500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

151. The cooling birthday brought you the much happiest life on that special day.

152. One jokes foryou; you don’t mind it, you do not smoking and drinking a lot…….what on your happy birthday.

153. 2 jokes for you; youforget me on your birthday party; you call me on the mobile.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

154. The unique dress you like at instant period of time you are much lucky than me happy birthday my sis.

155. You are doing work floor me for my study; Ialso give you the happy gift on your happy birthday.

156. I am planning for your wonderful party of your birthday, like as the greatest festival in our home; you think how you are lucky, happybirthday.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

157. Your birthday made you happy, you will get the many giftsfrom the parents and also from me, I gave you the one gift which is precious and useful in the birthday the candle which gives bright sunshine on happy birthday.

158. You are favorite and best for me my di; you performed best in your life go ahead forthat, happy birthday my sister.

159. It your special ,I wish you the day is like an amazing and intellectually the day come again and again thought out the life, happy birthday to you.

160. I hope you achieve the best life at any way of livelihood with any others, happy birthday to you.

161. It is our day fall in the best day god gave you in the life of my Iam very lucky of that, happy birthday to you my sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

162. All of my wishes is for you only on your birthday come be soon, happy birthday.

163. This day is special as fantastic as you for deserving the best creation of life, happy birthday my elder sister.

164. You move on the path of best line with the rays of flowers for the colorful life you must get my sis, happy birthday to you.

165. The light is given by sunrise at day time and sunsets gave you the a little bit light to do the party at the night with celebrating to your friends and for me sis, happy birthday to you.

166. You always go ahead it’s your duty towards the life, happy birthday my wonderful sister you are elder to me, happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

167. Older people gave you a lot of blessing to disservice the beautiful journey of your life with suportance of health and wealth both on the happy birthday of my sis.

168. It gave you the colorful good luck to you for the forwarded your future soon, happy birthday.

169. God is making you the elder than me forI gave you some surprised to you, happy birthday for you my sister.

170. Congratulation for you a happy birthday my sis with a lots of blessing in the coming birthday of this year.


171. You are my elder sister with you deserve the happiest time almost on your happy birthday.

172. Thankful to god a friend like as you in my life for my given achievement for ward you at any way of my life, as the lord made you to my sister I am a lucky bro,happy birthday my sister.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

173. Might you had achieve a largest thank and friendly and well time in your birthday my sweet di.

174. Iam at strategy to have your bro and happiest time spend in frontof you and exited on your birthday.

175. You cheer up in my birthday as my close friend; I gave you the joyous time in the party of your happy birthday sis, do not serious on simple thing.


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