500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

176. Sis I express only my real and sure able thought in your birthday party soon you take care and not felling loneliness.

177. The coming year of you happy birthday my sis, you live ahead, with getting knowledge of books by reading it, may lord you only gave me you’re blessing on me.

178. I cannot store that moment but I fell it on my happy birthday.

179. The new adventure for you, at the mystery for your life, you must improve your habit on the coming birthday.

180. Uncountable thanks for you, and I fulfill your demand always whatever you phoned me.

181. The life is starting first from the birth and always the birthday came at the second time for my life, always happy birthday forever.

182. Your bro only express their felling onward you, and giving you the happiest moment every time.

183. As you entering in the home first at the door I give you one of the best sunrises for you, you like it, it is your magic bro not it is my own workable thing. I do the small work like as that, happy birthday my sister.

184. The watch appreciateyou the much for your kindly study .it forward your best regularity in front of study.it list also part for our life. And also your birthday you come soon digit’s your happy birthday.

185. The joke is forsmile ;but this joke if serious sis you don’ta walk up early for reading I jealous for you how much you studied, you take good gift from father and mother.

186. It’s me your bro my sweet sis you are sweet always like as a chocolate and cake for that I send you that as a gift on yourbirthday. I miss you a lot.

187. I gave you the warmth wishing to resolve the critical situation for yourself with new thought and experiences, the life is filled with success always go up with your need able surrounding for my sis on their happy birthday.

188. May your birthday is like a deniable forest over behalf of success for peace by all-rounder with much love of strong be my sis, happy birthday my sister.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

189. I always know that you gat degree on the way to organize the birthday party or any events for anyone but it is best forme, happy birthday to you

190. You’re coming birthday id like a best day for are you a lot; it is the examination test ofyou and me what up in your birthday party.

191. I don’t compare to others you are my best elder sis, happy birthday sister you get a lot of care, joy and cheer up in the whole of your wonderful life forever.

192. I hold your hand in any difficulties or any problem I had, it’s this day your birthday di.

193. I send you some toys and treenail for you, you like most that type of gift, you had come soon.

194. The upcoming year is granted of success for you know and for all day of your whole life, you achieve a golden flower for petals and root of any plant for you always, happy birthday my elder sister.

195. The authentic moment organizes by me for you di incoming birthday party.


196. This birthday went up through the fast speed and another birthday come through the slow speed like as a ruinable life, happy birthday my sister.

197. The challenge is committed at any time of our life. You faced without any obstacle with it is a part of the life, happy birthday with lots for glad for you on that special say.

198. My di is my best friend it’s my supportive way of doing any work. I think you had achieved a lot of knowledge for your whole life behind the true deprivation of luck, happy birthday my sister.

199. The first child mother and father you are di you fulfill all the demand of their and then my demand and helped in my work, happy birthday my elder sister.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

200. The success will miles apart from you in the long distance you prayed the god and starting of working hard.it is best for your wonderful life, happy birthday my sister.

201. No one changes the life only you went to go both the time then only you go a walk for it.it gave you sorrow and happiness in the life, happy birthday my sis.


Author: Rita Mahato

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