500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

  1. Whenever you are feeling alone , always remember , this young brother of yours is always there to help you and support you, I am ready to sacrifice my life for you my dear sister, Happy awesome Birthday to you.


  1. Sorry , I am not the first to wish you birthday, I have been waiting for the right moment. Wishing you the warmest and brightest happy Birthday, may our brother sister bond remains stronger than Jagadamba Steel .


  1. If there is one relation that I really care about and make an effort myself, its our relation , sissy. Come home as soon as possible, there is a grand party waiting for you. Happy Birthday my sweet and caring elder sister.


  1. I am sorry for the trouble I gave you yesterday. To cover for that mistake , I have organized a grand party here with our family,, Happy birthday to the most loving sister of mine. Come home as soon as possible nanu.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. Having you in my life has been truly relieving for me, My confidence and productivity gain an unprecedented boost even by your mere words of motivation. Thanks for being such a inspirational figure for me, Happy Birthday sister..


  1. Shout outs to all those sisters who work tirelessly in order to provide support to her family and her younger siblings. Like all those sisters, I am forever indebted to you my dear sister, Happy Birthday my dear sister, Always be Happy..


  1. Until the sun rises from west and the mountains are destroyed to plain , may your every steps lead to the ultimate success and may your heart feel the eternal joy. Happy Birthday to the the most important support of my life.


  1. Not all people get the company of a cute and loving sister, I am lucky to have you as my sister, I hereby wish you the warmest of the wishes on this special occasion of your birthday, Happy Birthday dear sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. We might grow up to the outside world, but we are still the same for each other as we grow up together, we know each other in the most perfect way, we share private family jokes. Happy Birthday to my dear companion since my birth. Happy Birthday sister.


  1. Gods probably don’t have enough spare time to be with everyone, Instead, He sent angels in the form of sisters to everyone. Thank god, I got one of them and she must be the best angel of heaven.. Happy Birthday to the angel of my life, my sister.


  1. You might have bugged me sometimes but you have always hugged me a lot of times, you might have tickled me a lot of times, but you have treated me more than that, With sister like you, i have never felt lonely, Happy Birthday my elder sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. You held my hands when I needed the most, you made me smile, when I wanted the most. I must have done great things in my past life to get an angel for my sister. Happy Birthday to my angelic sister, May you have the greatest birthday ever.


  1. Sister might be the only person who can be sweet and bitter in different situations to the same person. She can be kind and can be compulsive in order to guide you on the right path. I heartily thank you for being a special sister for me, Happy birthday dear.


  1. If there is someone in my family, whom I share every dirty secrets ,that would be you, my dear sister. Always keep my secrets safe and guide me when I need the most, Have a great Happy Birthday and may you be happy and healthy forever.


  1. I have shared my deepest secrets, happiest moments , difficult situations as well as funny moments. I feel blessed to have a sibling like you. Please Accept my kindest and warmest wish on your Birthday. Happy Birthday my beautiful sister, Have a blast.


  1. You are my beloved family and my bitterest rival ,my confidence as well as my betrayer , my sustainer as well as my dependent .I am not even telling about the scariest version of you at all. Happy Birthday to the angelic sister, Happy Birthday to you dear.


  1. If there is some one to whom I can pour my heart out and share everything, It is you. I must be blessed to experience the eternal bliss of your love and support. Cheer on your fantastic birthday and have a great fun at this blissful day. Happy Birthday sissy Chan.


  1. The memories of you tying the rakhi and praying for my well being is still fresh and I am enthusiastically waiting for that day to come again so that I could meet you again. I wish our bonds get stronger everyday, Happy Birthday sister, I miss you a lot.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. Sky is blue, so beautiful is this hue , my love for you is always true , and I will not get better sister than you, Happy Birthday to one and only unique sister of mine. May our relationship gets more stronger than ever.


  1. I always miss those loving hugs I used to get when I was frustrated with my life, In you I have found a forever friend, Thanks for being my sister, Happy Birthday sissy, May you live forever.


  1. When people say I am looking so smart and handsome, when people praise me of my careers, I quietly thank you and your presence which have led me to be the person I am today. Without you, I might not be the best person ever, Thanks for everything, Let me wish you a beautiful and warm happy Birthday, Happy Birthday sister.



  1. I should be the luckiest sister in the world to have grown up next to you. You are the one with whom I played ,laughed and had fun together, This great bond has always stayed true and hope it will always stay stronger than ever. Happy Birthday to my darling sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. I may die but my love for you will never die because you are the one who made my monotonous life awesome, You taught me the meaning of love and gave me the love I apparently missed . For other ,you might just be a lady, but for me, you are the special guardian figure as well as a true friend figure, Happy Birthday to you my loving sister, Love you a lot.


  1. There might be many fights, misunderstandings and I might not talk to you for days but your love always drags me to you . Your presence always makes me apologize and mend my faults. Happy Birthday to you, one hell of a special person in my life. Have a fun-filled birthday party dear sis.



  1. You are not just my sister, you are my mom,dad as well as friend, You have such an ability to read my mind and understand me the way no one has ever done. Your presence has blessed my life , Cheers to our unforgettable memories together, Happy Birthday dear sister. May you be happy forever.


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