100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister
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100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

I still remember our childhood. The fights we used to have, the joys we shared, the shout we used to make, and all those catfights, I still remember all this. It’s been a year but it seems this all happened just days ago. Years have passed and here comes your special day for the year. Happy b’day didi.

The smile you used to bring on my face would make all my days. The way you used to show me always made my destination to the bright end. And this all remains the same. Happy b’day didi. May you get all the happiness you deserve.

For every candle on your cake that brings tons and tons of happiness getting your one wish fulfilled. I wish to add one more candle to your cake today so that you get happier with one more wish fulfilled. Happy b’day didi. Wish you get all the happiness.

My childhood would have been incomplete if you were not there. My teenage would have been different if you were not there to guide me. It is always you, only you in my life. I am gifting you a special thing for your birthday. Happy b’day didi.

I feel so much blessed to have you as my sister. I feel very lucky to have you in my life. I wish to be by your side always so that my life is complete being with you. Happy b’day didi. Many many happy returns of the day.

Happy b’day didi. Many many happy returns of the day. Wish you get all the happiness that you deserve. We have made great moments together and still, there are more to make it. Thank you didi for being there.

Growing up with the eldest sibling like you is a great moment to cherish and we have cherished every single moment of our childhood. I cannot imagine my childhood with you. Let’s enjoy more in life my dear sister and yes, I wish you have all the happiness. Happy b’day my dear sister.

These are the beautiful handmade greetings made by me. This is not only the greeting, not only the word, it’s all my feelings for you, my love, and my respect for you. Happy b’day my dearest sister. Wish you many many happy returns of the day. Love you sister.

You have always been a role model for everything. Not only my role model, but you have been my second mother. Every teaching of yours has always been a precious guideline for me. Happy b’day my beautiful sister. Many many happy returns of the day.

I thank god for creating a beautiful shadow for me and that’s you, my beautiful sister. You have been always guiding me being my shadow. This is a special day for you. Happy b’day my beautiful sister. Many many happy returns of the day. Be happy forever in your life and may you get all the happiness you deserve.

Wishing my beautiful and soulful sister a very Happy b’day. I pray to god for happiness, prosperity, and good health throughout your life. May the smile on your face never fade away. Happy b’day my darling sister. Wish you have beautiful years ahead.

I feel so much happy to have a sister like you. You are the best gift given by my god to me. Thank you god and thank you so much my elder sister. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Happy b’day my sister. Many many happy returns of the day.

You live on the happy birthday on the home, do not worry about anything I get you the beautiful sunrises, happy birthday my sister.

You knocked on my door bro please give me a lot of wishes of yours it is best for me at all, happy birthday my sis.

You trust me every time, I gave you the beautiful cake of the best hotels of yours, you are exiting about your happy birthday, my elder sis.

The night is full of bright light in your home I, the birthday party is a surprise for you, happy birthday to you.

I showed you a special moment, I sing one song for you at your happy birthday party my sis.

The cooling birthday brought you the much happiest life on that special day.

One jokes for you; you don’t mind it, you do not smoke and drink a lot…….what on your happy birthday.

jokes for you; you forget me at your birthday party; you call me on the mobile.

The unique dress you like at the instant period you are much lucky than me happy birthday my sis.

You are doing work floor me for my study; I also give you the happy gift on your happy birthday.

I am planning for the wonderful party of your birthday, like as the greatest festival in our home; you think how you are lucky, happy birthday.

Your birthday made you happy, you will get many gifts from your parents and also from me, I gave you one gift which is precious and useful on your birthday the candle which gives you bright sunshine on your happy birthday.

You are my favorite and best for me my di; you performed best in your life go-ahead for that, happy birthday my sister.

It’s your special, I wish you the day is like an amazing and intellectually the day come again and again thought out the life, happy birthday to you.

I hope you achieve the best life in any way of livelihood with any others, happy birthday to you.

It is our day fall in the best day God gave you in the life of my I am very lucky of that, happy birthday to you my sister.

All of my wishes are for you only on your birthday come to be soon, happy birthday.

This day is special as fantastic as you for deserving the best creation of life, happy birthday my elder sister.

You move on the path of best line with the rays of flowers for the colorful life you must get my sis, happy birthday to you.

The light is given by sunrise at day time and sunsets gave you a little bit light to do the party at the night with celebrating to your friends and for me sis, happy birthday to you.

You always go ahead it’s your duty towards life, happy birthday, my wonderful sister you are elder to me, happy birthday.

Older people gave you a lot of blessings to disservice the beautiful journey of your life with the importance of health and wealth both on the happy birthday of my sis.

It gave you the colorful good luck to you for the forwarded your future soon, happy birthday.

God is making you the elder than me for giving you some surprise to you, happy birthday for you my sister.

Congratulation to you a happy birthday my sis with lots of blessings on the coming birthday of this year.

You are my elder sister with you deserve the happiest time almost on your happy birthday.

Thankful to god a friend like as you in my life for my given achievement forward you at any way of my life, as the lord made you to my sister I am a lucky bro, happy birthday my sister.

Might you had to achieve the largest thank and friendly and well time in your birthday my sweet di.

I am at the strategy to have your bro and happiest time spend in front of you and excited on your birthday.

You cheer up on my birthday as my close friend; I gave you a joyous time at the party of your happy birthday sis, do not be serious about a simple thing.

Sis, I express only my real and sure able thought at your birthday party soon you take care and not feeling lonely.

The coming year of you happy birthday my sis, you live ahead, with getting knowledge of books by reading it, may lord you only gave me you’re blessing on me.

I cannot store that moment but I fell it on my happy birthday.

The new adventure for you, at the mystery for your life, you must improve your habit on the coming birthday.

Uncountable thanks for you, and I fulfill your demand always whatever you phoned me.

Life is starting first from birth and always the birthday came at the second time in my life, always happy birthday forever.

Your bro only expresses their felling onward you and giving you the happiest moment every time.

As you entering in the home first at the door I give you one of the best sunrises for you, you like it, it is your magic bro not it is my own workable thing. I do the small work like that, happy birthday, my sister.

The watch appreciates you the much for your kindly study it forwards your best regularity in front of study.it lists also part of our life. And also your birthday you come soon digit’s your happy birthday.

It’s me your bro my sweet sis you are sweet always like chocolate and cake for that I send you that as a gift on your birthday. I miss you a lot.

I gave you the warmth wishing to resolve the critical situation for yourself with new thoughts and experiences, the life is filled with success always go up with your need able surrounding for my sis on their happy birthday.

May your birthday be like a deniable forest on behalf of success for peace by all-rounder with much love of strong be my sis, happy birthday my sister.

I always know that you get a degree on the way to organize the birthday party or any events for anyone but it is best for me, happy birthday to you

You’re coming birthday id like the best day for are you a lot; it is the examination test of you and me what up in your birthday party.

I don’t compare to others you are my best elder sis, happy birthday sister you get a lot of care, joy, and cheer up in the whole of your wonderful life forever.

I hold your hand in any difficulties or any problem I had, it’s this day your birthday di.

I send you some toys and a treenail for you, you like most that type of gift, you had come soon.

The upcoming year is granted of success for you know and for all-day of your whole life, you achieve a golden flower for petals and root of any plant for you always, happy birthday my elder sister.

The authentic moment organized by me for you to the incoming birthday party.

This birthday went up through the fast speed and another birthday come through the slow speed like as a ruinable life, happy birthday my sister.

The challenge is committed at any time of our life. You faced without any obstacle with it is a part of the life, happy birthday with lots for glad for you on that specialists say.

My di is my best friend it’s my supportive way of doing any work. I think you had achieved a lot of knowledge for your whole life behind the true deprivation of luck, happy birthday my sister.

The first child mother and father you are di you fulfill all the demand of there and then my demand and helped in my work, happy birthday my elder sister.

The success will be miles apart from you in the long-distance you prayed the god and starting of working hard. it is best for your wonderful life, happy birthday my sister.

No one changes the life only you went to go both the time then only you go a walk for it.it gave you sorrow and happiness in life, happy birthday my sis.

Don’t worry my sis I will come to your hostel for your occasion birthday I full fill your time with doing a party for you happy birthday.

May you take all the photos for your birthday I will frame them and send them to you there on your happy birthday as a gift.

You enjoy and entertain on your birthday only my sis you look what I can do in that of your special day. You are lucky I am your bro.

Colorful balloons for you my sis on your birthday for the blast of new granted party adventure, happy birthday my elder sister.

The new life starts with cheerful life with the fun of cake by making on your hand sister, it’s your birthday at New Year now fantastic for me. I enjoyed eating a lot of cake.

It’s your birthday. The special day. I know to express the feeling, no special day is required but also I want to make you feel special in every way I can. Happy b’day my sweet sister. There is no one for me like you in this world and I love you more than anything.

Happy b’day didi. Many many happy returns of the day. You have always been best for me in every step I have taken. Wish you have beautiful years ahead and have all the prosperity in your life.

Many many happy returns of the day my big sister. Though you were bigger than me, I always felt like I was with my friend, my best friend. Thank you for supporting me in every step of my life and thank you for being there.

Happy b’day my sweet didi. You have always been my big support in every naughty step. You were always there for me when I need you. I pray to God that I would also be able to be by your side in every step of our life. Luv u di.

The world gave the name of our relationship as the sister but you have always been like my mother. Your care, your love have always made me feel the warmth of motherly love. You have always been there for me as a mother. I wish to have you by my side always. Happy b’day di.

Wish you a beautiful life filled with all the happiness you deserve, with all the love you deserve. Happy b’day my sister. I wish you to have more beautiful years ahead with all your loved ones. You are always best to me. May you live long di.

You have been not only my sister but you have been always there for me when I need a friend, you were there when I need a motivator, you have always been there for me for everything. This special day of yours is making me feel very happy. Wish you tons of happiness always. Happy b’day dd.

I feel very much lucky that I am born younger than you. Being younger than you I got you as my second mother. your love, warmth, and care are always an important part of my life. Happy b’day didi.

I succeeded in my life and the person I thank in my life is only you my lovely sister. You were always the source of inspiration for me. I would like to count on this special day of yours to thank you for everything. Happy b’day dd and thank you for everything.

Wish you tons and tons of happiness for every beautiful year ahead of yours. You deserve every moment of happiness and I wish you the same in all of your years. Happy b’day didi. May you remain happy in all of your years and always have a smile on your face.

My sister is someone very special in my life, who fights with me, cares for me, plays with me, suggests me things when I am in need, and shouts at me at times. Be it anything you are my best sister forever. Happy b’day my dear sister.

I wish you a day filled with happiness, fun, prosperity, and love. Enjoy this special day of your life my sweet sister as you need to wait till the next year for this special day of yours. Happy b’day dear sister. Many many happy returns of the day.

Your love, care, and affection for me are something precious in my life. Your blessings will always be there forever to make my life successful, thank you, my dear sister. I know my words are never sufficient for what you have done to me but still thank you. Wish you a Happy b’day, my dear sister.

You’ve been my friend, my guide throughout, the example you have set for my life, you are my teacher, my inspiration. Thank you for being there and you are my beautiful darling sister. Happy b’day di. Wish you a very very Happy b’day.

Cakes for the best matter, the candle is for the getting the bright light on your life, happy New Year.

I gave you the precious diamond gift for you, I gave you on your birthday my sis you are waiting for that gift can you in this time be cool you can get, happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, my sister which is elder, this is the lovely day of your life, it receives to the beautiful world; you take love and success in any work.

You are my only sister, I always love you, I announced your birthday party to your friends also, happy birthday.

Sister, you are supporting me in all of my way of the life, you are the flower garden of one field for the love and care, happy birthday.

You awake my life always at the strong effort on the way of success, it is the grand for me, happy birthday to you.

Cakes are always forever for me, as a miss believable things such a best matter to you on the happy birthday to you.

Wishing you the sensation of hot and marvelous love on your happy birthday.

Congratulation on your special day, I wished a granted life deserve you soon in a good way of the line at the road, happy birthday.

Your throughout is very right you celebrating your birthday with togetherness in the happy birthday to my lovely sister.

This birthday was gone and I gave you a gift oncoming birthday; it is for yours, happy birthday.

My elder sister is the precious gold for me it get light towards me, it has most beautiful by you wearing and you are very happy I sure you like it and you wear in your happy birthday its sweet for me.

The life is a high price of diamond use is very important for us; you already deserve that most beautiful life, happy birthday to you.

The bright light of morning gave you the light on your happy day or the special day you look forward to the bright sun ray it creates a successful life to you, happy birthday my sister.

I am bored at home, please come, my sis. You can create happiness on my face, the coming day is for you. Happy birthday.

I announced the birthday party of my sis at the big five-star hotel I booked for your birthday please soon come, happy birthday to you.

You already know my thought, you care, help me many more I wished you live a long time on the earth’s surface, happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my sis, you are the hottest friend for me you solve all my problems and get several solutions and courage to me to study hard and do life better than others, and be smart and energetic, happy birthday to you my elder sister.

It is the way of asking of the wonderful person in the work. Happy birthday to you.

I had many best words for you to ask you on your birthday.

The happiest time passes fastly and the sad time comes soon for a longer time, happy birthday to you.

Friendship is like you at every moment of my life, happy birthday to you.

I support you any time on the earth to create a new life, happy birthday.

I always get you the new sensation of a beautiful smile on your face; it is the best idea for yours, happy birthday to you.

Every memorial time sending for you on your true dream at the path of the line of colorful flower like that, your life is the way of warmth life, happy birthday.

I am lucky to bless a journey of love life, the sunrise forward your beautiful love from the earth surface, happy birthday.

I gave you the gift of feeling you, I am very crazy about your birthday, and you come soon to the party of your happy birthday my beautiful sis.

You are done the best successful life at the instant time interval, happy birthday to you.

I am forgiving you magical surprises sent with the worldwide net for your joy and happy birthday.

You get the loving person in your life; you passed the happy time with a lot of entertainment in front of the life, happy birthday to you my sweet sister.

The coming birthday is like heaven for you to do the happy birthday party to you for the party organized at the hotels; it is my gift for you, happy birthday to you.

You turned and getting the chocolate on your birthday, you gave to the small kids for the happy moment you create from these kids it is so written like that I also giving cake and chocolate in your birthday as the suitable smile of this child, and they gave you all wishes to you, happy birthday.