Top 10 Places to Celebrate Your Bestie’s 21st Birthday

Turning 21 is a significant milestone worth celebrating. You now have a legal right to drink and gamble, among other things that signal your transition into adulthood.

So, if you want to do something special when your best friend turns 21, here are our top ten places to celebrate.

Birthday celebration

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Your Bestie’s 21st Birthday

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the logical place to enjoy someone’s 21st birthday. It combines great bars with plenty of casinos. You might even put on your best outfits and visit some Las Vegas nightclubs.

Even if your best friend isn’t into drinking and casinos, Las Vegas is still a great place to visit. A few hundred dollars gets you a stay in a resort along the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Many feature spectacular pool areas to enjoy during the day and fantastic shows at night. If you and your best friend love to eat, Las Vegas is home to dozens of award-winning restaurants.

2. Key West, FL

While Las Vegas is glitzy, there’s a laid-back feeling to Key West. Surrounded by the warm waters of the South Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, there’s plenty of space for sunbathing and water sports.

There are several bars and clubs for a celebratory 21st birthday drink. However, don’t spend all your time on a bar stool. Take time to explore historic attractions like Fort Zachary Taylor and the southernmost point of the continental U.S.

3. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a city of wide swings. During the morning, the historic French Quarter is quiet as cafe patrons partake in coffee and beignets. The area becomes a hub for non-stop nightlife, music, and unique cuisine toward sunset.

Yes, you can take your best friend there during Mardi Gras. However, you’ll miss New Orleans’ best parts as you trudge through the crowds. It’s easier to navigate the area during the rest of the year.

4. Beverly Hills, CA

Granted, Beverly Hills isn’t for everyone celebrating a 21st birthday. It’s a small city known for its glitziness and high-end retailers. So, if your friend isn’t into this, head to nearby Hollywood to celebrate. On the other hand, make it a point to stroll Rodeo Drive if they want to window shop and enjoy an adult beverage in one of the area’s restaurants.

5. Pacific Coast Highway, CA

Is your best friend a fan of road trips? If so, consider a drive along California’s Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). The road traverses 658 miles of the state’s coastline between San Francisco and San Diego.

In addition to big cities and well-known beach towns, you also pass through small coastal villages, redwood forests, and wine regions. You’ll end up stopping in several locations to enjoy the area’s food, beverages, and nightlife.

6. New York City, NY

A trip to New York City can be anything to celebrate your best friend’s 21st birthday. For instance, it might be filled with museum visits. Conversely, you could decide to take in several Broadway shows.

Or, you may want to simply walk through the city’s numerous neighborhoods and absorb their atmosphere. In other words, a trip to New York City is up to you.

7. San Francisco, CA

Where New York City can feel crowded and hectic, San Francisco is calmer. Perhaps its temperate climate and beautiful views or the fact it still retains some of its famous “Summer of Love” vibe. Needless to say, San Francisco is a fine place to explore, eat, and drink.

8. San Diego, CA

Several hundred miles south of San Francisco is another relaxing city — San Diego. Although it’s home to the largest naval surface ship base in the U.S., there’s still an atmosphere of peace. Between it and its northern cousin, Los Angeles, San Diego has an edge in the welcoming attitude for guests.

9. Chicago, IL

Chicago is more than the Cubs and deep-dish pizza. If your best friend is into architecture, the city is the perfect place to take them for a 21st birthday. Every corner of Chicagoland features art, culture, and fine dining.

Furthermore, most attractions are accessible via public transportation. Thus, you can drink without the need to drive.

10. Seattle, WA

It doesn’t always rain in Seattle. There are plenty of bright, sunny days to explore the city and its surrounding areas.

If your best friend wants to celebrate their 21st birthday by mountain climbing, Seattle is where they want to go. Mount St. Helens and Mount Ranier are within easy driving distance.