500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

  1. Being abroad here all alone, there haven’t been a day when I have not missed you. I miss all those moments we cherished together. i miss all those fights. Wanna meet you soon dear sissy. For now, celebrate your birthday like crazy , Happy Birthday dear.


  1. Mere words are not enough to explain the merits of having sister in our life. I must thank parents for giving me such a beautiful sister who has a heart of gold. Keep on being most beautiful ever, Happy birthday dear sister, have a blast.


  1. If anyone has a heart of gold, it must be you sister. I can write a novel explaining how you helped me to achieve the success I have got. For now, let me wish you a fine birthday. Happy 31st birthday sister. May god be with you.


  1. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and kindest lady in the world,, may your name resounds across the lands and seas . May god grant you the brevity of warriors, purity of nuns and fame of great queen. Happy super duper birthday my loving sister.


  1. Although, I am living in 21st century and still young, I have seen the courage of Mother Teresa and kindness of Florence nightingale with my own eyes. Yes, I saw those images of great women in the history in you, dear sister. Happy birthday to the kindest sister ever.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. May your life be filled with exquisite colors of happiness and joy,May your feet always taste the taste success in every journey you ever embarked. May your soul be more emboldened with kindness and beauty. Happy Birthday to ever beautiful and ever kindest sister ever.


  1. They say god ain’t real. They are fool enough not to see God in sisters. Thanks to the supreme God, I got lucky to have the real angel as my sister. Love you a lot sister, may your fame knows no limit. Happy Birthday.


  1. Its midnight and I have woken up to wish my dearest sister , happy birthday. Mere words cannot explain your importance in my life. Thanks for taking care of me in every journey of my life. Happy Birthday.


  1. Those moments in Rakshya Bandhan will always make me nostalgic about our moments together. Growing up we made a lot of memories, thanks for being part of a wonderful journey of life. Let us keep moving together. Happy Birthday dear sister.


  1. Perhaps, I was a saint in my past life, that must be why I got to be the brother of kindest lady ever. You are my first best friend and your love have no bound. Happy Birthday dear, may you be the richest ever.


  1. If it was not for you, I might have been wandering here and there looking for happiness and stability, I am lucky , I have got a kind person to share every single trouble I have.. Thanks for being happy with me and thanks for wiping away my tears. Happy Birthday my loving sister.


  1. You have always been there during my toughest of the situations, and I have always shared my moments of happiness with you. May our brother-sister bond be unbreakable forever. Happy birthday sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. When we die, I hope we will be ghost together so that we could haunt those noisy neighbors and our stupid exes together. It would be more fun to spend times with you together, Happy birthday to my craziest sister and cheer to all those moments we created together.


  1. Up until now , I am amazed by the goodness and truth depicted by you, my dear sister. May you continue being a shining example while you embark on a journey to next year. May you be more inspiring and more loving than ever. Wish you a warm fun filled birthday, my dearest sister.


  1. I am always amazed by the abilities and talent you possess. I am not even talking about that astounding beauty you possess. Happy birthday to the most gifted lady in the world who happens to be my dearest sister ever.


  1. Many people have come and go through my life, but one person has never let me down. She has never stopped caring about me. It is you who have always been there for me through thick and thin. Happy Birthday my dear sister.


  1. Nothing beats celebrating birthday with friends and family. Lets gather up our whole family and celebrate the birthday of the most important persona in my family, May you be granted with all the happiness in this world. Happy Birthday sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. Your company and your care has always inspired me to be someone who the world will look up to. Thank you for being a great sister and the most motivating person ever. Happy Birthday to my one and only sister ever. Have a super fun party.


  1. You have the kind heart of mother as well as the brevity and strictness of father. You can even be the best friend and a great rival. I am amazed how you can possess all these traits at once. Happy Birthday super-sister.


  1. Have you ever known the person who has heart of a mother,courage of a father, sweetness of a friend and kindness of a Goddess?? I have known her and its you my dear sister. Happy Birthday to you who can be anyone to make me happy .


  1. From ironing shirt in my childhood to setting up the dates for me in my teenage, you have always been there in every moments of my life. I hope I would get your guidance and suggestion during my new journey. Happy birthday to the most wonderful sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. When you are child, she irons your shirt,comb your hair and takes you to school . When you are teenage, she teases you with the name of your crush and even sets her up for you. When you are adult, she will guide you through the troublesome moments of life.


  1. Dear sister, I know I have been an idiot brother a number of times but my love and feeling for you is eternal. I hope I can see that cute smile forever . Happy birthday my sweet sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. The smile on your lips is precious, the light on your eyes is the brightest, your charm has no bounds. May you be the most successful women in the world, Happy Birthday my dearest sister, Wishing you a warm and successful life.


  1. Even the angel bows down to my sister’s beauty, even the gods bow down to my sister’s kindness. You have always been an integral part to my life, dear sis. May this pure relation persists forever, Happy Birthday sister.


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