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Top 10 Vegetarian Menu, Dishes, Recipes for Birthday Party at Home

Veg Menu For Birthday Party at Home

Veg Menu, dishes, recipes, foods, snacks for Birthday Party at Home:- Planning a birthday party!? Well, I am sure you have a lot of things to do. From deciding the party venue, decorating the party place, setting the tables, and of course, the toughest one is deciding the menu for the party.

While preparing the birthday party at home, the first thing to consider is having a menu that not only tastes delicious but is easy to cook as well. This new post serves you an amazing veg menu for a birthday party at home. Easy to-prepare food items will surely make your birthday planning a lot easier.

Have a glance at the amazing food items that have the potential to make any birthday party amazing. With these amazing veg items on the menu, you don’t have to worry about food anymore. Every guest will instantly fall in love and can’t get enough.

Top 10 Vegetarian Menu, Dishes, Recipes for Birthday Party at Home

1. Vegetable Cheese Grilled Sandwich:

Rich in flavor and aroma, Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich stands out from other regular or ordinary sandwiches. These mellow, creamy sandwiches are one of the best dishes to have at a birthday party at home.

Vegetable Cheese Grilled Sandwich Image

Serve these with crunchy and juicy vegetables and of course, grilled cheese sandwiched between two pieces of bread with peppy green chutney or dip. You can use either brown or white bread slides to make these yummy sandwiches at home easily.

2. Grilled tomato, Eggplant, and Paneer Sandwich:

When we say grilled sandwich, we don’t suggest one in which the bread is grilled! In this unique recipe, not simply the bread but additionally the stuff within the sandwich is grilled. Grilled tomatoes, paneer, brinjal, and lettuce perfectly go into this sandwich making it super amazing.

The correct combination of ingredients cooked thrillingly makes this sandwich a foodie’s delight, something to remember for a long time.

3. Pasta with Red Sauce:

Perfectly cooked pasta with rich tomato sauce comes handy in at any vegetarian party. This unique dish is a perfect blend of health as well as taste.

The assortment of many ingredients that range from herbs, leaves, and onions offer a unique flavor to the pasta sauce making the entire dish super amazing and flavor full.


4. Vegetable patty or cutlet:

This dish does not need an introduction to any vegetarian. It is one of the most popular dishes or snacks in India whose popularity is worldwide. Also known as the veg patty, these are used to make burgers. However, it can be served with some sauce and fruits as well.

It is a yummy snack that is made up of a combination of crunchy veggies, a and wide range of spice powders. The result is mouth-watering.

So, if you are in search of the veg menu for a birthday party at home, do not forget to include these vegetable cutlets or patties in your menu.

5. Mexican fried rice:

Quick, easy, and snazzy, the Mexican Fried Rice is a recipe tocano strike the strikeschord with every person.


The peppy taste and robust aroma of ginger garlic paste together with the crunch of vegetables and the tang of tomatoes makes this a without a doubt delectable treat to the palate of every guest at the birthday party. 

The various textures of the vegetables also become very appealing. If you have cooked rice at hand, this yummy recipe will take little or no time to make, so that you can enjoy it even on a hectic day.

6. Chocolate Lava Cake:

Some sweet dessert is tamust at any party, be it a birthday party or other parties. Chocolate lava cake is the best option if you are looking for sweet dishes.

This cake has gooey chocolate and a molten center which explodes in the mouth with awesome flavor. At home, this dish takes just 5 minutes to be cooked in the microwave which makes it a perfect dish to be included in the party.


7. Mediterranean Pizza:

Mediterranean pizzas stand out from any other usual pizzas. It is simple to make and tastes delicious as well. Made on the pita bread base, it replaces the pizza sauce with a pungent chili garlic hummus.

The strong and different flavor of garlic and earthy flavor of chana act as a wonderful topping for the pizza. Other than that, you can add olives, onions, cottage cheese, and capsicum as the toppings.

pizza food recipes Foods ideas for birthday party at park

8. Noodles Cutlet:

Noodles cutlet is an easy, simple, quick, and delicious dish. This is a unique dish in itself which is rolled around the cutlet that is yet loaded with veggies and finally is deep-fried till it is golden brown.

These are the perfect dish for the vegetarian party which is not only crunchy but also soft and tasty to bite. This is a great party snack that you can serve to kids as well as to adults. I am sure everyone will remember this unique dish with lots of flavors.

9. Eggless Cakes:

For the vegetarian party, it would be perfect if you get a vegetarian cake. Eggless cakes are easily available in the market as well as they can be easily made at the home.


Since no party is complete without the perfect cake, you must have a cake for the birthday party. Having an eggless birthday cake will be better for the vegetarian party.

10. Cheese Chilly and Capsicum Sandwich:

Cheese chilly and Capsicum Sandwich, a quick highly spiced, and cheesy sandwich toasted till golden and crisp, is sure to satiate you in a tasteful way when you are oh-so-hungry! Also, these are very famous at the vegetarian party. So, having this at the party is the best option to celebrate the birthday.

Planning the menu is one of the most difficult tasks while throwing a party. Further, the difficulty level increases when you have to stick to vegetarian food only. However, with our list as mentioned above, I am sure the task of selecting the veg menu will be easy. Hopefully, you will use the above-mentioned ideas while selecting the Veg menu for the birthday party.

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