500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

126. Cakes for the best matter, the candle is for the getting the bright light on your life, happy New Year.

127. I gave you the precious diamond gift for you, I gave you on your birthday my sis you are waiting for that gift can you in this time be cool you can get, happy birthday to you.

128. Happy birthday, my sister which is elder, this is the lovely day of your life, it receives to the beautiful world; you take love and success in any work.

129. You are my only one sister, I always love you, I announced to your birthday party to your friends also, happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

130. Sister you are supporting me at all of my way of the life, you are the flower garden of one field for the love and care, happy birthday.

131. You awake my life always at the strongly effort on the way of success, it is the grand for me, happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

132. Cakes are always forever for me, as a miss believable things such a best matter to you on the happy birthday to you.

133. Wishing you the sensation of hot and marvelous love to you on your happy birthday to you.

134. Congratulation for your special day, I wished a granted life deserve you soon in a good way of line at the road, happy birthday.

135. Your throughout is very right you celebrating your birthday with togetherness in the happy birthday to my lovely sister.

136. This birthday was gone and I gave you gift oncoming birthday; it is for yours, happy birthday.

137. My elder sister is the precious gold for me it get light towards me, it has most beautiful by you wearing and you are very happy definitely I sure you like it and you wear in your happy birthday its sweet for me.

138. The life is a high price of diamond use is very important for us; you already deserve that most beautiful life, happy birthday to you.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

139. The bright light of morning gave you the light on your happy day or the special day you look forward for the bright sun ray it create the successful life to you, happy birthday to you my sister.

140. I am bored in home please come my sis you create happy on my face, thecoming day is you birthday also.

141. I announced for the birthday party of my sis at the big five star hotel I booked for your birthday please soon come, happy birthday to you.

142. You already knowing my thought, youcare, help me many more I wished you live a long time on the earth surface, happy birthday.

143. Happy birthday my sis, you are the hottest friend for me you solve all my problem and getting the several solution and courage to me to study hard and do the life better than others and be smart and energetic, happy birthday to you my elder sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

144. I knocked your door at your birthday in 11:59 or 12:00 I wish you the happy birthday, I wish you at first I am best friend of you, happy birthday to you my sweet sister.

145. My sis is my best friend for today and always forever, you give me a lot for time of in your happy birthday to you my wonderful sis.


146. You live in the happy birthday on the home, donot worry for anything I get you the beautiful sunrises, happy birthday my sister.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

147. You knocked my door bro please give me the a lot of wishes of yours it is best for me at all, happy birthday my sis.

148. You trust on me every time, I gave you the beautiful cake of the best hotels of your, you are exiting on your happy birthday my elder sis.

149. The night is with the full of bright light on your home I, birthday party is surprise for you, happy birthday to you.

150. I shower you the special moment, I sing one song for you on your happy birthday party my sis.


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