50 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher

26th SMS.

I don’t know how our all laziness and boredom disappeared from us in each and every class of yours. A very warm wish in your special day. We hope you have a wonderful journey ahead in your life.

27th SMS.

How can we express our respect and admiration for you just in words? There are no words to describe you and your life learning guidance. Happy B’day to the one and only inspirational sir.

28th SMS.

I can’t express how excited I am today because it is your special day. It’s your Birthday and your birthday is a very special to me. I am hoping for the party tonight. Let’s make it rock and roll.

29th SMS.

You have been more than a teacher to us as your friendly way of teaching has always confused us whether you were a teacher or a friend of mine. Happy B’day teacher and I are lucky to have a teacher like you.

30th SMS.

My journey of life would have been so hard if you were not my tutor. You gave a valuable suggestion in each and every problem of mine that has helped to a step towards success. So, on this special day, I wish you a warm happy B’day.

50 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher

31th SMS.

Though I was failed in many subjects during schools but it was you who never gave me realized that I was failed rather you boost my confidence to the top level. Your confidence has helped to overcome my failures in life. Happy B’day guru.

32th SMS.

Dear Guruji, on your special day, we have decided to organize a small Birthday party celebration. We hope you will accept our gift on your special day and we all wish with a deep heart, Happy B’day.

Happy Birthday Wishes sms messages quotes greeting cards text msg for favourite teacher
Happy Birthday greeting cards for favorite teacher

33th SMS.

My journey of school started with A, B, wordsC…. but my real life journey started with your inspirational and motivational words. Thank you, sir, for providing the motivation in our life.

34th SMS.

Teachers are the image of gods who have been sent to this world to inspire and motivate the world to create a peaceful and amazing earth and you have been doing your job since your each and warfare like the message sent by gods to us. Happy B’day teacher.

35th SMS.

You may be failed in your exams of your schools but you should not fail in the exam of your life. This inspirational statement from you has always inspired to do something in my life. Thank you Teacher and happy B’day.


36th Quotes.

Where there is a student, there is a teacher. Where there is a teacher, there is a student. Teacher and student are the two side of the same coin. So, wishing a warm happy Birthday to the one side of the coin.

37th Quotes.

If you were only teaching us that books knowledge then you wouldn’t have been our best. It was you who gave us the knowledge of the outer world and inspires us in our life. Happy B’day to the best teacher of our school.

38th Quotes.

If every teacher were like you, then this school would have been in the top list of the world. However, we are the luckiest students to have a guru like you. Happy B’day guru.

39th Quotes.

We have never realized that learning would be so fun. When you came in our life, we realized how a fun learning can help us to grab the knowledge in a very short time. Happy B’day my teacher.

Happy Birthday Wishes sms messages quotes greeting cards text msg for favourite teacher
Happy Birthday greeting cards for favorite teacher

40th Quotes.

When I remember my school days, your class is the most I missed a lot nowadays. How lovely and joyful were the class by your strategic learning methods? I wish we had a teacher like you in our college. Happy B’day my teacher.

50 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher

41st Quotes.

My dearest lovely teacher, happy birthday.

42nd Quotes.

We know this gift is very small compared to your gift what you have given in our life. But we hope you will accept our small gift on your special day. Happy B’day teacher.

43rd Quotes.

It has been a long time you have been teaching us math but now let us teach you how to party. So, we have organized a small party tonight to celebrate your birthday. Hope you will join the party and make it a special one.

44th Messages.

From today, you have been one year older but for us, you are the same charming and handsome teacher. Happy B’day to the most handsome teacher of the world.

45th Messages.

Dear beautiful Ma’am, could you please let me know the reason of your beauties so that I can enhance that beauty in my life. Happy B’day to the most beautiful Ma’am of this world.

46th Messages.

Your Presence in my life is one of the best moment of my life from where I have able to move on the right path of my life. You are the source of inspiration for me. You are the motivator for me. Happy B’day teacher.

47th Messages.

I can’t describe my love and respect towards you in these couple of words but I do know I can make you feel happy by being the person you want me to see. Happy B’day my dear teacher. God bless you.

48th Messages.

A great student is born only by the great teacher. You are the great teacher of our school who helped us to be the greatest student of this school. All this credit goes to you. Happy B’day teacher and we promise to fulfill your desires.

49th Messages.

Sometimes I am a little bit confused by your efforts, motivations, and inspirations to us who never have taken you seriously. Now, we have truly realized the value of your words. We are really sorry for those days and we promise to go in the path you have shown us. Happy B’day teacher.

50th Messages.

Happy B’day teacher. Our school life may be over but our love and respect for you will be always with us. Like we hope you will be able to help many other upcoming students to inspires them in their life.

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50 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher


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