155 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS for Your Uncle


Happy birthday, my coolest uncle. While dad was all caught up in his DI role, you and I could always have fun and hang around. You not only became my dad when needed, you had equal fun with me making me feel like a free bird. I am always grateful for having you in my life.


Dear uncle, you are the only person in the world who is my friend, father figure, buddy and uncle all at the same time. Happy birthday uncle. Have lots of fun tonight.


Uncle, I love being you nephew as you are always there to show up when I need. Thank you for all your love and care you have showered on me since my childhood. Happy birthday uncle.


I god granted me to choose my own family, I would still take you as my uncle. You are the coolest uncle and I love you very much. Happy birthday uncle.

happy birthday wishes, sms, messages quotes, greeting card for my uncle
happy birthday greeting cards for uncle


Warm wishes to my uncle on his birthday. May all of your dreams that you have in your mind come true. Have a great day- as great as you are.

55 Happy Birthday Text Messages for Uncle


For me, your birthday is just another day to have more fun. I am wishing to have lots of fun today. Also, may you get what you are destined to get? Happy birthday uncle.


Dear uncle, you are not just my favorite uncle, you are the sweetest son, amazing husband, cool uncle and the best person. Happy birthday, uncle. You deserve the best.


Dear uncle, I am just so glad that you are celebrating your birthday today. After a lot of hard work all year round, you deserve to sit back and relax and enjoy your born day. Hav fun uncle and a very happy birthday to you.


As we are celebrating your birthday today, memories are wriggling. I have had a lot of fun and inspiring moment with you. I can never thank you for all those wonderful moments and everything that we have shared over the years. Happy birthday uncle. Keep smiling always.


We have never been as close, but trust me uncle, every time I was with you, my whole day would cheer up with fun. I did spend some quality time with you which will be in my memories for a long time. Happy birthday uncle.



If I were given a chance to pick up one person to keep our family bonded, I would definitely pick you. You are the source of our happy family. Happy birthday uncle. Have fun.

happy birthday wishes, sms, messages quotes, greeting card for my uncle
happy birthday greeting cards for uncle


Ever since my childhood, you never turned me down but kept me moving and inspiring. Thank you, uncle, for all the love and care you have given to me when I needed. Thank you for being there for me. Happy birthday to you, my beloved uncle.


Sometimes you are here and the next moment you vanish. You’re more like the mystery than ambiguities itself. That’s why I constantly cherish the time you’re round. Happy Birthday Uncle.


I realize that I have one of the coolest uncles alive. No person can contest with my uncle, besides parents of course. A very Happy Birthday Uncle. Create it one that you will never forget.


Dear uncle, you are my sources of knowledge. I have learned about discipline, education, love and fun from you. Still, there are so many things I could learn from you. Thank you for teaching me life lessons. Happy birthday, uncle.

55 Happy Birthday Messages for Uncle


I feel as the most fortunate person in the world to have you as my uncle. Happy birthday uncle. May you have amazing day and the year ahead.


If you were not my father’s brother, I feel we could still be best of friends. The bond I share with you is much more than just relatives. Happy birthday, dear uncle cum friend.


Another year of the most amazing individual has passed. Over the year, you have been an inspiration for me and my siblings. Hope you continue to spark knowledge on us and make our lives better. Happy birthday, uncle.


Thank you, uncle for all those times you cared about me, my brother and my entire family. Without you, we could not have made this far. You are the soul of our family. Happy birthday to you uncle. May you reach your destiny soon.


The more in think about you, uncle, the more I feel you are the most amazing person in this world and no one can ever compete with your elegance, wisdom, sense of humor, and passion. You are one in million. Happy birthday uncle.


My coolest uncle, very warm wishes to you on your birthday. I hope you get all your dreams and keep on rising. You are the best uncle and the person I have ever met.


The times we are together turning out to be the best time of my life. I not only have fun but also learn a lot from you. You are the best person who always understands me and loves me. Happy birthday dear uncle. I love you.


It is always said that family comes together to make all members stronger. You have proven that every time anything wrongs goes in our family. Happy birthday, uncle.


Dear uncle, your happiness is all that I care about. You mean a lot to me and I always wish for your well being. Happy Birthday my beloved uncle.


My beloved uncle, as you are setting to get to the new year of your life, I cannot resist but wish you all the best. On the upcoming year, may all your dreams come true and you become more successful and amazing person. A very happy birthday to you my dearest uncle.

Happy Birthday SMS for Uncle


Dear uncle, you are one of the very few people in the world whom I admire and respect. You are one of the most important persons in my life and will always remain the same. Happy birthday to you.


Happy birthday uncle. May your birthday bring lots of happiness to you and you never have to see failure in your life. Good luck.


Dear uncle, you are brave, smart, strong and brilliant. Your blessings and upbringing have made me what I am today. Happy birthday to you. May you always see positivity in the world.


Uncle, you are a fine man and will always remain my idol. Happy birthday to you.


A very warm and happy birthday to you, uncle. You are the person I admire to be when I am your age- kind, gentle, dignified, successful and lovely.

56. To the best uncle on the planet, cheerful birthday. You are minding, exquisite and kind. May your days be long on the earth. With a grin all over, I race down the stairs when I hear your voice. Since I realize that daily with you will be loaded with fun and adventure! Wishing a striking birthday uncle similarly as you is uncommon to me completely.

57. Upbeat birthday, Uncle. May your be the best sort of dad your youngsters will ever know. You’re really great of uncles to me. When my folks are excessively occupied, you convey me chocolate biscuits just to see a grin all over. Much obliged to you for your long periods of keeping an eye on. Upbeat Birthday!


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