Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults
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Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults

Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults: – It’s always a pleasure to share ideas regarding birthday parties with you all to make your parties awesome. Today, for a change, I am here with some fun and interesting games that are sure to bring more color and life to the party.

A birthday is a day for celebration and fun-filled moments. Many things make this day special like decorations, themes, food, and people around. However, this special day can be made even more special with some fun and interesting games that will always keep the party on high.

Today, I am giving away some tips on how to make a party wonderful with some indoor games. As we all know, kids love to play games. But, adults are equally liable to have fun and play some games at the party.

They love to have fun with their friends and family as much as a kid does. So, the responsibility of arranging such fun games for adults comes down to the host or the person having a party.

This article precisely talks about some games that can be played by adults at home at a birthday party! So, if you do not have a backyard or big party palaces, you need not worry. Many such games can play inside the house and are equally fun.

So, if you are arranging for a birthday party and need some fun game ideas, you are at the right place. Here are 10 different games that can be played indoors by adults. The games are simple and easy to be played. However, you must make arrangements for these games someday before the actual party.

8 Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults

1. Treasure Hunt Game:

Treasure hunt game is a very popular game among the kids as well as the adults at any birthday party. It can be played inside the house.


Requirements for the games

  1. Sticky notes or papers to write down the clues
  2. Different types of objects are hidden in some unique places in the house.
  3. Participants: The participants can be a single person or a group of people.

How to play the game!

The treasure hunt game starts by giving participants some clues regarding the treasure or object. On a sticky note or piece of paper, write the clues to reach the final product or treasure one by one on different papers.

However, you must make sure that a clue leads to another clue, and at the end of the hunt, a group or person should get to the treasure. As far as possible, scatter the clues in different parts of the house and hide clues in the place which are easy to be traced.

In the end, whoever wins the game or gets the treasure first, gift him or her some awesome gift as a token of love.

2. Game of Charades

Game of Charades is yet another amazing and fun game that is played on teams.

Requirements for the game:

  1. Pieces of paper or cards to write down names of movies, songs, actors, and actresses as well as some life scenarios.
  2. Two teams with equal members in it.
  3. A stopwatch to keep track of time.
charades game for adults

How to play the game of charades!

To play the game of charades, you first need to separate or divide the entire guests into two teams with equal members in it and name them Team A and Team B. At first, select one person from team A and give the clue to him or her and let her act out to make her team members understand the clue.

For example, if the clue is a movie named “The fast and the furious”, the person giving the clue should only act to make her team member understand the movie name, of course without uttering any word. Also, let one person keep the track of the time.

Make sure no one gets more than one minute to act. After the time is up, get another person from team B and give the similar clue. The team getting the highest point wins the entire game.

3. Hot potato

The classic game of Hot Potato seems to be a game for kids, but it is equally for to be played by adults and grown ups.

Requirements for the game.

  1. A ball, bag or something to pass one on the music. The thing referring to hot potato can be a doll, purse or any other small things.
  2. Group of members or a team to play
  3. Music player
  4. Stopwatch for keeping a record of time

How to play the game of Hot Potato!

The first rule of the hot potato game for the participants is never to be caught holding the item referring hot potato when the music stops.

To play, arrange all the participants in a circular manner and let one person hold the hot potato. Start the music and let the participants pass the potato around the circle.

Stop the music in a minute or two and when it stops, eliminate the person who is holding the hot potato. Continue this game until only one person is left in the circle.

This is an easy game that can be played in the living room as well with 10-12 participants easily. So, try this game out guys!

4. Pass the parcel game

For adults, this game is not a mystery. I am sure everyone is aware of it. However, if you are not aware of this game, here is its every detail.

Requirements for the game.

  1. A group of participants
  2. Music
  3. A monitor or person to watch the game
  4. Gift wrapped in layers

How to play ‘Pass the parcel’!

Well, this is an easy game and fun at the same time. First of all, get a gift and wrap it in many layers with different gift wrappers. Make all the participants stand in the circle and give it to one of them. Now, let the music start

Once the music starts, let them pass the gift one by one until the music stops. When it stops, let the one person with the gift open the outer layer of the wrapper. Now, again start the music and let them pass until the last layer is opened and the person who opens the last layer of the wrapper wins the entire game and the gift as well.

To make it even more interesting and fun, make the person who unwraps the gift finally and wins the game go to the stage and do whatever the other people say, like to dance, act, sing or make funny faces. This is the most interesting part of the game for sure.

5. Birthday Roast

This game is purely the game for the adults for sure. This is a quite popular game among the youngsters and those who gets offended easily should not participate in this game.


For the game of birthday roast, all you need is a roast master, roaster, and roastee who are the participants of the game.

How to play ‘Birthday roast’!

In this game, first of all, select a person who is good at creating jokes and making everyone laugh. Apart from that, select a panel of guests of honors with whom roaster or roast master make fun of the roasted (The main person on whom the jokes make).

Make the roast or jokes more fun rather than insulting the roaster. This is the fun game where all the participants (Roastmaster, roasted, and guests of honors), as well as all the audience, have fun.

6. Game of Cards ( 3 Cards or Flash)

If you are having a birthday party indoor and is searching for a game to be played in less space, then there is no better option than the game of cards.


  1. Deck of cards
  2. Participants

How to play!

To play the game of cards, all you need is the deck of cards and some participants to play. Let all the participants sit on the table. Pass on 3 cards to each of the participants and those who get the highest numbers or combination wins the game.

With a little twist, this game can be super amazing. At the end of the game, let the winner dare any of other participants for taking up the stage and doing anything as dared by the winner. The winner can dare the loser any tasks like singing, dancing, acting, making fun of others any much more. This is a fun game for a bunch of youngsters for sure.

7. Tug of war

Tug of war is a fun game that can be played indoor as well if you have quite a big living room.


  1. Teams with equal members; Since it is being played indoor, make a team of 2 or 3 participants.
  2. A rope
  3. Referee
  4. Stopwatch
  5. Whistle

How to play!

While playing this game, the first thing that you need to consider is while making the teams. If possible, make the teams in even by size and weight as well. Never put all the tall people on one team and all the short people on the other. Try to make it even.

Once the team is set, make a line of the floor and let the two teams stand on the opposite sides and make them pull the rope. Continue until a team pulls in all the rope along with the participants or opponents in their territory across the line. Once it is done, they are the clear winner.

Similarly, let the other teams play the game as well. Finally, let the teams that are the winner in their respective gameplay the final game and make the ultimate winner of tug of war.

8. Mr. and My best dress competition

To have fun at the party, arrange for a competition named Mr and My best dress. This is a fun game where you can choose the couple who are looking ravishing and dashing on the party.


  1. A small ramp on which the participants walk
  2. Pieces of paper for giving numbers
  3. Markers or pens

More than a game, this is the competition where anyone male makes Mr. Best dressed and one female is made Miss best dressed. To play this, let the participants walk the small ramp made in the room and flaunt their beautiful and dashing dresses.

To select the best dresser, you can get a help of all the guests on the party. Give them a piece of card and let them give the number to all the participants. Once all the guests give marks, compile all the marks and select the winner based on the marks given by all the audiences.

This is definitely the best game where all the people can have fun. To end the game, give mister and miss best dress few gifts appreciating their effort to make your birthday very special.

Lastly, birthdays are the days to have fun and make memories that can be cherished for the lifetime. You should do you very best to make you birthday or your dear one’s birthday a special one.

One way is definitely arranging games for all the guests where not only the birthday boy or girl gets to have fun, but also all the guests can have the amazing time and keep the party at its best. Even if you have little space, it does not matter. You can play above mentioned games and enjoy each and every moment.

I hope the games that I have listed will be helpful for you in your attempt to make the birthday party even more fun. If you have any other games that can be played indoor by adults on birthday, do not forget to share it with us.

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