500 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

  1. Good wishes for a day, Good wishes for the year , Good wishes for a future, filled with happiness and cheer. Dear sister u r very special and So is your Birthday. So hope this day is filled With joy n happiness for always. Enjoy your day Didi
    I miss u so much!!!


  1. You might not be the favorite child of our parents dear sister, but for me you are the most favorite person in this family. No harm may befall you and your future didi. Happy wonderful birthday to you.


  1. It is not enough to praise your presence in my life in mere words. For me, you are my best friend as well as great guardian. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful sister in the world.


  1. You have always guided me in times of need. For me, your absence is the worst nightmare I have ever experience. I hope I will never ever hurt you even if its unknowingly. I love you a lot. Happy birthday sissy.


  1. Today is your Birthday!! I guess today is the day when I confess all those feelings. Although, sometimes I fight with you but didi , I always end up missing you a lot when you are away from me. You are like my mother,always caring and loving me. Happy Birthday didi. Keep loving this stupid brother.


  1. Wake up didi, Its your Birthday. May I get the super-dashing ‘venaju’ and may you get the super cute ‘buhari’ .. Hoping to have a grand party back home. Happy Happy birthday to the dearest sister in the world.


  1. Thank god , I didn’t forget the special day of my beloved sister. I hope every trouble you have been facing just washes away like nothing and may you get the eternal happiness that a lady can ever get. Happy Birthday my sweet sister. I have that favourite chocolate you love.


  1. I would be the stupidest brother in the world if I had forgotten the birthday of yours. You are a pure gem and I am the luckiest person to have you as my elder sister. May your beauty be mesmerizing and dreamy to every gentleman out there. Happy Birthday nanu,


  1. Whenever I cried, you were there trying to make me stop crying, whenever I wanted that toy, you were the one to convince our parents to buy the toy for me, whenever I felt sad , you were the one who made me happy. Happy Birthday to my dear sister who has always been there for me.


  1. You never let sadness engulf my heart and made me what I am. Thank you to you who worked selflessly in order to provide her younger sister anything she needs. To the world’s greatest elder sister , Happy Birthday. May your days filled with eternal joy.


  1. Somebody asked me “Do you believe in God ?” I replied,”Yes!! The greatest goddess is my sister”. Yes, didi, you are a living Goddess to me who sacrifices her happiness just to see her stupid younger brother happy. Happy Birthday to you didi .



  1. When parents were divorced, I thought my world is over , but my sister didn’t let my world be over. Tirelessly and selflessly, She filled the void of parents for me. Yes, Its her birthday today. May God grants you enormous happiness on this special occasion, Happy Birthday sissy.


  1. If there is a living goddess of selflessness and sacrifice, it should be my sister. I wish her eternal joy and success in the coming day. Happy Birthday to my beloved sister.


  1. O beloved Sister, thanks for making me realize my full potential and get the most out of my life and career. I am forever indebted to you dear. Happy Birthday , May you be happy forever.


  1. Sister is the first best friend and second mom. She is the living icon of love and support. Yes, Its your birthday didi, you might have forgotten but this stupid brother of yours haven’t. I hope , no hardships befall on your journey to success. Happy Birthday dear sister.


  1. There was the time when I felt total blue , there was a time when I thought I am plunged into the infinite darkness. There was even a time when I thought to end my life, but there was always someone who would rescue me from every despair and hardships I faced. She is the living goddess and she is you, my sissy. Thanks for being an integral part of my life. Happy Birthday sister.


  1. I know we will grow up and get on with each other lives but I also know, I am forever indebted to your gratitude and contributions in making me the way I am. Thanks for taking care of your idiot sister. Thanks for tolerating every rude behaviors of mine. Happy Birthday My dear sister. May you have a blast.



  1. I am amazed that 1 year has already passed since we had that grand party on your birthday, but this does not allow me to not wish my dear sister on her birthday. Keep on being the most beautiful and kindest person ever. Happy Birthday dear sissy, we will have grand party again to celebrate this happy hour.



  1. You can never imagine, how happy and lucky I am feeling to have you as my sister. For me, you are the most pious, the most beautiful and kindest lady ever. Thanks for everything sissy, Happy Birthday. Enjoy this wonderful day.


  1. Today is not just Sunday, its the day when the lady who is an essence of eternal love and beauty had been brought to this world. Its your birthday my sister. Thanks for being an integral part of me. Happy Birthday dear.


  1. I might have infinite quarrels with you but I know and I must know that I am forever indebted to you for your infinite love and care. Happy Birthday dear, may you sleep in the best bed,eat best dishes and feel the best happiness ever. Happy birthday again.


  1. Forever in our heart, there would be the special place for you. Although , we are two stupid younger brothers, you have never discriminated and loved us like crazy. We might never feel this love of you again. Happy Birthday to our late sister. May your soul rest in peace.


  1. If there is anyone who can share her love as comparable to the love of mother, its sister. Sister is the one who teaches us way to win over ladies. Happy Birthday to my date specialist. Your precious tips have help me get my crush . I am forever indebted to you sister, Happy Birthday.


324.I can never imagine how my life would have been without you. You sacrificed your childhood just to make me happy. I promise you sister, I will not let tears fall from your eyes yet again. Happy Birthday my dearest sister.


  1. May this Birthday be the new beginning of eternal success and happiness. May this birthday be the day when yours every trouble are washed away . May this birthday brings you courage to undertake any challenge. Happy Birthday dear, Keep loving me, Miss you.


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