500 Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages For Friends on Whatsapp Status

301. Best birthday to my dedicated sidekick, my kin from another mother and my incredible companion. You really merit the best life in front of you.

302. May you have a great and fabulous ride in front of you. A strong and extraordinary companion like you merits it all things considered. Cheerful birthday.

303. May harvest all the product of adoration that you planted so tenderly in my heart. May you appreciate long periods of abundant daylight and warm winters. Cheerful birthday, dear companion.

304. Every day, you show me new things that sustained my heart. Every day with you is without a doubt a shiny new voyage. I plan to commend all the more stunning days with you in the years to come. Upbeat birthday.

305. Think ambitiously. Try not to let anything prevent you from achieving its pinnacle. I’ll be with you at all times. That is a guarantee! Brilliant birthday!

306. Go to the place you’ve constantly longed for. Give your desire a chance to take off. Best birthday.

307. I feel special, every single year, to get the chance to invest more energy with you. Here’s to more experiences with you! Best birthday.

308. A companion is in excess of a word, it’s an individual who I can incline toward and who I trust the most. All the best to you in this new part of your life. Great birthday.

309. You are a genuine companion and an incredible individual. Any individual who has you in their lives is really honored. Much obliged to you for gracing my live with your kinship. Glad birthday!

310. Best birthday! Wishing you a sweet festival that will always be engraved in the canvas of your heart.

311. Wishing you a chest loaded with valuable minutes. One that floods, not in any case a heart can hold. Magnificent birthday.

312. May bliss and elegance encompass you now and everlastingly, my dear companion. Cheerful birthday.

313. Give this exceptionally extraordinary day a chance to bring you expectation and euphoria for the years to come. All things considered, a companion like you ought to be glad at all expense. Glad birthday.

314. No matter what, I realize that our hearts are one regardless of how far separated we are. I am appreciative to you for this warm solace you have so liberally given me. Awesome birthday.

315. I wish you an ocean of bliss and expectation where you can surf its insane waves to your heart’s substance. Appreciate the warm sun against your skin and the delicate white sand of your next adventure. Best birthday.

316. It’s your birthday. It’s an ideal opportunity to simply take a load off and completely do nothing! Superb birthday!
317. A birthday is an extraordinary event for your companions. It just comes once every year and amid this day you can demonstrate your adoration to your companion by sending him/her birthday wants for a companion. Sending glad birthday statements and message for companion has turned into an important custom nowadays.

318. Dear companion, it is your birthday today, and I simply need to disclose to you how exceptional you are for me. Remain the manner in which you are and time will never put its blemish on your wonderful soul! Cheerful birthday companion!

319. Glad Birthday to somebody that is as yet my companion despite the fact that she realizes what number of bodies are covered under the house and what number of skeletons are in my wardrobe. I discover you one exasperates lady. Upbeat birthday, my dearest and most irregular companion!

320. I am anticipating a lot more long stretches of kinship and birthday events with you. Have a phenomenal birthday!

321. My desires for your birthday incorporate a lifetime of giggling, a passing associate with life’s stresses and huge amounts of enormous dreams satisfied. May every one of your dreams progress toward becoming reality since you are so commendable.


322. I need to wish all of you the affection and joy on the planet, all of which you merit. Cheerful birthday my companion!

323. Upbeat Birthday to the main individual I would need as my escape driver!! May we have a ton of fun occasions and extraordinary experiences together.

324. Wishing my companion an excellent day; expectations and dreams I’m sending your direction. May all be great and all worked out as expected on this exceptionally extraordinary day!

325. Another experience filled year anticipates you. Welcome it by praising your birthday with ceremony and magnificence. Wishing you an exciting and glad birthday lovely companion!

326. One more year has passed by… … regardless I recollect all the inept things we did when we were more youthful. Has an inclination that it was yesterday! Also, regardless of how old we get, despite everything i’m down to do insane and irregular things with you like the past times! Upbeat birthday companion!

327. They state you are who you encircle yourself with and I surmise that makes me a fantastically clever excellent individual since that is the thing that you are my closest companion. Cheerful birthday excellent companion and I trust your day is as great as you may be!

328. Today is the one day where I can’t reveal to you how irritating you are, however rather, I need to help you to remember the majority of your great characteristics that I prefer not to concede, yet they unquestionably are a ton. One of them being that life never gets exhausting around you, and I completely love that. Upbeat birthday my companion!

329. On your Birthday, I wish you to have the strength to inhabit minimum one more dream, satisfy one more wish and make one more individual’s life excellent.

330. At all times there for me. Through various challenges I’ll generally be there for you, thank you for birthday wishes!

331. Today is somebody exceptional’s birthday. Somebody who is as benevolent and merciful as they are excellent and bubbly. Somebody who illuminates a stay with a 400 Watt grin. Somebody with beauty and balance and has a fiendish sweet tooth. Could that somebody be you?! Glad Birthday to my absolute best companion.

332. By your precedents, you have demonstrated us goodness and light and truth. I realize you will keep on being a sparkling precedent as you confront one more year. Much obliged to you for being you, and cheerful birthday dear companion.

333. No one knows where the years have gone, it appears as though it’s just been a brief timeframe. How have you not matured multi day when the years have abandoned me all dim? It’s your gathering, I’ll cry on the off chance that I need to. Cry in the event that I need to. You would cry to if dim transpired! Upbeat Birthday, my delightful companion! May the years keep on being thoughtful!

334. Would you like to know the best piece of my life? It is you! Without you, my days would not be as splendid and my future not as cheerful. Much thanks to you for your companionship. Upbeat birthday companion!

335. You are such an uncommon companion, who merits a unique day, for being your identity and getting bliss each way. You make me grin and chuckle, with all that you do. So today I get the opportunity to send an extraordinary Birthday wish to you!

336. It’s brilliant to have you in my reality! Companions like you are as uncommon as a warm, bright day in February. You’re genuinely unique. Upbeat birthday, my dearest companion!

337. Upbeat Birthday to one of the specific couple of individuals whose Facebook statuses would prefer make me not to haul my hair out and deactivate my record.
338. I trust you have an extraordinary day encompassed by your loved ones. Presently… I should set our fellowship by wishing you a glad birthday on your Facebook page.

339. Leaving Las Vegas and the Casino to head towards Philadelphia makes them feel like I’m in The Matrix. I had Great Expectations this wouldn’t be As Good As It Gets and making a U-Turn to go board the new Titanic to head towards Notting Hill would indisputably the Full Monty and wouldn’t be the Misery you figured it would be. I was envisioning more Thelma and Louise than being several exhausting Sleepers. All things considered, I am will utilize my Basic Instinct and take off to my Junior suite on the fabulous ship. Keep in mind… You’ve Got Mail coming– I sent it yesterday from when I was experiencing the Heat and Sleepless in Seattle! Glad Birthday to my kindred 90s motion picture adoring companion!

340. I am appreciative for your actual kinship. Expectation your birthday is astonishing as you are my closest companion!

341. Upbeat birthday to a companion who has dependably been there for me. From the silliest openings of my psyche, I simply need to state, “Thank you for being my BFF.”

342. Simply envision what you would love to tune in on your birthday, what sort of presents you might want that you will treasure it for eternity. Accept I did them all to you and remain upbeat! Cheerful birthday, closest companion!

343. To begin with, I wish that this Birthday shows you something new and lovely. Second, I wish that you have multi day that you’ll recollect perpetually with a grin. What’s more, third, I wish that such days continue coming in each and every day.

344. Closest companions must walk an almost negligible difference between preventing their companion from settling on huge awful choices and urging them to settle on little terrible choices that are a great deal of fun. What’s more, nobody shows improvement over my sly accomplice.

345. You bolster me, hear me out, welcome me, regard me, exhort me, entertain me, cry with me and, in particular, let me be your companion… so I can do every one of these things and more for you. Cheerful birthday, BFF!
346. You comprehend me like no one else. I have a kin in you my companion. Upbeat birthday to my closest companion!

347. Hello! It’s your birthday. Which implies it’s an ideal opportunity to put on that crown. You are a ruler today and we are your devoted subjects. What wickedness might her glory want to get into?

348. Glad birthday to my closest companion. We are getting more established, however regardless we have a fabulous time. Truth be told, we’ll most likely be up to same trickeries when we are in old people home together!

349. Closest companion: somebody whom you can act naturally with, somebody who you can have trivial discussions with, somebody who still likes you notwithstanding when you’re odd, somebody who neglects to get you a birthday present… that is the reason I concocted this. Glad birthday my closest companion!

350. I’ve seen numerous faces come and go yet your quality never blurs notwithstanding when it gets harsh. Much obliged to you for continually being there.

351. Cheerful birthday to my closest companion! We are such an extraordinary group: I am keen, attractive and gifted and you are incredible at being my companion!


Author: Rita Mahato

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