500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

202. Don’t worry my sis I will come to your hostel for your occasion for a birthday I full fill your time with doing a party for you happy birthday.

203. May you take all the photos for your birthday I will frame it and send for you there on your happy birthday as a gift.

204. You enjoy and entertain on your birthday only my sis you look what I can do in that of your special day. You are lucky I am your bro.

205. Colorful balloons for you my sis on your birthday for the blast of new granted party adventure, happy birthday my elder sister.

206. The new life starts with cheerful life with the fun of cake by making on your hand sister, it’s your birthday at New Year now fantastic for me. I enjoyed by eating a lot of cake.

  1. It’s your birthday. The special day. I know to express the feeling, no any special day is required but also I want to make you feel special in every way I can. Happy b’day my sweet sister. There is no one for me like you in this world and I love you more than anything.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

  1. Happy b’day didi. Many many happy returns of the day. You have always been best for me in every step I have taken. Wish you to have the beautiful years ahead and have all the prosperity in the life.


  1. Many many happy returns of the day my big sister. Though you were bigger than me, I always felt like I was with my friend, my best friend. Thank you for supporting in the every step of my life and thank you for being there.


  1. Happy b’day my sweet didi. You have always been my big support in my every naughty step. You were always there for me when I need you. I pray to god that i would also be able to be by your side in every step of our life. Luv u di.


  1. World gave the name of our relation as the sister but you have always been like my mother. Your care, your love have always made me feel the warmth of motherly love. You have always been there for me as a mother. i wish to have you by my side always. Happy b’day di.


  1. Wish you a beautiful life filled with all the happiness you deserve, with all the love you deserve. Happy b’day my sister. I wish you to have more beautiful years ahead with all the loved ones. You are always best to me. May you live long di.


  1. You have been not only my sister but you have been always there for me when I need a friend, you were there when I need a motivator, you have always been there for me for everything. This special day of yours is making me feel very happy. Wish you tons of happiness always. Happy b’day dd.


  1. I feel very much lucky that I am born younger to you. Being younger to you I got you as my second mother. your love, warmth and care is always the important part of my life. Happy b’day didi.


  1. I succeded in my life and the person I thank in my life is only you my lovely sister. You were always the source of inspiration me. I would like to count on this special day of yours to thank you for everything. Happy b’day dd and thank you for everything.


  1. Wish you tons and tons of happiness for every beautiful year ahead of yours. You deserve every moments of happiness and I wish you for the same in all of your years. Happy b’day didi. May you remain happy in all of your years and always have a smile in your face.


  1. My sister is someone very special in my life, who fights with me, cares for me, plays with me, suggests me things when I am in need and shouts me at times. Be it anything you are my best sister forever. Happy b’day my dear sister.


  1. I wish you for the day filled with happiness, fun, prosperity and love. Enjoy this special day ofyour lifemy sweet sister as you need to wait till the next year for this special day of yours. Happy b’day dear sister. Many many happy returns of the day.


  1. Your love, care and affection for me is something precious in my life. Your blessings will always be there forever to make my life successful, thank you my dear sister. I know my words is never sufficient for what you have done tome but still thank you. Wish you Happy b’day my dear sister.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

  1. You’ve been my friend, my guide throughout, the example you have setfor my life, you are my teacher, my inspiration.Thank you for being there and you are my beautiful darling sister. Happy b’day di. Wish you a very very Happy b’day.


  1. Happy b’day to the most wonderful sister of the world. You are so beautiful soul and so much caring. Wish you a very Happy b’day di. May all your dreams come true and may you always lead the happiest life ever.


  1. My heart always has the respect for you. What you have done for me, no one would ever do, and therefore I bow down my head for you. Happy b’day didi. May you always have the wonderful days and live a happy life. I wish on this special day that we always have beautiful moments together.


  1. I still remember our childhood. The fights we used to have, the joys we shared, the shout we used to make and all those catfights, I still remember all this. It’s been a year but it seems this all happened just 2 days ago. Years have passed and here comes your special day for the year. Happy b’day didi.



  1. The smile you used to bring on my face would make all my days. The way you used to show me always made my destination to the bright end. And this all still remains the same. Happy b’day didi. May you get all the happiness you deserve.


  1. For every candles on your cake that brings tons and tons of happiness getting your one wish fulfilled. I wish to add one more candle on your cake today so that you get happier with one more wish fulfilled. Happy b’day didi. Wish you get all the happiness.


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