Top 10 Important Reasons Why To Celebrate Our Birthdays

Reason to Celebrate Birthdays – Why Are Birthdays Important to Celebrate

Have you ever wondered why the earth revolves around the sun? Did you ever interrogate yourself if ‘time’ could be stopped or paused? Similarly, have you ever imagined why we celebrate birthdays? But all of the mentioned questions have a reason; the reason that vividly justifies its presence and process.

Once in every 365 days, we celebrate a day marking our birth. There are so many people doing so all over the world. They are giving away grand feasts and gifting wonderful presents. They are planning surprises and spreading joy. But why do we do so? Why? Here are the reasons behind celebrating birthdays and why it’s imperative to have a birthday celebrated:

Reason to Celebrate Birthdays – Why Are Birthdays Important to Celebrate

1. You have survived!You have survived

In this world featuring 7.4 billion people, you are also among those who have survived and justified one’s existence. You celebrate birthdays to mark that you have been successful in encountering the triumphs and failures in life for so long and yet you are there standing, holding your head high.

birthday celebration
birthday celebration

No matter how old you are, your birthdays always make you feel that you are special and you have been a quintessence to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

2. An appropriate gesture from your loved ones

You definitely are aware that your present situation is the consequence of incessant efforts and sacrifices from your close ones. Likewise, you are also an asset for your loved ones; parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and so on. You have been special to them. So, they also feel that it’s imperative for them to thank for what you have given to them for so long. What could better time they get than your birthday? After all, Happy birthday sounds much better than Congratulations. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

3. Celebration time

Birthdays play a significant role in relief people from their monotonous everyday life. You and your family members cannot have leisure from their hectic schedule. Thus, birthdays are there to generate a sense of joy in the family and enrich the family environment with good vibes. A glass of wine and gossips on various issues can make everyone’s day without denying the fact that the birthday person will enjoy to the fullest. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

4. Get together with long-distant relatives

Birthdays are very good reason to have a get together with special relatives and long distant friends. You may not have met your special ones for a long period of time. That’s why too, it is important for you to celebrate birthdays and arrange a get-together. Everyone’s having their own busy problems in their respective lives but a get together with the loved and special ones can refresh them. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

5. I am heading towards my future!

No doubt, you are celebrating your birthday to remark that you have survived these years. Simultaneously, birthdays are also there to make you feel that you have reached a point in your life where you need to make decisions and shape your life. Planning for the future and its realistic implementation is facilitated by your special day. The words like resolutions come into practice and you make promises to yourself. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

6. You are more responsible and mature

16th birthday?21st? 32nd? No matter how many years you have successfully encountered life, an age older means you are now more responsible towards yourself and others. Birthdays keep highlighting the fact that you have your existence and at the same time motivates you to make changes or be part of other’s existence and have meanings in their life. Thus, birthdays keep marking that you have to improvise yourself with time. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

7. Inspires you

Birthdays are there to inspire you. The former years’ achievements and triumphs are there to salute you. The past years’ failures and disappointments are there to make you strong. It doesn’t sense wrong when someone says that you are an inspiration yourself. You don’t need extra attention and care to inspire you. It’s within you. Birthdays make you feel special and motivate your inner souls which is so necessary to live your life keeping yourself inspired by no one else but you. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

8. Inspires others

You are an inspiration to yourself no doubt. But when you become the inspiration for others, that’s cool. You have invited so many guests to your party. Just when you are about to cut the cake, there is a man looking at you and questioning to himself, “What has this guy achieved so far?” Now, he searches for the answer and then he realizes your potential, your specialty. You just became an inspiration to someone. Amazing. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

9. It’s your moment

How many times have you sacrificed your dreams for others? How many times have you offered someone the things that you yourself needed crucially? You have been so helpful and sacrificing your entire life. And you deserve at least a day. Also, you should celebrate the day that has made you what you are today. That’s why too, you need to celebrate birthdays. Pay respect to yourself and have your importance felt. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

10. Aren’t you important?

You definitely may have noticed that when it’s 12 midnight and you get posts from everywhere and people wishing you all around. And You are definitely amazed at posts in social media and friends expressing love and support for you. Also, you can know whether or not you are important to someone. Definitely, you are important and that is reminded of you of your birthday. So, life is firing you blazing balls? So what? You have so many people around you backing up and that’s the significance of your birthday. The main thing, you realize important people on your birthday and that realization leads you to think in each and every decision you take in any step of your life. This is the reason to celebrate birthdays.

Thus, birthdays mark such significance in your life. You celebrate birthdays for yourself as well as for others. After all, life is all about spreading happiness through small/big initiations. These were the reasons why it’s necessary to celebrate birthdays.
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Writer: Suman Prathik


Author: Rita Mahato

I am Rita Mahato, an employee in a Birthday Party Palace in Chicago, USA, who has deep knowledge about society and celebration.