500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

77. The whole you spend there are many birthdates come and gone as pass the spoonful time to you on your birthday I miss that moment.

78. It is best for you the long time you live, it think for that my time is not passed at all, happy birthday to you.

79. You are the amazing like as the sunshine beauty which is almost natural for all it get anything to the people, know it your birthday.

80. It is just of our current life to use it in any purpose for you on, happy birthday to my sweet elder sis.

81. It is our hopping to done in the way of excitement of my life the party is like as a birthday now, happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

82. I think you will get enough than me at tiny time of work god also bless you soon, happy birthday.

83. Hay! Is I am your small bro just you fun and entertainment on your birthday party.

84. Sighing you all the best of your success touches your hand and mind soon you get an amazing and fantastic birthday party to me and yours and mine best friend fatly, happy birthday party.

85. You gave me the good child hood in the past you playing with me I am not bored with any time and not felling loneliness at any day for the ancient period, happy birthday to you .

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

86. The gift is for you I quickly get you for the any time at your birthday it be for the major items of cake for you, happy birthday to you my sister.

87. You are the best friend of me, I said you every time in my life you gave me all the thing and you are my teacher also, it would be fast for me for that joyous moment I can fell, happy birthday my sister.

88. You are the powerful for me in any work I gift you the happy life with you on happy birthday to you.

89. Good times comes fastly you wait some time for it ,you always studied well and the life become best at all with not any sad moment come, happy birthday .

90. Senior sister, you do not afraid in the life. I am best ones in the country to get the family as you, happy birthday to you.

91. My sis, I am very sad for you, I am not with you on your birthday a sorry to you, this day is special for you, congratulation for your happy birthday sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

92. All the day, I take your photos for seeing, I missed you; much, happy birthday.

93. My best sister you agree for all things either for saying of mine, it is not saying a thing so.happy birthday.

94. It could not go to the birthday party, I missed you much, happy birthday.

95. A pair of misses for you, for my amazing sister, happy birthday.

96. My nice sister, you are fantastic in any work I can teach you, your birthday is coming soon; I am not the hair to wish you a happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

97. Sending you a lot of greeting card for you on your happy birthday.

98. I think to send you a message wishes in mobile at your lovely and creation for the beautiful love, happy birthday.

99. It is the worldwide process of sending the message in the birthday and it the favorite day, happy birthday my sis.

100. It is the great at just time a special day for the party which is situated at the new place it is the return of many days, happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister


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