500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

51. I spend all of the time with you, all my ideas and experiences are mine through the experiences throughout the life, happy birthday to you my ideal sister.

52. Happy birthday to my sister with full of blessing as the sensation of beautiful care for us.

53. The Happy life you get it is the wishes of your family member, they always support you do, you are getting the natural life without any disturbance to you.

54. The sun gave you the natural love in your smooth love, it sunshine your life, happy birthday.

55. All the day come and go smoothly you not think of that but a birthday is coming and going then it always gave on thinking for the mind, happy new year.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

56. The birthday is a forecast of the life, you are getting best decision forward it, happy birthday to you.

57. The party is doing like that it memories you at every time, happy birthday di…

58. It is the time’s floor the disco dance and fun at the birthday party di.

59. Thank my sister, you are elder than me, you do not think the wrong thing always protect; you from the harmful substances, I made your life easy and some special things on the happy birthday.

60. The life is filled with bright sunlight and gets you the plenty of entertainment, happy birthday to your sister.

61. You always go in front for your path, you census for that, happy birthday to my elder sister.

62. You look back my sis, I am your bro you can’t see me, I said you the happy journey of your life, happy birthday to you.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

63. The smile is a major thing of your life, it gives you the energy to think and done a party at the happy birthday.

64. It is my talented and intelligent sister she always gains a lot of knowledge in all sector of the life, happy birthday. The plenty of life you have to get, happy birthday my sister,

65. I hope that the best life partner you achieve and spend lovely life always done the wonderful party at the big hotels, I always come in your happy birthday.

66. The coming year gave you the strength and fortune of your successful life.

67. It is probably enlisted to your mind, be move at the joy, happy birthday to you.

68. I wish you take wonderful luck in your memories; it is doing at the night by adding the New Year.

69. I bought for you the designer dress for you and you; are looking beautiful on the party of birthday.


70. You are looking On this day I wrote the message on the gift or wrapping paper for you, you are from at might distance from mine at for doing anything on happy birthday,

Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

71. Like as a gorgeous silk be to continue the party, happy birthday my sister.

72. All the strength supports you in the meaning of words, happy birthday sister, you moved at the sky and you are very close from it, happy birthday to you.

73. The day is the birth at an ancient time from the lord pleasure from you, happy birthday.

74. Happy birthday, my dear sister, I am remembering you in the way just at the natural type of sharing you too.

75. I am the first children of your my father and my mom I like so much you gave the gift on my happy birthday.

76. I hug you for the memorial moment and how you are sweet for thesis as the whole day some cake for you as sweet as you soon, happy birthday to you.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister


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