50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother


Dear mom, I work every day to match up to your expectation. Thank you for setting my bar high. Happy Birthday!


Mom, you are the one and the only individual who has continuously given me your shoulder to lean on, advice to abide by and jokes to smile at. Now, it’s my turn to give you that. Happy Birthday Mom.


Happy birthday dear ma! I can’t start to explain how special you have made me feel since I gained my consciousness. I will always love you for that.


Mom, you were the one who always helped me, supported me, scolded me, and loved me as well. Now, I feel I am old enough to give you everything back with gratitude and respect. I love You! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother


My guide, well-wisher, friend, and mentor
I am lucky to have you as my mom.
Happy Birthday Mom!

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother


If it wasn’t for you, I would not be in the place I am now.
Thanks for your support, care and most of all your trust in me.
Happy birthday Mom!


To the very first woman I ever loved, Happy B’day!
I wish you healthy life!


To the most beautiful person I know, a very happy birthday! May you continuously be as joyful as you are now. Take care mom!


Today is the best day of my entire life.
As this day is the born day of my creator
You are no less than a god to me.
Many many happy returns of the day, Mom!


As you proceed to the next year of your life, I would like you to remember I will always be by your side as you have always been on mine. Happy Birthday Ma!


50 Happy Birthday Greetings for Mother


With your special presence, my life has been extraordinary. Make your day a memorable one, as it’s your Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother


Happy b’day Mom. Hope you keep on fill our lives with your love and care. You are special and will always be for eternity!


With you by my side, I never had to worry about difficult situations. You have made me a strong and confident person. Hope you keep on giving me all your love. Happy Birthday Mom.


You conceived me,
Granted me my life,
Nurtured me,
Scolded for mistakes,
But most vital, you scared me unconditionally!
Happy Birthday Mom. The world needs the person like you more.


I get my eyes wet just by remembering all the troubles I caused you. Today, on your birthday, I promise you to snatch your troubles and give you unconditional love. I love You Mom. Happy B’day!

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother


I have always loved you since the day I took my first breath. I may fight with you at times, but deep down my heart, I feel there is no one else in this world who loves you as much as I do. Happy Birthday Mom. You are the perfect mom!


On your birthday, I am giving you a lot of wishes and blessings with kisses and hugs. I hope you do well all your life! Happy Birthday!


Mom, you have always been such a great support for our family as a wife, sister, mother and daughter. You are my role model and I aspire to be like you some day. Happy Birthday!


Mom like you is very much rare to find. Your caring, loving and friendly nature has surely made you my friend with whom I can share all my feelings. Happy B’day mom. Always be the way you are- sweet and lovely.


Here’s wishing the universe’s sweetest mommy a very joyous birthday. Celebrate it without thinking about the consequences.

50 Happy Birthday Messages for Mother


Though we are miles apart today, we are always in my heart. Our love for each other can never be decreased with increased distance. I love you mom, miss you and Happy Birthday.


When I needed hug, you open your arms for me
When I needed to cry, you gave your shoulder to lean on
And when I needed care, you showered me with your love.
Happy Birthday Mom. I love you!


I cannot imagine any other person who is as great as you are. You have been such a motivation for me and for the people around you. Happy Birthday Mom. You are best!


If it was not for you, I would not be in this world for sure. You are my live giver, saver, and my guiding star.


Remember you made me a birthday cake with my favorite cartoon? I am well known that it actually took hours! Now, it’s my turn to make you your favorite cake on your B’day. Happy Birthday Mom.

These are the sweet and lovely messages that are sure to make your mom moved on her B’day. Use these messages to make your mom a happy person. You can print it on cake, card. Even better, make a card for yourself. She will really appreciate it.

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50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother


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