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How To Say Happy Birthday To My Boyfriend? Creative Ideas With Best Wishes and Messages

How to say happy birthday to my boyfriend can be a dilemma for many people. The average person probably believes that they have all of the proper methods by which they could greet their significant other.

Some even go so far as to ask their parents how to say happy birthday to their boyfriend, and some go as far as searching for clip art of birthday card ideas. There really is no need to go to such extremes when it comes to expressing how you feel on his birthday.

Of course, the average thinking person would not think beyond the box when considering how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend. The average person believes that there are only three possible ways in which to greet a special someone; that, of course, is followed by groveling and apology when the opportunity arises.

Other than those methods, there is nothing else out there except for saying “Happy Birthday”. But what if your boyfriend did not share this same thought? What if he instead said, “Happy Birthday to you” in a rather pompous but sincere manner?


How to say happy birthday to my boyfriend does not have to be a problem if you learn how to approach the situation in the right way.

You would be surprised how many women go through life thinking they know how to say happy birthday to their boyfriend but are unable to pull it off because they end up saying something silly.

Here are a few things you should never do when trying to say happy birthday to your boyfriend.

Do not put the party on after he has indicated he is ready to go out. The last thing you would want to do is try to schedule the birthday party for a time when he is usually not ready to be away from you.


The two of you may have been celebrating some time ago but if he says he is too busy then he would not be able to make it. Instead, let him enjoy his own company before you plan an extravagant evening together.

This way, both of you can relax and he will not feel like he has to cancel everything else he has scheduled for the day.

Another bad idea, you should avoid is saying, “Happy birthday, buddy” when he responds with a negative answer.

If he says he is not interested, you would be better off just saying, “No, I’m happy to see you.” This would instantly break the ice and would show that you are respecting his refusal to say happy birthday.


Once he senses that you are not trying to manipulate him into attending the party, he will most likely be willing to go.

A good idea on how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend is to surprise him. Invite him over to your place or to your home right before the weekend so you can celebrate his special day.

Make sure that he knows just how much you care for him and that the event is not going to be a nuisance for you two. You can even make it a slumber party and invite all of your friends over to your place.

Just ensure that you have arranged something beforehand so that if your boyfriend is busy on the other end of the road, you would still be able to call him and surprise him with what you have done.


Finally, one of the best ideas on how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend is to give him a funny gift. This is especially effective if you are a woman.

Gift him something that he does not normally receive on his birthday and give it to him in person or in the mail.

This way, he will realize that you went out of your way just for him on this day and that you really appreciate him for everything he gives you.

Knowing how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend is not that difficult after all. All you need to do is plan ahead, make the right impression and surprise him on his birthday.


There are many other ideas on how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend that you can try as well. The key is to be creative and above all, have fun.

Sometimes you just want to know how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend. How much easier will it be when he is the same size as you?

When is the right time to send him a surprise birthday gift? What about a new sports car? Here are some ideas for how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is like most of us, he will get two separate birthday cards. So make it easy on him by doing one surprise birthday card and one regular card.


That way he gets the excitement of receiving his card on his birthday while you still get to shower him with love. Yours is the only birthday card he’ll remember.

Yours is also the one that will make him promise not to break the vow you made for the holidays.

Next, how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend is to make sure he knows he’s special to you. Find out what his hobbies and favorite movies are.

It doesn’t have to be anything too specific, but it should be something you can share. He’ll enjoy it more if he knows he’s loved and supported.


If you want to be really sneaky, you can send him a birthday surprise gift card over the Internet.

Use your favorite search engine to find the best sites to order from. Order in advance so you don’t forget.

Most online retailers offer overnight shipping and you can expect your card to arrive in a few days at your doorstep. You can even personalize it with your name or your partner’s name if you’d like.

Another great idea is to give him a ‘shock’ birthday present by purchasing him a surprise birthday gift card. These are convenient because you can purchase them anywhere that offers them, and they arrive just as fast. You can either pay for the surprise card in advance or collect the card once you’ve placed an order.


Don’t let yourself worry about going overboard with the gifts. It’s the thought that counts, and not the gifts! So, think carefully and make sure he knows that you love him and appreciate everything he does for you.

One last word of advice on how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend: don’t use your birthday as an excuse to criticize him or make him feel bad. Men have a reputation for being difficult or even untruthful when it comes to their feelings.

Make him prove his manhood. Show him you want him and support him, not turn a deaf ear to his needs. Men are really very easy to please when you treat them with respect.

The most important thing to remember if you want to know how to say happy birthday to your boyfriend is that you should do it for yourself.


If he doesn’t want to receive flowers, chocolates, or something else, that’s his prerogative. But you don’t need to let yourself be pressured into buying him what he doesn’t want.

As long as you’re being considerate, giving him gifts on his birthday will show him how much you care.

So now that you know how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend, how do you propose? Most men enjoy making the ultimate romantic gesture like proposing to their girlfriend with a carefully planned and orchestrated party.

It would involve food, dancing, and drinks of course, but nothing too extravagant. A simple gathering of close friends and family members will do the trick.


Invite all of his friends and family over so that you can blow off some steam. Of course, the night will definitely be memorable and you can always expect some great romantic ideas here.

A picnic in his garden or at the beach will definitely be a highlight of the evening for both of you. Just don’t forget to bring that camera!

Another good idea on how to say happy birthday to my boyfriend is to give him a personal present. There are so many choices out there and you have probably seen a lot of them already.

Your local gift store usually has a good range of items that will be perfect for your boyfriend. Personal items like customized shirts, umbrellas, keychains, and picture frames are great options. Just make sure that whatever you decide on matches your personality as much as his.


These are just some of the things that you can do on your own when it comes to planning a surprise birthday party for your boyfriend.

Of course, if you are more of a person who likes to plan things ahead of time and prepare carefully, then maybe you should hire a planner. Whatever your decision, it’s sure to be one of the best birthday surprises he will ever receive!

Creative Wishes To Say Happy Birthday To Your Boyfriend

I’m a jealous lady friend. You’d better now not receive any happy Birthdays unless they are coming from me. My candy boyfriend, you are kind, annoying, thoughtful, and very attentive. Sorry…I notion nowadays became contrary day! satisfied Birthday!

You’re the maximum lovely celebrity that shines on this planet. You’re the brightest moderate of happiness in my life. warm wishes to you on your birthday! satisfied Birthday good-looking.


Happy birthday to the dashing and handsome boy in the world………….

Happy birthday, dear, may all your dreams come true and your sorrows just flow through…

I hope your special birthday brings lots of joy, fun, and happiness in your life. You deserve them all. Happy Birthday ;

There is no better closer one than a friend. And there is no better friend than you. Happy birthday;


My life’s brightest happiness lighten your path, may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dream. Happy birthday;

May all your dreams as well as hope come true because no one deserves it more than you,

Happy birthday wishes to boyfriend from girlfriend

Happy Birthday to the best person ever! You deserve all the love and happiness in the world…

I am sending you all the love and happiness in the world on your birthday. Happy birthday kindest boy…


Happy Birthday, boy,…… Where is my cake? Let’s celebrate with more fun and joy…

You make my heart soften, and my tummy fills with butterflies. You leave me astonished and yet full of laughter. You are an incredible person … Many many happy returns of the day.

Dude, Special you are, special is the day, is your birthday…. Happy Birthday,

Happy Birthday to the special person, brings so much joy to my heart! I pleasurably appreciate every moment we have spent together. I wish you, never-ending happiness! Happy Birthday, Dear!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday dear, you are a true friend, please don’t change ever.

I am wishing a day that is as special as you are… A Magnificent Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday !!! wishing you a happy and prosperous Birthday and a sweet night of Birthday dreams……

My special friend, Today is your special day! May the fresh moments cover your heart. Blessings, Hugs, and love….. Happy birthday, dear!!!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

Happy Birthday !!!! You are one year older now……….

Some people can make happiness bloom by being the way they are. You are one of them, friend !!! Happy Birthday,

There is an idea, Make war with age, you can be young forever…. Isn’t it funny?? Happy Birthday, dear!!!!!

Happy Birthday, sid !!!! May your all wishes as well as dreams be fulfilled! May you have endless happiness forever !!!!


Happy Birthday the most handsome boy, Have a wonderful day, full of fun and a truckload of lots of nice gifts…

You are growing stronger with age just like an oak… Happy Birthday, dear !!!!!

I want to share with you a fact that, There is no more difficult task in the world than to find out the more trustable, better friend than you….. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Let’s enjoy the rare moments of Happiness !!!! Let’s celebrate your Birthday, Happy Birthday !!!


Let this day of your life be special, full of valuable trice, cheerful emotions, full of joy and happiness… Hay Birthday to you !!!

You are very special, I hope that you soar through a day with a precious smile on your face. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

Having a caring friend like you is the best gift for me. Wishing your a special day full of joy, blessings, and laughter. Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, dear, I hope all your sky-touching wishes come true…


Sending Birthday wishes, and blessings with love, joy, and peace … Always wishing the sweetest thing to happen before your eyes… Happy Birthday!!!!

I wish you a future full of happiness …. Enjoy the day as long as it lasts… Happy birthday, dear !!

Saying Heartly, you are one of the rarest people, I know and admire… Happy Birthday!!!

May God bless you with all his blessings…… It is true that birthdays are like new leaves making us newer and fresher….. Happy birthday dear !!!!!!


From the first day, I knew you are very special. Really, you have proven it to be true. Wishing you a very wonderful happy birthday !!!!!

My life journey is best because I share everything with you. Enjoy your birthday darling. May it come & go but our love will never fade. It will stay forever in our hearts. Happy birthday, honey, I love you.

Birthday Poem for Your Birthday

Hope this special day brings you all your heart desires
Wishing you a day full of joy and happiness
Happy Birthday dear, wishing if you were here
Happy birthday dear, wish I was there
Just enjoy the birthday with no fear
Happy birthday, dear, I say with care!!!
Beyond you nothing I can see,
Such a best person to me there is none,
You are the Inspiration to me,
Enjoy the day and have more fun!
May every track be easy for you
May every turning brings a big surprise for you
May every day fill a big smile on your face
May every moment bring a huge happiness to your life
May you never forget me
Wishing u a very Happy Birthday


My home is where you are. My happiness is where you smile. My life is complete where you wait for me. You are the other half that completes me and fills me at the same time. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

I am safe in your arms. Your touch gives me the warmth that I seek every night. You make me feel alive and happy and so full of life. Happy birthday my prince.

My relationship with you is far beyond my grasp. It is a match made in heaven, the seed of love carefully sown between us. The arrow of cupid hit its target right in its mark. This match is heaven perfect, love so pure that we fit right with each other and only with each other. Happy Birthday my love.

You are the one I was always destined to be. I knew it from the day I first laid my eyes on you. I knew we would look so good together and I was right too. I am so madly in love with you that you can’t even comprehend it. Happy Birthday my so-so dear sweetheart.


Long Happy birthday wishes to boyfriend from girlfriend

In those cold, winter times, when the wind blows so hard that it shakes the rooftop, the weather seems so gloomy and sad and makes you wonder where you went wrong. Fear, not my love I will always be there for you like a knight in shiny armor just to shake you and tell you that you went everywhere right just to meet me and fall in love with me. I love you so so much. Happy Birthday my love my only love.

I make an oath on this special occasion my love that you shall see me love you so intently throughout your life in health and sickness, I shall face all the obstacles with you through thick and thin. Even in your illness, and that thorny path I promise, you will not have to walk alone although I do not wish it upon you. And with all this, I wish you many many happy returns of the day my love.

I am sour, bitter but you are so sweet, lovable, and beautiful. With so many people in and out of my life, my heart got smaller day by day. But there was this small precious place left in there that I preserved for many years and I gave it to you, only you honey. And with time you made it so bigger, I never knew I had this big of a heart and I present you my entire heart on this special birthday occasion. I love you. You mean the world to me. Happy Birthday my amazing man.

What is the definition of the perfect guy? Well, it differs from person to person but if you ask me you are my definition of perfection. I find this perfection even in your imperfection. I beg to differ from all those perfectionists and I consider you the natural perfection because you are just so perfect with me and for me. I am in awe of you. Happy Birthday my love.


I always thought I was the unlucky one. The one that never got what she wished for, the one whose luck was never on her side but instead mocked her with every chance it got. But it turned out to be wrong when I met you. I wished for you so intently in every shooting star. And I got you as I became yours and you became mine. I am forever so so lucky honey so so happy at the same time. Happy Birthday my soulmate. So so sad people are out there who love with all their heart and so intently but still their love is not reciprocated and here I am I lack in so so many things yet my love is always there and forever here with me. Happy Birthday, Janu. I am so lucky to have you.


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