50 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Ex Husband


The journey about us is so incomplete that it hurts to even think about it. I hope you are happy with the decision you took. happy birthday


I think life is being a teacher to me and teaching me how to stay alone and see the one you love move on. It is hard but I got to pass. happy birthday


All I ever asked was loyalty and togetherness. You gave me nothing but pain. I hope you don’t give such gift to others. happy birthday


Your pride, ego, and selfishness have caused me to walk out of your life. And you will never clean up this mess. I still wish you goodness and happy birthday.


My heart can be so disappointing. You hurt me and all I want to think about is your happiness. happy birthday

50 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Ex Husband


I waited 364 days to message you this. I wish a very happy birthday and wonderful life.


I still remember the first birthday we shared together. Now we barely talk to each other. I still hope that one day we will get to do it all over again. happy birthday


And maybe in another life, I shall be your one and only and keep all our promises. You don’t have to be my one that got away. happy birthday


You might have grown old but you still look as charming as the first day I met you. happy birthday


I have seen you’re new to be wife. She looks bored and fat. Why don’t you that dog for a walk on your birthday?



There’s only one thing irritating that loose motion and that is you. Why were you even born my ex-husband?


I guess my life is runway and wrong people kept walking into it. Thanks for walking away and leaving me happy and free. I could not thank you more than wishing you a happy birthday


If my ex-updated their status and said: “I’m on the edge of a cliff”. How many of you would ‘poke’ them and giggle from wishful thinking? I would ex-husband. Not so happy birthday to you.


This goes to my ex, Mr.Idiot. I had a lot of causes to give up on you, but I still chose to stay. You had a lot of reasons to stay, but you chose to give up. Happy birthday though.

ex husband and wife
Ex-husband and wife


When you walked out I was devastated and alone. Now I realize it was the best thing you ever did for me. Thanks for that and wish you a happy birthday.

50 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Ex Husband


You know they told us to say ’til death do us part’, well we’ve parted, why are you still breathing? And why you still celebrating your worst day of being born.


Cannot wait till the day when you realize what I have always know—I was the best thing you ever had and you threw me away.Can’t say I’m sorry for your loss. Happy birthday ex.


You remind me of all the bad things in my life. Then I realize you were only the one bad thing. And now that you are gone. I am flawless. Thanks for making me realize that ex-lover.


Happy Birthday to one amazing person for today and every day because you deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday, ex-husband.


Sometimes I wish I never met you, but other times I really need you in my life. And I just want you to realize that I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday.


Attachments lead to expectation expectations lead to disappointments. And you were a perfect example. Happy birthday.


I hate it when I have to act strong when all I want to do is break down and cry and it’s all because I lost someone that meant the world to me. Happy birthday.


I googled a picture of garbage and saw a photo of you. Happy birthday.


You broke my heart after you promised forever, you lied when I knew the truth, you said you were ready to commit. You are a boy playing with my heart. But all I can do is wish you a happy birthday.


Thanks for changing me and making me a strong woman today. Even though I wish you were never born, I still have to thank you. Happy birthday.

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50 Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Ex Husband


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