226 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister With Beautiful Images

Happy Birthday Wishes to Elder Sister:- Elder sisters are irreplaceable for everyone. They occupy a very special place in the heart that no one else can ever take. The relationship between siblings is not confined to the title, they tend to be best friends as well.

No matter how much we try, we can’t resist reminiscing the wonderful moments with our elder sister. If you have an elder sister, you must be aware of how supportive, inspirational, and loving they are.

In return, you also need to make her feel very special. Why not start on her birthday? The birthday of your elder sister is a perfect time to let her know how you feel about her and how much you love her, adore her, and respect her.

If there is a figure in our family who can be a mother, father as well as a close friend in different situations, that figure would be an elder sister. Everyone might not be blessed to get an elder sister in his life but having an elder sister is awesome and more fun than anything.

Just imagine the perks of having your best friend right after your birth. If you are looking for a way to express your feeling and wish your sister on her birthday , you have come to the right place.

The best elder sister deserves the best birthday wishes! Below are the compiled messages, which might depict the true feelings you are trying to convey. Its is great to wish her birthday with the sweetest messages and cutest gifts. Of course, she would be happy if her little brother or sister have done great efforts during her birthday.

So send one of these messages and make her happy as every sister deserves to be happy for she has gone through a lot to make her younger siblings bright people in society.

226 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

Here, on this page, we give you amazing collection of wishes for your elder sister to convey on her birthday.

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1. Happy Birthday my lovely sister. I have a lot of joy and happiness within me for having an amazing person as my own elder sister. You and your every endeavor are my examples to match. Keep shining sis!

2. Dear sister, thank you all the wonderful memories and happiness who have given me all these years. And, more than that, big thanks for constantly supporting me, loving me and helping me whenever I need. Happy Birthday to you! Be blessed!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

3. You are beautiful, loving, amazing, and sweet. You are my elder sis and always be my best friend. Happy Birthday to you sis. Enjoy your day with lots of fun.

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4. A very happy birthday to my soul mate, twin, friend, and sister. I am sure your shoulder is always there to lean on when I am sad. Your support and love are what I want, sweet sister. I love you.

5. Dear sister, you were always by my side when I need you in my tough times. Today, I would like to swear that I will never let you down and keep supporting you, loving you forever. Happy Birthday, Sis. God bless you!

birthday wishes for elder sister

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

6. Dear sister, you are the greatest friend and sister a girl could ever have. My happiness is limitless to have found you as my own elder sister cum friend. Happy Birthday to you!

7. Dear sis, there is no other person having a bigger heart than you have. Despite my frequent quarrels, anger and rude behaviors you have been right there to calm me down and help me regain my cool. You are the greatest sis. Happy birthday, sis.

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8. Even though I argue with you, yell at you at times, irritate you with my naughty behaviors, you have always loved me and cared for me no matter what. I am so glad that God sent me such an amazing big sister. Happy birthday, dear sis! Keep shining always!

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister


Thank you for giving me guidance
Thank you for standing just beside me my whole life
Thank you for inspiring me
Thank you for helping and loving me
You are the best
I wish you all the best and a very happy birthday!

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10. You are the greatest sister in the world anyone could have. Not because of all the things you did for me and family, but by just being you. I love you, sis. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday SMS to Elder Sister

11. Today is yours. Make it special. Cut the cake and spread joy around. I love you, sis. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS & Quotes for Elder Sister

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12. A very happy birthday to you my dear elder sister. You hold a very special place in my heart not only because we are siblings, but because you are my best friend ever. I love you!

13. It might be just a regular day for others. But, for me and my family, it is the most special day as it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, dear Sis. You are the source of joy, the sunshine, and happiness for every one of us.

14. Happy birthday to the wonderful person in the world. I am hoping to spend more years with you being friends and sisters.

15. On your birthday, as you cut the cake, I will be reminiscing all the horrible as well as sweet things we did. I will always adore you, dear Sis. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

16. People can choose a friend from many. However, we can never choose our family members as they are god gifted. I am so happy and lucky that I got you as my mentor, my friend, and my elder sister. Happy birthday to you dear Sis!

17. My wonderful sister, I want to thank you for remaining such a caring and lovely sister. I love you and happy birthday!

18. I guess there is no better person who understands me more than you. You understand me and love me to pieces. Thank you for all your support and love. Happy Birthday!

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19. Sis, on this wonderful day, wish god bless you with all happiness, joy, and glory. May you rise above all the obstacles and bumps that might come along your way to success. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday!

20. Dear sister, as an elder sister you have always healed my pain and made me happy with your caring hug. Thanks for being, therefore, me around. I pray for your joy today, tomorrow, and every day. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday sister

Happy Birthday Messages for Elder Sister

21. Dear sis, you are the only reason my childhood had so many colors and fun moments. We cannot live it yet over again, but I can surely thank you for every little moment we had together. Thank you, sis. And, a very happy birthday to you!

22. My dear sis, I would like to say to you that you are awesome and perfect in so many ways and senses. You are what you are and however you are, you are the best. Always remain yourself, never change and keep on inspiring us. Happy Birthday!

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23. We might grow old someday, but I know for you I will always be your little sister as you are my elder loving and caring sister. I love you. Happy Birthday!

24. Dear sis, I might have given you a lot of trouble while growing up. But, today I promise you that I will never cause you any trouble from today onwards. This is my gift to you on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

25. Dear sis, your presence in my life and in this family has made our family more happy and gorgeous. I hope you know that. You are the light of our family. Happy Birthday to the most responsible amazing person in this world.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister in the English Language

26. My dearest elder sister, wish you a very happy and warm birthday. You are such an amazing person. And I feel blessed each day to have you as my sister. May you achieve everything that you desire.

27. Dear sis, I always valued each and every advice you gave to me in my life, not because you are elder to me. But, because of the person, you are; inspirational, lovely, successful and caring. Happy birthday to you!

28. Happy birthday, dear Sis. I can never match up to your expectation as you are the most superior of all. May you break your record and keep on rising. Happy birthday!

29. Dear sister, during my childhood I considered you as my elder sister. But now you are more than a sister to me, you are my friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration. Happy birthday, dear Sis.

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30. Dear sis, in my heart you are not just my number one sister, but also my number one teacher, guide, friend. Happy birthday to such an amazing personality. May God bless you!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Elder Sister

31. Dear sis, there is nothing that comforts me more than knowing you are always there to support me and love me. Thanks for being there for me so that I can rely on you. Happy birthday to you from your little sis.

32. Even all the money, luck and fortune put together can never match to the joy your presence give to me. Happy birthday to the most wonderful sister.

33. I love you my sweet and gorgeous elder sister. If it was not for you, my childhood would never be awesome. And, although those amazing moment we shared in our childhood has long gone, the memories are still fresh in my mind. Happy birthday, sis.

34. Happy birthday to the most wonderful sis. The best gift that your little sister can give to you is to pass on you to luck, fortune, health, dreams and most importantly, happiness may you always remain happy. I love you!

35. I am truly grateful to be a part of you as your little sister. You have always been right there with me and made sure that I am away from troubles and always grounded me. Thank you for all these things you did to me to make me the person I am now. Happy birthday, sis. I wish you nothing but the very best in this universe. Keep shining.

36. happy birthday poem to my lovely sister

Glad birthday my sweet sister.
We are sisters via lord’s grace, buddies by desire.
You are the main part of my youth that can never be misplaced.
Thank you for being there for me during my tough instances
And looking forward to you in destiny years like the equal.

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Even though we’ve got had dissimilarities in view,
My heart is continual with you even if I am satisfied or sad.
Blessings to you on this special day of reminiscences.

38. Happy birthday dear sister. May the celebrations and cheer you are having today last longer throughout your life. I wish you all the best and year full of happiness.

39. It is always fun to argue and quarrel with you in silly little things. But, at the end of the day, we always end up having fun remembering our little things and be happy. You make my life fun and complete. Happy Birthday, dear elder sister. I love you.

40. The more I fight with you, the more I adore you and love you at the end of the day. May this bond between us never end and we remain ‘fun sisters’ all our lives. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Elder Sister

41. On your special day; birthday, I want to wish you happiness and good health. Happy birthday dear sister. I love you lots. Enjoy your life to the fullest sister. You deserve it.

42. To my wonderful elder sister, may you bright like a diamond, sparkles like a star and bloom like a flower. Happy birthday to you!

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43. A very happy birthday to the loveliest person in the world. I am glad I got you as my soul sister. May God always bless you.

44. Happy birthday, dear Sis. Remember that age is just a number! Especially after thirty. (in case the number is getting higher for you! ) Still, a very happy birthday to you. Age gracefully!

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

46. A very blissful and happy birthday to you my dear sister. You are not only a good sister, but a responsible daughter, generous friend, and helpful colleague. Happy birthday to a wonderful person.

47. On the road to success, if you find any bumps, always remember your little sister is ready to help you get through. All these years, you have been helping me get my dream. Now, as I am already older, I will be supporting you in every step. Happy Birthday dear sister.

45. Dear sister, you are very beautiful inside as well as from the outside. Hope you have a spectacular birthday. Happy Birthday!

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48. I hope you spend your spectacular day with lots of fun and make many memories that you can remember for your lifetime. A very happy birthday to you!

49. You are such an amazing person that I wish to you just like you when I will reach your age. You are my true inspiration sis. A very happy birthday to you. Keep inspiring us like you always do.

50. Many many happy returns of the day my lovely elder sister. Your love, friendship, and support have made my childhood and adulthood very amazing. I love you. And may God always grace you with beauty and wisdom.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

51. I spend all of the time with you, all my ideas and experiences are mine through the experiences throughout the life, happy birthday to you my ideal sister.

52. Happy birthday to my sister with full of blessing as the sensation of beautiful care for us.

53. The Happy life you get it is the wishes of your family member, they always support you do, you are getting the natural life without any disturbance to you.

54. The sun gave you the natural love in your smooth love, it sunshine your life, happy birthday.

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55. All the day come and go smoothly you not think of that but a birthday is coming and going then it always gave on thinking for the mind, happy new year.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

56. The birthday is a forecast of the life, you are getting best decision forward it, happy birthday to you.

57. The party is doing like that it memories you at every time, happy birthday di…

58. It is the time floor the disco dance and fun at the birthday party di.

59. Thank my sister, you are elder than me, you do not think the wrong thing always protect; you from the harmful substances, I made your life easy and some special things on the happy birthday.

60. The life is filled with bright sunlight and gets you the plenty of entertainment, happy birthday to your sister.

61. You always go in front for your path, you census for that, happy birthday to my elder sister.

62. You look back my sis, I am your bro you can’t see me, I said you the happy journey of your life, happy birthday to you.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

63. The smile is a major thing of your life, it gives you the energy to think and done a party at the happy birthday.

64. It is my talented and intelligent sister she always gains a lot of knowledge in all sector of the life, happy birthday. The plenty of life you have to get, happy birthday my sister,

65. I hope that the best life partner you achieve and spend lovely life always done the wonderful party at the big hotels, I always come in your happy birthday.

66. The coming year gave you the strength and fortune of your successful life.

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67. It is probably enlisted to your mind, be move at the joy, happy birthday to you.

68. I wish you take wonderful luck in your memories; it is doing at the night by adding the New Year.

69. I bought you the designer dress for you and you; are looking beautiful at the party of birthday.

70. You are looking On this day I wrote the message on the gift or wrapping paper for you, you are from at might distance from mine at for doing anything on happy birthday,

Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

71. Like as a gorgeous silk be to continue the party, happy birthday my sister.

72. All the strength supports you in the meaning of words, happy birthday sister, you moved at the sky and you are very close from it, happy birthday to you.

73. The day is the birth at an ancient time from the lord pleasure from you, happy birthday.

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74. Happy birthday, my dear sister, I am remembering you in the way just at the natural type of sharing you too.

75. You are the first children of our father and my mom. I like so much you gave the gift on my happy birthday.

76. I hug you for the memorial moment and how you are sweet for thesis as the whole day some cake for you as sweet as you soon, happy birthday to you.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

77. The whole you spend there are many birthdates come and gone as pass the spoonful time to you on your birthday I miss that moment.

78. It is best for you the long time you live, it thinks for that my time is not passed at all, happy birthday to you.

79. You are the amazing like as the sunshine beauty which is almost natural for all it get anything to the people, know it your birthday.

80. It is just of our current life to use it in any purpose for you on, happy birthday to my sweet elder sis.

81. It is our hopping to do in the way of the excitement of my life the party is like as a birthday now, happy birthday to you.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

82. I think you will get enough than me at tiny time of work god also bless you soon, happy birthday.

83. Hay! I am your small bro just your fun and entertainment at your birthday party.

84. Sighing you all the best of your success touches your hand and mind soon you get a fantastic birthday party to me and your and my best friend fatly, happy birthday party.

85. You gave me the good child hood in the past you playing with me I am not bored with any time and not felling loneliness at any day for the ancient period, happy birthday to you .

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

86. The gift is for you I quickly get you for the any time at your birthday it be for the major items of cake for you, happy birthday to you my sister.

87. You are the best friend of me, I said you every time in my life you gave me all the thing and you are my teacher also, it would be fast for me for that joyous moment I can fell, happy birthday my sister.

88. You are the powerful for me in any work I gift you the happy life with you on happy birthday to you.

89. Good times comes fastly you wait some time for them, you always studied well and life becomes the best in all with not any sad moment come, happy birthday.

90. Senior sister, you do not afraid in life. I am best ones in the country to get the family as you, happy birthday to you.

91. My sis, I am very sad for you, I am not with you on your birthday a sorry to you, this day is special for you, congratulation for your happy birthday sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

92. All day, I take your photos to see, I missed you; much, happy birthday.

93. My best sister you agree for all things either for saying of mine, it is not saying a thing so.happy birthday.

94. I could not go to the birthday party, I missed you much, happy birthday.

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95. A pair of misses for you, for my amazing sister, happy birthday.

96. My nice sister, you are fantastic in any work I can teach you, your birthday is coming soon; I am not the hair to wish you a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

97. Sending you a lot of greeting cards for you your happy birthday.

98. I think to send you a message wishes in a mobile at your lovely and creation for the beautiful love, happy birthday.

99. It is the worldwide process of sending the message in the birthday and it the favorite day, happy birthday my sis.

100. It is a great at just time a special day for the party which is situated at the new place it is the return of many days, happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

101. It is arguing for our thick destination at the birthday party.

102. If all brother are lucky as me like as you are my sister, the god gave me well for giving me elder friends to share all type of thing and play with you, happy birthday my sister.

103. We are like as a friend by its own choice for doing any work, it my lovely day it’s my happy birthday.

104. Friends are the way of come and gone friends in the lifetime but you are the best friend of mine at ant way of life, you are forever for me, you come soon and wishing you a happy birthday to you my sweet sister.

105. You come last night, it’s your birthday, and it’s your own choice, happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Elder Sister

106. Happy birthday wishes to my elder sis at lots of times on your special day.

107. My sis is the most favorite for me, at last, the world, happy Birthday.

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108. You gave me important advice about studying well like the best people, I believed so much in you, happy birthday.

109. I gave you the standing audition at your birthday party with lots of surprises at all, happy birthday to you.

124. I am making the cake in the kitchen with my hands for you on your birthday, happy birthday.

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125. Today is your birthday. I am very excited for that I take a lot of cake and I am very happy of such moment.

144. I knocked your door at your birthday in 11:59 or 12:00 I wish you the happy birthday, I wish you at first I am best friend of you, happy birthday to you my sweet sister.

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145. My sis is my best friend for today and always forever, you give me a lot for time of in your happy birthday to you my wonderful sis.

  1. Happy b’day to the most wonderful sister in the world. You are so beautiful soul and so much caring. Wish you a very Happy b’day. May all your dreams come true and may you always lead the happiest life ever.
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  1. My heart always has respect for you. What you have done for me, no one would ever do, and therefore I bow down my head for you. Happy b’day didi. May you always have wonderful days and live a happy life. I wish on this special day that we always have beautiful moments together.

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You have a really beautiful heart and I am lucky to have you as my sister. Thank you for making my life beautiful. Happy birthday.

You always try to make me feel like you are happy with me no matter what the conditions are. Happy birthday my dear sister.

You always try to make me feel like you are happy with me no matter what the conditions are. happy birthday cards

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You are the only person to have a sole connection with me. Always stay happy and stay the same. Happy birthday.

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