500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

101. It is arguing for our thick destination at the birthday party.

102. If all brother are lucky as me like as you are my sister, the god gave me well for giving me elder friends to share all type of thing and play with you, happy birthday my sister.

103. We are like as a friend by its own choice for doing any work, it my lovely day it’s my happy birthday.

104. Friends are the way of come and gone friends in the lifetime but you are the best friend of mine at ant way of life, you are forever for me, you come soon and wishing you a happy birthday to you my sweet sister.

105. You come at last night, it’s your birthday, and it’s your own choice, happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

106. Happy birthday wishes to my elder sis at lots of time on your special day.

107. My sis is the most favorite for me, at last, the world, happy New Year.

108. You gave me an important advice for studying well as the best people, I believed so much to you, happy birthday to you.

109. I gave you the standing audition at your birthday party with lots of surprises at all, happy birthday to you.

110. It is the way of asking of the wonderful person in the work.Happy birthday to you.

111. I had many best words for you to ask you on the birthday.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

112. Happiest time passes fastly and the sad time comes soon for the longer time, happy birthday to you.

113. Friendship is like you at every moment of my life, happy birthday to you.

114. I support you any time on the earth to create a new life, happy New Year.

115. I always getting you the new sensation of a beautiful smile on your face; it is the best ideas for yours, happy birthday to you.

116. Every memorial time sending for you on your true dream at the path of the line of colorful flower like that, your life is the way of warmth life, happy birthday.

117. I am lucky to blessing a journey of love life, the sunrise forward your beautiful love from the earth surface, happy birthday.

118. I gave you the gift of feeling to you, I am very crazy for your birthday, and you come soon on the party of your happy birthday my beautiful sis.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

119. You are done the best successful life at the instant time interval, happy birthday to you.

120. I am really forgiving you magical surprises sending with the worldwide net for your joy and happy birthday.


121. You get the loving person in your life; you passed the happy time with a lot of entertainment in front of the life, happy birthday to you my sweet sister.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

122. The coming birthday is like a heaven for you to do the happy birthday party to you for the party organized at the hotels; it is mine gift for you, happy birthday to you.

123. You turned and getting the chocolate on your birthday, you gave to the small kids for the happy moment you create from these kids it is so written like that I also giving cake and chocolate in your birthday as the suitable smile of this child, and they gave you all wishes to you, happy birthday.

124. I am making the cake in the kitchen from my hands for you on your birthday, happy birthday.

125. Today is your birthday I am very excited for that I take a lot of cake and I am very happy of such moment.


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