500 Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages For Friends on Whatsapp Status

104. I will simply ahead and fill your heart with joy. Upbeat Birthday, my great companion. I didn’t sign on to Facebook to be let it know was your uncommon day. I trust you to make it an awesome one. Happy birthday, dear companion.

105. Hakuna Matata! I trust you make the most of your uncommon day! Glad Birthday to you and what a great day. To have no stresses and brush your considerations away.

happy birthday wishes for friends

106. Happy birthday to you, you’re so youthful — age is only a number, don’t you quit having fun. Well, it’s a great opportunity to praise your birthday, it happens each year. We’ll eat a great deal of broccoli and drink a considerable measure of beer. You can rely on me like one, two, three and I’ll be there.

107. Good companions resemble stars. You don’t generally observe them, yet you realize that they are dependably there.

happy birthday wishes for friends

108. Although this birthday wish is extremely late, I simply need you to know I believe you’re extremely awesome.

109. Warm wishes to my closest companion on your Birthday Ever since you go to my life, I generally feel honored. Much thanks to you for being the closest companion. Cheerful Birthday my friend. You might commend your Birthday yet today is the day my closest companion was conceived.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

110. Happy Birthday, Buddy. You have dependably been the piece of my bliss and misery. Much thanks for such a friendship. I can successfully get a grin all over my dearest companion. Along these lines, make the most of your Birthday.

111. Well, go has given a valuable blessing to me on this day. Upbeat Birthday, dost.Hey, companion! You are getting multiyear more seasoned however don’t stress. You will the closest companion of mine forever. The world is desirous of our kinship, however, we will continue going. Glad Birthday closest companion.

112. How would I be able to characterize our companionship? The words from the lexicon are not fit for characterizing us. Upbeat Birthday to my beautiful companion. Stay happy. I am fortunate that I don’t have the sibling. I am fortunate that I have a companion, the closest companion like you. Glad Birthday.

Sweet happy birthday wishing messages for friends

113. Happy Birthday, companion. My all the best are dependable with you. Hello, Buddy! Would it be advisable for me to streak your age today? In what manner would you be able to ready to keep up such a solid even in this age? Anyway, Happy Birthday.

114. I just overlooked the amount you turn today. Would you be able to simply tell me? Glad Birthday and how about we have a party. Well, I am as of now on leave today just to praise a gathering with you. Upbeat Birthday, Friend. Where is the gathering?

Sweet happy birthday wishing messages for friends

115. The cake is prepared. Candles are prepared. Lights off. Presently, simply light the flame and make brilliant. Expectation your life will be as brilliant as this flame. Upbeat B’day friend. If you have any issue, let me know. I will settle for it to make your life issue free. Upbeat Birthday.

116. I am sorry to learn I couldn’t go to your Birthday party yet I guarantee to be with you one year from now. Cheerful Birthday. I comprehended why my life is so better. This is a direct result of your essence in my life. Cheerful Birthday to my closest companion.

117. If there is one individual with whom I can share my emotions, it’s you. Much obliged to you such a great amount for your help companion. Upbeat Birthday. I knew why individuals fear me. This is a result of you. You have dependably been ensuring to me. Much obliged to you and Happy B’day.

Sweet happy birthday wishing messages for friends

118. The day you were conceived is extraordinary compared to other long stretches of my life since you turned into my closest companion. Glad Birthday to my best friend. I know you wouldn’t see any problems regardless of whether I ate all your cake however as today is your Birthday. Along these lines, how about we eat us together.

119. I have never understood that you are my closest companion as far back as I got to know the genuine importance of kinship. Glad B’day companion and how about we improve our fellowship. I don’t have to depict you why you are such a great amount of significant to me. Glad birthday companion and have a ton of fun.

120. I am simply thinking about the present party on your Birthday. Upbeat Birthday companion and minimum make your Birthday a critical one. If I were a President of this nation, likely today will be the general population occasion. It’s your Birthday my companion. Upbeat Birthday and shake the world.

Sweet happy birthday wishing messages for friends

121. There can be numerous companions yet there is one closest companion. That is you. Life would be hard in the event that you were not my companion. I have been sitting tight during the current day since last birthday. At last, the day has arrived. Upbeat Birthday, companion. Where are my chocolates?

122. Happy Birthday to the most brilliant individual on the planet. Keep smiling. Do regardless you recollect our last gathering bash? I think the day has come to make it more. It’s your Birthday and I can hardly wait to party this evening. We should praise this day and make it fun.

123. Many companions went back and forth yet you are the one that remaining parts. Much thanks to you for being so dependable and faithful to our companionship. Upbeat Birthday my dear companion.


Sweet happy birthday wishing messages for friends

124. Happy Birthday to my Best companion. I am certain to be the first to wish you. To my flawless and dearest companion, wish you a jhakkas Happy Birthday. With bunches of affection and gift, wishing you an exceptionally Happy Birthday. Appreciate each snapshot of your life.

125. Much thanks to you, god for giving such a decent companion. Glad Birthday my friend. I have just purchased a birthday present for you. Might you be able to please reveal to me where the gathering is? Cheerful Birthday and how about we shake your Birthday.

126. Friend and Friendship what I gain from you. You are the genuine companion of mine. The sky is Blue and I have the closest companion like you. At whatever point I close my eyes, I recall forgetting the days we have passed. Much obliged to you for such a flawless minute. Glad Birthday.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

127. We don’t have to demonstrate that we are closest companions since we as of now are. Upbeat Birthday to my best friend. Just have faith in yourself just I trust you. Glad Birthday and have a brilliant day ahead.

128. No issue how far I am, whether you require assistance simply do recollect me. I will dependably be there for you. Glad Birthday and appreciate the day. Sometimes I can’t discover a word to characterize you. I can just say that you are the closest companion of mine and will dependably be. Cheerful Birthday.

Sweet happy birthday wishing messages for friends

129. Some young ladies were approaching your number for wishing on your Birthday yet I am sorry to learn that I didn’t offer it to them. I don’t need other to be the first to wish you. Glad B’day friend. What else I require on the off chance that you are with me. Cheerful Birthday companion.

130. Today I understood why God didn’t give me siblings. This is on the grounds that they need you to be with me as my closest companion. Cheerful B’day. Indeed, even divine beings are envious of our kinship. Upbeat Birthday to my dearest companion.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

131. Many Many Happy returns of the day my best friend. Hello, everyone! Tune in here. Today is the Birthday of my closest companion. How about we make it a major day. Glad Birthday to my companion.

132. Your basic embrace has wiped my tears commonly and your basic snicker has brought satisfaction into my face. Glad birthday.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

133. May be today around evening time you’ve turned into a multi-year old, yet at the same time, you are my actual and best mate. Anyway, upbeat birthday.

134. Your birthday gives every one of the general population whose lives you’ve enhanced, an assigned day to reveal to you how upbeat we are that you entered the world on this day.

135. For every one of these years, you’ve been my actual companion and guide. If it’s not too much trouble remain until the end of time. Upbeat birthday.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

136. We battled commonly, yet it was you who set aside a few minutes. You are really uncommon. Glad birthday.

137. We have organized an enormous festival on the grounds that an exceptional individual like you generally merits the best birthday festivity party. Glad birthday.

138. You are the person who comprehends me best. You guided me through the harsh lifestyle. Much obliged mate. Wishing you a glad birthday.

139. This is the day when my best mate came into this stunning world. I’m lucky to the point that God sent you in my life. Cheerful birthday.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

140. You’re the best, on the grounds that you’re the best companion in all the land. I realize that I’m not off-base. Cheerful birthday.

141. I had numerous companions yet all I required was to locate a genuine companion like you. We should praise your birthday.

142. You and your birthday, both are really exceptionally uncommon in my life. All I require is your quality for the duration of the life. Glad birthday amigo.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

143. You are such a magnificent companion, to the point that needs no portrayal. Expectation numerous more gifts will tail you in the coming years.

144. Let’s praise your birthday party and begin another exceptional year of your life. Live long my dear companion. Cheerful birthday.

145. Your birthday events come around consistently, however, it’s valid that companions like you must be discovered ideal. Wishing you a brilliant birthday party tonight.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

146. Your devotion and trustworthiness can’t be contrasted with any other individual. You are genuinely unique in each perspective. Wishing an extremely cheerful and brilliant birthday to the individual who respects me the most.

147. My birthday wishes for you is that you keep on loving life and dream constantly. May excellence and joy encompass you, on your unique day, as well as usual.

148. For numerous individuals, the word companion is only a succession of letters. For me, it is the wellspring of joy and quality as a result of you. Upbeat Birthday, amigo!

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

149. Because I have a companion like you, consistently feels like an occasion. I can hardly wait to praise your birthday like it’s the most essential day of the year!

150. Your nearness in my life implies a ton. I’m glad to the point that you are still in my life. Glad birthday dear.

151. A companion like you is more inestimable than the most excellent precious stone. You are solid and shrewd, as well as kind and insightful too. Your birthday is the ideal chance to demonstrate you much I give it a second thought and that I am so thankful to have you in my life.

152. Glad Birthday to you. The great things I could say in regards to you are boundless. Yet, I will just pause for a moment to state the world is a superior place with you in it. I’m either having a hot blaze, or it is every one of those candles on your cake.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

153. You are an incredible companion of mine, so I trust you’ll have the best birthday festivity today around evening time. Cheerful birthday.

154. I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer my closest companion, on this exceptionally uncommon day. Keep your eyes open to observe every one of the shocks that I’ve organized you. Glad birthday.

155. We talk each day, meet each day and still, it feels that I require your more organization. Companion, I’ve put you in my heart. Have a decent birthday.

Short happy birthday wishing messages for friends

156. You can’t stop to have birthday celebrations and obviously, you can’t quit being my closest companion. It’s extremely incredible to have a companion like you in my life. Upbeat birthday.

157. Good companions don’t simply get old. They just improve as they age, similar to a fine wine. Wishing you a birthday loaded with satisfaction.

158. I still recall the day I met like it was yesterday. t speaks to the day an extremely uncommon individual resulted in these present circumstances world. Upbeat Birthday!

159. I trust you shimmer on this exceptional day. I express gratitude toward God for giving me such a brilliant friend like you. Cheerful birthday buddy.

160. When I was in a bad position you were there to give me some assistance. I need you to realize that eternity I am thankful that you are dependably there for me. Have a favored birthday my friend.

161. Depend on me through various challenges, I will be everlastingly close by. Have an astonishing birthday my friend.

162. I need you to know the amount I value you, you were there for me through the great circumstances and the awful. Here’s to one more year of friendship! Happy birthday to my friend.

163. Warmest wishes to the most sacrificial individual I know. You generally deal with me, so today it’s your swing to be dealt with.

164. On this unique day, I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer and all the accomplishment throughout everyday life. Happy birthday.

165. May each desire you have worked out. Today we praise your unique day, cheerful birthday to you!

166. Today we commend the day of your arriving. Much obliged to you for making our reality a more brilliant and bright place.

167. All the bliss on the planet I wish for you, for you are a stunning friend and there is nobody like you. Cheerful birthday friend.

168. Happy Birthday to the main individual I would need as my escape driver!! May we have a fabulous time many times and extraordinary enterprises together.

169. They say you are who you encircle yourself with and I figure that makes me a staggeringly insightful delightful individual since that is the thing that you are my closest friend. Happy Birthday and I trust your day is as brilliant as you seem to be!

170. I know whether anybody heard us talking they would most likely think we had gotten away from a psychological establishment. Happy Birthday to my closest friend! I trust we have numerous more long stretches of insane wild enterprises together!

171. Would I be able to approach go shopping in your wardrobe? They say ‘vintage’ is drifting this year. Cheerful Birthday, my trendy old friend.

172. Today is somebody exceptional birthday. Somebody who is as benevolent and sympathetic as they are excellent and bubbly. Somebody who illuminates a stay with a 400 Watt grin. Somebody with beauty and balance and has an underhanded sweet tooth. Could that superstar be you?! Happy Birthday, friend.

173. Happy Birthday! You possess a scent like a pig and you live like one as well! I cherish you and I trust you have the best birthday yet! I’m so happy we’re closest friends! Oink! Oink!

174. No one knows where the years have gone, it appears as though it’s just been a brief timeframe. How have you not matured multi-day when the years have abandoned me all dark? It’s your gathering, I’ll cry on the off chance that I need to. Cry in the event that I need to. You would cry too if dim transpired! Happy Birthday, my delightful friend! May the years keep on being benevolent!

175. Happy Birthday, closest friend! Keep in mind forget that I welcome you— – nearly as much as Kim Kardashian acknowledges herself! Have an incredible day!

176. Happy Birthday to my closest friend! I trust you have an extraordinary birthday.

177. Happy Birthday you great jerk, may you have a lot of success and happiness in the day to come.

178. Ferris Bueller was correct. “Life moves entirely quickly. On the off chance that you don’t stop and glance around once in for a short time you could miss it.” Happy Birthday. Bear in mind to stop and glance around at all the superb things and individuals that encompass you.

179. Cheerful Birthday to my closest friend, may we develop to be the most sizzling cougars around.

180. I truly think that it’s pitiful that the more established we get, we have a larger number of candles than cake!! How could that be reasonable? I think to remunerate we have 2 pieces rather than 1. Sound great?? Cheerful Birthday! Presently victory the candles previously the fire caution goes off!

181. Happy Birthday to one of a simple couple of individuals whose Facebook statuses would prefer to make me not to haul my hair out and deactivate my record. I trust you have an extraordinary day encompassed by your loved ones. Presently… I should set our fellowship by wishing you ahappy birthday on your Facebook page.

182. Happy Birthday! Presently when do we get the opportunity to prattle about every one of the general population you don’t have a clue about that wished you a cheerful birthday on your Facebook divider?!

183. So since you are my closest friend I feel it is just ideal to reveal to your reality. YOU. ARE. OLD. Get over it as of now. Cheerful Birthday! We should get to the well done—cake and wine!

184. I don’t think life resembles a crate of chocolates. I think life resembles an Almond Joy. You nibble into it and get a bite off pieces and afterward, you need to eat through the drops to discover those two impeccable and flavorful nuts. You and I are the nuts!! Cheerful Birthday starting with one nut then onto the next.

185. Happy Birthday! I trust you commend your day! Happy Birthday! I trust you drink and move and play! Cheerful Happy Birthday! I trust you make the most of your unique day!

186. In the event that you were drain or cheddar, I would need to toss you out however since I don’t see a lapse sticker on you and you don’t appear to smell… I’ll simply accept you’re okay. Happy Birthday, my old yet very much saved the closest friend!

187. Cake and frozen yogurt are 100% fat-free, calorie-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and contains no high fructose corn syrup… on your birthday. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!

188. They say age is only a number…..yet by and by I surmise that is a heap of poo. With age comes droopy skin, wrinkles, and thin hair. Try not to stress, however, you’re a couple of years from all that. Cheerful Birthday, old buddy!

189. I got you an iron for your birthday. I know they say as you get more seasoned you begin getting a couple of wrinkles… I needed to ensure you were readied. I know. I know. I am an exceptionally insightful friend. Happy Birthday!!

190. Happy Birthday to a kindred wine specialist.

191. Happy Anniversary of your 29th Birthday! How long have we been praising this birthday now?? Cheerful Birthday to my absolute best friend. I esteem our kinship… regardless of whether you are remaining a similar age and not getting any more established!

192. Hello, would you be able to blow every one of these candles without anyone else’s input or would it be advisable for me to call our nearby fire division?

193. There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you may get un-birthday presents, and just a single for birthday presents, you know. Happy birthday.

194. The year you were born stamps just your entrance to the world. Different years you demonstrate your value. They are the ones worth celebrating.

195. Happy birthday! I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer and accomplishment in your lifetime through.

196. It implies such a great amount to have you in my life, so I give you my hottest wishes and bunches of embraces. I am everlastingly appreciative that you are my friend.

197. Happy birthday my friend, I guarantee to be close by. Through various challenges, I’ll be with you till the end.

198. May each minute today influence you to grin, may each second of today be advantageous. To my dearest friend, these are my birthday wishes for you and I trust each fantasy you wish works out.

199. A friend like you is extremely uncommon, so today the entire world with you I will share. You’re savvy, kind, and dependably there when I required a hand. Happy birthday buddy.

200. Wishing you the most joyful birthday yet, trusting you have the best memory you can always remember.

201. Here’s an uncommon birthday welcome to my friend. May you have unadulterated satisfaction, graciousness, and numerous years to accompany bunches of achievement.

202. The affection, bolster, and magnificent brotherhood you give is stunning. You genuinely are a moving individual. I am so sanctified to have met you. Cheerful birthday pal.

203. You are dependably a dedicated friend to me, generally there to comfort me. Today is your extraordinary day so let me ruin you for the day?

204. Regardless of where life takes us, regardless of where our ways will lead, you will dependably be my closest friend and I will convey the recollections we’ve made with me generally. Happy birthday to my closest friend in the entire world!

205. I am so thankful to have a friend like you. May every last one of your birthday wishes works out as expected!

206. We beyond any doubt have done some insane things together. What’s more, today is your birthday and you know what that implies, isn’t that right? It’s an ideal opportunity to add some more wild experiences to our storage facility of recollections! Happy birthday closest friend!

207. I will most likely be unable to praise this birthday with you, yet regardless of where we are I generally wish you the best of everything life brings to the table. I miss you, my friend. Cheerful birthday!

208. I couldn’t have requested a superior friend than you. A debt of gratitude is in order for continually being there for me, for supporting me and for empowering me. Cheerful birthday to my closest friend!

209. We have such a large number of recollections together and I know we will make such a significant number of something beyond. Cheerful birthday to my closest friend, the individual who tops off my existence with brilliant recollections.I know things have been intense, yet one thing you can rely on is that I will ride out the tempest with you since you are my closest friend, may your birthday be one of daylight and peace.

210. Happy birthday to the closest friend anybody would ever request. My blessing to you is my kinship forever.

211. Today is your enormous day and, since we are closest friends, I know you’ll impart to me all the plunder you get for your birthday!

212. I knew your birthday was coming so I went searching for the ideal birthday wishes for the closest friend like you and none of them were adequate. Everything I can state is that I am so sanctified to have you as my closest friend.

213. Happy birthday to the individual who has influenced me to giggle and grin more than any other person. You are the closest friend anybody could request.

214. There is just a single individual in this world who is cooler than me, and today is that individual’s birthday. Cheerful birthday to my closest friend!

215. I generally express gratitude toward God that I have a friend like you. I guarantee to keep on being there for you through the great circumstances and awful, in light of the fact that that is the thing that closest friends do! Cheerful birthday dear friend.

216. Sometimes in life, we experience a man who turns out to be so vital to us that we can call them the closest friend. What’s more, it is difficult to win the title of “best”, yet I am Happy to call you my closest friend. Happy birthday!

217. Today is your uncommon day in this way, as your closest friend, I guarantee to do whatever it takes not to take the spotlight for no less than 24 hours!

218. Whenever I require a comfort in times of dire need, you are there. At whatever point I require an arm around me, you are there. You are the ideal case of what the closest friendso really is. Happy birthday my closest friend.

219. Sending birthday wishes to the closest friend like you is no simple assignment. To put it plainly, there are no words that completely catch the amount you intend to be.

220. You may not be the main friend that I have, but rather you are certainly the main friend I require. I adore you! Happy birthday!

221. Best birthday wishes to the individual who I admire more than any other person. Much obliged for being my motivation.

222. You are somewhat insane, a lot senseless and extremely entertaining. What’s more, that is precisely what I adore about you to such an extent! Happy birthday my friend!

223. Happy birthday wishes to an uncommon friend who is completely essential. A debt of gratitude is in order for being so magnificent!

224. Thank you for making me the most fortunate friend in the universe. Your affection and bolster give me the valor to confront the difficulties throughout everyday life. I guarantee to be there for you in delight and in difficulty. Happy birthday wishes for an extraordinary friend!

225. My dear friend, may you get loads of adoration, satisfaction, and gifts on your birthday.

226. May your day be loaded with grins, happiness, kisses, and cheers? Have an ideal day on your birthday.

227. To my steady, brilliant friend, I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer on your birthday and thank you for being such a decent audience.

228. Here’s to one more year of living minus all potential limitations, may each succeeding year be superior to the last.

229. Today we praise your birthday. You are a standout amongst the most astounding individuals I know. I am so sanctified to be your friend.

230. A friend like you is dependably there to deal with me, and today on your birthday, I am here to ensure you’re dealt with.

231. Our fellowship resembles a pearl, it’s profitable and it shines. It’s precious. All the best on your birthday.

232. Cheers to a friend who is magnanimous, mindful and enchanting. It’s your birthday and it’s a great opportunity to be dealt with like sovereignty.

233. You merit all the bliss and achievement today, and for all the birthday celebrations that will come to your direction. Today, I commend your life and this is my ardent message only to you.

234. I wish a shaking, shining, and exceptional birthday to you. I will dependably be your friend that is so valid!

235. Hope this birthday will bring you bunches of amazements, presents, and treats. You are my dearest friend and I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

236. Have an absolutely rad and shaking birthday. Since you are exceptional, there will be a considerable measure of amazements coming to your direction.

237. You are adored, treasured and essential. Much obliged to you for making me the most fortunate friend on the planet. Have a Happy and sound birthday my friend.

238. Sit back and unwind for now is your birthday and today is a unique day only for you. Reveal to me your demand and I’ll ensure your desire works out.

239. My sincerest wish to a dear friend. More joy, peace, and accomplishment with an additional much love I am sending your direction. Cheerful birthday friend!

240. Today I have a message to the state, my all the best are headed. You are the coolest friend I know, you are benevolent, attentive and a friend so evident.

241. You’re marvelous in all that you do, some time or another I need my youngsters to resemble you. You are so uncommon inside and out, may you have aHappy and a sound birthday.

242. Your new age looks phenomenal on you. It would seem that Father Time truly loves you!

243. May your day be as happy, positive and wonderful as you seem to be? I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer on your birthday.

244. Never has there been a friend very like you. I am so appreciative to have you in my life. Thinking of birthday wishes for a decent friend like you is almost unimaginable, so everything I can truly say is a cheerful birthday to you.

245. It isn’t simple concocting birthday wishes for a friend like you. You merit just the best on your exceptional day.

246. You are dependably there when I required a friend. A friend to converse with, to cry to, to giggle with. Much obliged to you for being there for me. Cheerful birthday my dear friend.

247. I trust you have a superb day and that the year ahead is loaded with much love, numerous awesome astonishments and gives you enduring recollections that you will love in all the days ahead. Cheerful Birthday pal.

248. On this exceptional day, I wish all of you the plain best, all the delight you can ever have and may you be honored richly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fabulous birthday and numerous more to come…? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

249. May your birthday be loaded with numerous glad hours and your existence with numerous upbeat birthday celebrations? Upbeat BIRTHDAY!!

250. All things considered, you are one more year more established and you haven’t changed a bit. That is extraordinary in light of the fact that you are immaculate simply the way you are. Happy Birthday.


Author: Rita Mahato

I am Rita Mahato, an employee in a Birthday Party Palace in Chicago, USA, who has deep knowledge about society and celebration.