for some things. For yours, I trust that you just need one: that you get the opportunity to live for, numerous years with the goal that we can spend them together.

116. You were an awesome mother, an adoring spouse, and a fabulous person. Upbeat birthday to my better half a.k.a. flawlessness.

Happy Heavenly birthday wishes for wife image

117. Hi, do you realize you are the motivation behind why we can continue buckling down? Your grin essentially pursues away our weariness. We cherish you. Upbeat birthday.

118. A youngster like you holds such huge numbers of miracles. You are an adoring child and we are so fortunate to have you. I anticipate seeing you accomplish significant achievements every year. Glad birthday.

119. Play around as much as you can. Sing as noisy as possible. Move till your legs hurt. Eat as much sweet as you can swallow. Today is your unique day. You should appreciate all of it.

120. Whatever you long for getting to be, regardless of whether a specialist, legal counselor, or architect, nothing can stop you since you are so keen. I wish you a glad birthday.

121. The day you came into my life, you painted it with various hues. You painted it red with adoration, blue with expectation, green with wellbeing and riches, and yellow with satisfaction. I need to thank you for spicing up my life. Upbeat birthday my cutie pie.

122. Dear sweetheart, you have advanced my life and made me my identity today. I miss you so much particularly today which is your birthday. I need you to make the most of your birthday in paradise with every one of the blessed messengers. I adore you to such an extent.—Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

123. Cheerful birthday mum. You were the main individual I thought of when I woke up toward the beginning of today. I recollected that today is your birthday, yet I am so tragic you are no longer with us. Notwithstanding, I am as yet fulfilled that you are glad wherever you may be.

124. sweetheart, we need you to realize that regardless of whether you are no longer with us, despite everything we cherish you and miss your essence. We need you to be cheerful in paradise and wish you a glad birthday. —heart-touching Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

125. “Honey” is exceptionally uncommon. It is the exemplification is love, warmth, and care. Of all the sweethearts on the planet, you are essentially the best. You probably won’t be with us now, yet we realize that you are cheerful wherever you are. Glad birthday in paradise sweetheart.

126. As we go to your resting place, it disheartens us to imagine that you are no longer with us. We realize that our lives will never be the equivalent again without you. However, we realize that you are upbeat wherever you are, and we will be as one day. Glad birthday in paradise sweetheart.

127. sweetheart, the day you passed away has been the saddest day of my life. I realize that wherever you will be, you are glad and free from the majority of life’s inconveniences. I realize that I will be with you one day in paradise. Cheerful birthday sweetheart.

128. sweetheart, on the day God made you; he uniquely planned you to be an encapsulation of affection. It is a tragic thing you are no longer with us. We need you to realize that we will always keep you in the most profound openings of our souls. Glad birthday in paradise sweetheart.

129. sweetheart, amid the occasions we were as one, you were sweetheart as well as the closest companion and a comrade. Since you are gone, despite everything I realize you hear me out at whatever point any issue pesters my psyche. I need you to have a cheerful birthday in paradise. Much thanks to you for continually being there.

130. I need to wish a glad birthday in paradise to the best sweetheart on the planet. I likewise need to extraordinarily thank you for giving me the qualities that have made me marvelous. Remain upbeat wherever you are.

131. sweetheart, my heart goes out to you every day. I am additionally cheerful because I realize that you are celebrating with every one of the holy messengers in paradise. I miss you so much and can hardly wait for when we will be in paradise to commend your birthday events up there.

132. I cherish you, Mom, and I will dependably miss you. When I think about the great occasions we shared, a grin crosses my lips as I admire paradise. I will dependably miss you, sweetheart. Cheerful birthday in paradise. —Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

133. sweetheart, you generally have a place somewhere down in my heart. Our time together may have been stopped however I need you to realize that despite everything I adore you. Have a stunning birthday festivity up there in paradise.

134. Death is a riddle while birthday celebrations are a major comfort. Today is your birthday in paradise above. I am sending my endowments on the wings of a bird, for now, as well as consistently in this regard, I consider you forever, my affection! —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

135. May the heavenly attendants sing to you most gladly. Upbeat birthday in paradise, my flawless sweetheart! —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

136. Your birthday is here, however, it’s pitiful to realize that you are never again here. I need to send you a blessing, yet I realize I can’t, so I will simply make a desire upon a star that you convey my affection wherever you are present.

Happy Birthday Wishes messages in Heaven who passed away

137. Although we miss you every single day, the trouble appears to hit us considerably more now that it is your birthday. We just wish only joy wherever you are currently, superb birthday!

138. I am missing you consistently since you cleared out away, yet I am missing you considerably more today since it is your exceptional day. Even though you are not here, I need to wish you an exceptionally cheerful birthday.

139. I need you to realize that even though you’re never again here, I consider you every day. There are simply such a significant number of exercises that you have instructed me. I miss your grin, your chuckling, and your comical inclination. I surmise paradise is simply so fortunate to have a heavenly attendant as amusing as you, best birthday! —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

140. You are as yet a piece of my life, regardless of whether just in the soul. It is difficult to not have you here. Consistently I will express a petition devoted to you, I would like to address you. To be sure, genuine companions are simply so elusive and I am disheartened to not have the capacity to see you on this birthday of yours. Cheerful birthday to you dear spouse… I will dependably treasure those upbeat recollections we have shared.

141. tragically, you were taken from us too early. Despite everything I wish you an exceptionally cheerful birthday regardless of whether I have a feeling that I am conversing with the moon.

142. We lit a birthday light on your grave today. We miss you appallingly, a similar when you previously left. The heavenly attendants are honored for you are with them now, upbeat birthday! —Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

143. Every year, I consider you while shedding such a large number of tears. I realize you are in a superior place at present. May you have a fabulous time there… Wonderful birthday!

144. I frequently review those occasions that we use to play while we are little. You are my sister as well as my closest companion. Consistently, your birthday happens and I consider you affectionately as I sit and ask on the grass, best birthday, my dear sister!

145. As my dear, you have shown me such huge numbers of things throughout everyday life – from perusing, singing, composing, and moving. You even showed me how to sit up and drink specifically from a glass! I am so grateful for all the extraordinary recollections we have shared. It’s your birthday today and I simply need you to realize that everybody in the family is grinning. I cherish you my dear, best birthday!

146. I frightfully miss you today, my sweetie and my closest companion. You are in paradise now and on this birthday of yours, I feel so pitiful. I cherish you sweetie and I truly miss you, magnificent birthday! —Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

147. On your birthday, we are altogether assembled here around sharing awesome recollections. It’s certainly difficult, regardless of whether you have been away for quite a while now. Nobody can ever have your spot and I need you to realize that. Be that as it may, I realize you would prefer not to see me cry, so I will prevent my tears from falling, best birthday!

148. Dear honey, thank you for you formed me into a genuine man of honor. You might age more seasoned, however, from numerous points of view, we are the equivalent. As we praise your birthday, I shed a tear in the bitterness of not having the capacity to spend time with you, a superb birthday!

149. I positively miss you on this birthday of yours, my dear. Your photograph has not moved from my bedside. Your recollections never kick the bucket; however, they just arrived at an unexpected end. There is simply quite a lot more I realize I ought to have said. Be that as it may, all I need to state is an upbeat birthday, I miss you! —Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

150. No husband could ever need to state farewell to their wife. On your birthday, I review the recollections we shared when you are still so youthful and wild. You were brought into the world quite a long while back on this equivalent day today. I cherish you and I trust the holy messengers will toss you an awesome birthday festivity, cheerful birthday!

151. Here’s sending you an exceptionally extraordinary birthday wish to paradise. May the majority of your magnificent wishes work out as expected! We miss you so much, cheerful birthday!

152. Since we can’t commend your birthday here on earth, I am sending you a load of birthday wishes to paradise. Expectation you will have an awesome time here in paradise on your birthday!

Happy Birthday Text Wishes Messages in Heaven who passed away

153. On this birthday of yours, may the majority of the holy messengers in paradise assemble to sing you an exceptionally glad birthday? Keep in mind forget that we adore you so much and we generally consider you.

154. When I think back, there are simply such a significant number of extraordinary recollections that we both have shared. All these great recollections are currently blazing in my brain as I praise your birthday. I cherish and miss you so much, may you have a superb magnificent birthday in paradise!

155. My ever-dearest sweetheart, on this unique day of yours, I need you to realize that we miss you a great deal. As you move and cheer in paradise, we are here celebrating on earth. Have the best birthday sweetheart, we miss you to such an extent! —Happy Birthday messages for Wife who passed away—

156. May you have an awesome time in paradise while commending your birthday today… So proceed, have a fabulous time, yet keep your corona on and never do anything I would not do, glad birthday!

157. Wonderful birthday in paradise… I need to thank you for being an extraordinary companion. I will treasure the great recollections we have shared. I miss you.

158. Thinking of you on this birthday of yours… I miss you so much, however, I realize you are now glad there and that idea improves me feel the best birthday!

159. Best birthday, in paradise… I miss you more every day, beyond what words can say. Wonderful birthday in paradise to the best sweetie ever… We miss you, sweetie!

160. Best birthday in paradise to the most stunning companion ever… We miss you so much and we will always remember all the brilliant recollections we have spent together. May you have some good times in paradise praising your birthday, we adore you!

161. On this birthday of yours, I need you to realize that you have been such an astonishing individual. Much obliged to you for you never disappointed me. You are the closest companion I ever have and I will always be appreciative for I have known you, great birthday!

162. My dearest girl, on the day that you were conceived, the earth got such an astounding blessing, and on the day that you passed on, paradise got an exceptionally unique heavenly attendant. Upbeat birthday in paradise, may you have the best birthday ever! —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

163. Rejoice! Somebody is praising a birthday in paradise and that individual is so dear to me. The blessed messengers are positively cheering in paradise now, similarly as her whole family is here on earth, upbeat birthday in paradise, my dear sister!

164. Today an exceptionally uncommon occasion is occurring in paradise and that is because it’s my sweetie’s birthday – the best sweetie on the planet! Also, even though he’s never again here, we beyond any doubt will praise this day with bunches of fun, cheerful birthday sweetie!

165. We will most likely be unable to invest energy with one another any longer, however, I need you to realize that you are dependable in my psyche. I trust that this uncommon day in paradise is mind-blowing, since we are sending you with heaps of affection and embraces, from here on earth, glad birthday!

166. A dearest close relative, I can’t tally the occasions that you held me in your arms and wiped my tears. I think of you as my coach and I thank you for all your direction through the majority of my youth years and notwithstanding when I have grown a grown-up. Since you are never again here, I wish you will even now keep on viewing over me from paradise above and manage me through life, magnificent birthday in paradise!

167. Dear sweetie, your adoration and insurance are more profound than anything I have found throughout everyday life, best birthday to you, and may you have a great day praising your birthday above.

Emotional birthday wishes for wife in Heaven

168. My dearest honey, it’s your birthday today and even though you are not here, I need to wish you a superb birthday there in paradise.

Happy Heavenly birthday wishes for wife images

169. If tears can fabricate a stairway and the recollections a path, at that point I will walk straight up to you in paradise and take you back home once more.

170. Dears like you are made in paradise. On the off chance that I will carry on with my life a thousand times, I will wish that you will be my dear each time, best birthday in paradise sweetheart!

171. Best birthday in paradise to somebody who is so dear to me… I trust that the majority of the edges are currently singing glad birthday to you.

172. This sincere birthday welcoming is sent to you to express the amount you genuinely missed on this exceptional day of your life. May you have an incredible time there in paradise today, wonderful birthday!

173. A wonderful birthday to you my affection… You may not be here adjacent to me to praise your birthday, yet please realize that you are dependable in my heart.

174. .Missing you my dearest dear … Today is loaded up with recollections of satisfaction and tears and of birthday festivities that we have shared all consistently, glad birthday in paradise sweetheart!

175. To my dearest dear in paradise, with heaps of adoration on your birthday, from us all here on earth.

176. it’s your birthday sweetheart, so here we are, assembling before your tomb to wish you an extremely cheerful birthday and to tell you the amount we miss you so!

177. Honey, I admire the stars and the sky in paradise on this day, which happens to be your birthday. I am sending you a heap of affection, and much love on this unique day. You are genuinely missed, we cherish your sweetheart!

178. Dear sweetheart, on your birthday, we simply needed to tell you how thankful we are for all the extraordinary things you have done to fulfill us when you are still with us. We miss you so much sweetheart, glad birthday in paradise!

179. Happy birthday my dearest and best dear. The not multi-day will go by that I won’t consider you. I truly miss you and my life has been unfilled since the day you passed away.

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages in Heaven who passed away Quotes

180. Dear sweetheart, cheerful birthday. Even though I generally miss you, the perpetual bliss you have conveyed to my life still conveys warmth to my heart. On this birthday of yours, my desire is for you to be upbeat wherever you are at this moment.

181. Your passing is killing me, for quite a while. I miss you, honey. Heaven now holds my dear on her uncommon day. Master, I solicit that you give this bundle of delightful roses to her and please disclose to her that I adore her with all forever. —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

182. The wonderful recollections of the occasions we’ve spent together make me grin, just until the honey when they, in the long run, advise me that you’re not anymore here. I miss you.

183. I appreciate my dear for such a large number of things – she’s one such stunning lady that is benevolent, elegant, adoring, and solid. There is no other lady out there that I venerate than her. On her birthday, I simply need to state that I miss her appallingly. Be that as it may, regardless of whether she isn’t with us now, she is certainly in our brains and hearts.

184. Happy birthday, honey. You are the primary individual I consider when I wake up today. I miss you so much and I miss you considerably more now that it is your birthday. You genuinely are the best sweetheart that a little girl can have and on this birthday of yours if it’s not too much trouble realize that I will perpetually adore you to limitlessness and past.

185. Today, we are commending one more year of your life. Regardless of whether you are no longer with us sweetheart if it’s not too much trouble realize that we are considering you and that we miss you frightfully, upbeat birthday!

186. An awesome birthday wishes to the world’s best sweetheart. I am genuinely appreciative that I have you as my sweetheart. Much obliged to you for continually having faith in me and for the majority of the help that you have given me. I wish you so much honey, however, I realize you are in a decent place now and that fulfills me, upbeat birthday!

187. Death supposes it can remove you from me. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have any acquaintance with you will in every case live in my memory. I miss you. —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

188. Honey is such an extraordinary word and the loveliest that I have ever heard. Overall the rest sweetheart, you are extremely uncommon and you are the best. You may not be here now, but rather you genuinely missed a cheerful birthday!

189. Mourning was simply one more word in the lexicon. However, after your demise, it has turned into a lifestyle for me. I miss you, sweetheart.

190. All my life I continued wishing to become more established so I could at long last move out and do my own thing. However, now I wish I could simply turn back time to be a kid and embrace my sweetheart once more. I miss you.

191. I wish could reclaim each agony and stress that I at any point gave you. I wish that I could simply fix, all the honey that made you blue. I miss you, sweetheart.

192. Honey, your passing has confined me in torment, distress, and hopelessness. In any case, I wouldn’t fret enduring, at any rate, it has set you free. I miss you.

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages in Heaven who passed away Quotes i miss you

193. Dear sweetheart, it would be ideal if you realize that regardless of whether you are not with us any longer, you are so cherished by us all and we are exceptionally grateful for having you in our lives. We cherish you so much and we miss all the fun occasions and incredible recollections that we have shared on an upbeat birthday!

194. No issue what I do to proceed onward from this agony, where it counts inside I will dependably realize that I’ll never get the opportunity to embrace my sweetheart again. I miss you.

195. Honey, it’s your birthday, and however you are not here, I need to wish you an exceptionally cheerful birthday in paradise.

196. Dear sweetheart, you have helped me advance my existence with so much consideration, direction, support, and love. I realize I would not be the place I am currently without you. You have genuinely missed particularly today that it’s your birthday. It would be ideal if you realize that we are continually considering you, particularly on your unique day, glad birthday!

197. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I trust that you feel extremely uncommon today. Regardless of whether you are not here with us commending your birthday, it would be ideal if you realize that you are cherished by us despite everything we consider you every single day of our lives.

198. Honey, your recollections are my life’s solitary comfort. I miss you. The skies look delightful consistently because Heaven can’t contain the magnificence that you emanate. I miss you, sweetheart. —Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven—

199. I have perused the birthday cards for years and the refrains truly convey tears to my eyes, for the cherishing words are composed for the individuals who are still here. sweetheart, notwithstanding when you are not here, I need you to realize that despite everything I consider you every day particularly now that it’s your birthday, cheerful birthday!

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