500 Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages For Friends on Whatsapp Status

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends on Whatsapp: – Find here top and best 450 birthday wishes, SMS, text messages for best friends in English language. Don’t say only happy birthday to you.

Give her/him some special text to show your feelings. We have a huge collection of happy birthday wishing text messages for your best friends in English language.

Say “Happy birthday friend” with mindful and contacting birthday wishes! Select the ideal birthday wishes for a friend. Birthday events are such a vital occasion and friends are the absolute most uncommon individuals in our lives, in this way it is normal to need to send the best birthday wishes we can concoct.

In any case, it isn’t generally simple to make the ideal happy birthday wishes for friends. It was on account of this that we made this gathering so you could locate the privilege cheerful birthday wishes for a friend.

Having a best friend is a blessing one can really hope for. A best friend is one to share all your ups and down as you go through this roller coaster we call life.

Being able to lean and reckon, on someone is one of the best feelings when your best friend has a birthday approaching, it’s only natural thing to want to do something special to show how much you appreciate and love him or her. A birthday is a  very special day for a person.

On this day, the birthday girl or boy deserves to be showered with love and attention. Giving a wish that includes all you want to express him/her in words but don’t know what way would it be preferred then this can be helpful.

Here I make a name (Ravi) as my best friend, and you can replace your close and lovely friend, and spread more love and closeness.

Best friends are the best gift of the god so we must take some time out on the occasion of our best friend’s birthday to wish him a very happy birthday.

450 Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in English

1. The day you were born is one of the best days of my life since you became my best friend. Happy Birthday to my best friend.

Birthday Wishes Cards for Best Friends in English
Birthday Wishes Cards for Best Friends

2. Warm wishes to my best friend on your Birthday.

3. Ever since you come into my life, I always feel blessed. Thank you for being a best friend. Happy Birthday my friend.

4. I know you wouldn’t mind even if I ate all your cake but as today is your Birthday. So, let’s eat us together.

5. You may be celebrating your Birthday but today is the day my best friend was born. Happy Birthday, dearest friend.

6. Happy Birthday, Buddy. You have always been the part of my happiness and sadness. Thank you very much for such a friendship.

7. I can do anything to get a smile on your face my dearest friend. So, enjoy your Birthday.

8. Well, go has given a precious gift to me on this day. Happy Birthday, dost.

9. Hey, friend! You are getting one year older but don’t worry. You will the best friend of mine forever.

10. How can I define our friendship? The words from the dictionary are not capable of defining us. Happy Birthday to my lovely friend. Stay happy.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in English

11. I am lucky that I don’t have the brother. I am lucky that I have a friend, a best friend like you. Happy Birthday.


12. The world is jealous of our friendship but we will keep on going. Happy Birthday best friend.

13. Happy Birthday, friend. Hope you will have awesome days ahead. My best wishes are always with you.

14. Hey, Buddy! Should I flash your age today? How can you able to maintain such a healthy even at this age? Anyway, Happy Birthday. Have great days ahead.

15. I just forgot how much you turn today. Can you just let me know? Happy Birthday and let’s have a party.

16. Well, I am already on leave today just to celebrate a party with you. Happy Birthday, Friend. Where is the party?

17. The cake is ready. Candles are ready. Lights off. Now, just light the candle and make bright. Hope your life will be as bright as this candle. Happy B’day friend.

18. I am sorry to say I could not attend your Birthday party but I promise to be with you next year. Happy Birthday.

19. If you have any problem, let me know. I will solve it to make your life problem free. Happy Birthday.

20. I understood why my life is so better. This is because of your presence in my life. Happy Birthday to my best friend.

 Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in English

21. If there is one person with whom I can share my feelings, it’s you. Thank you so much for your support friend. Happy Birthday.

22. I knew why people are afraid of me. It’s because of you. You have always been protecting me. Thank you and Happy B’day.

23. I have never realized that you are my best friend ever since I got to know the true meaning of friendship. Happy B’day friend and let’s make our friendship better.

24. I don’t need to describe to you why you are so much value to me. Happy birthday friend and have a blast.

25. I am just thinking of today’s party on your Birthday. Have you booked our favorite seat in that café???? Happy Birthday, friend and least make your Birthday a memorable one.

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26. If I were a President of this country, probably today will be the public holiday. It’s your Birthday my friend. Happy Birthday and rock the world.

27. There can be many friends but there is one best friend. That is you. Happy Birthday.

28. Life would be hard if you were not my friend. Happy Birthday.

29. I have been waiting for this day since last birthday. Finally, the day has arrived. Happy Birthday, friend. Where are my chocolates?

30. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in the world. Keep smiling.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in English

31. Do you still remember our last party bash? I think the day has come to make it more. It’s your Birthday and I can’t wait to party tonight. Let’s celebrate this day and make it fun.

32. Many friends came and went but you are the one that remains. Thank you for being so trustworthy and loyal to our friendship. Happy Birthday my dear friend.

33. Happy Birthday to my Best friend. I am sure to be the first one to wish you.

34. To my lovely and dearest friend, wish you a jhakkas Happy Birthday.

35. With lots of love and blessing, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy every moment of your life.

36. Thank you, god, for giving such a good friend. Happy Birthday my friend.

37. I have already bought a birthday gift for you. Could you please tell me where the party is? Happy Birthday and let’s rock your Birthday.

38. Friend and Friendship what I learn from you. You are the true friend of mine. Happy Birthday, friend.

39. The sky is Blue and I have a best friend like you. Happy Birthday, friend.

40. Whenever I close my eyes, I always remember the days we have passed. Thank you for such a lovely moment. Happy Birthday.

50 Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friends in English

41. We don’t need to prove that we are best friends because we already are. Happy Birthday to my best friend.

42. Just believe in yourself just I believe you. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day ahead.

43. No matter how far I am, if you need a help just do remember me. I will always be there for you. Happy Birthday and enjoy the day.

44. Sometimes I just can’t find a word to define you. I can only say that you are the best friend of mine and will always be. Happy Birthday.

45. Some girls were asking your number for wishing on your Birthday but I am sorry to say that I didn’t give it to them. I don’t want other to be the first to wish you. Happy B’day friend.

46. Today I realized why God didn’t give me brothers. This is because they want you to be with me as my best friend. Happy B’day.

47. What else I need if you are with me. Happy Birthday, friend.

48. Even gods are jealous of our friendship. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend.

49. Many Many Happy returns of the day my best friend.

50. Hello, everybody! Listen here. Today is the Birthday of my best friend. Let’s make it a big day. Happy Birthday to my friend.


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