Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in heaven: – Having a friend is the best and luckiest part of our life. We can share our secrets, can do craziest kinds of stuff with them. They make our childhood, adulthood, old age sweet and memorable. But in this world, everyone has to go one day.

It is very difficult for us to lose them whom we love most. It is very painful for us by remembering the person we lost. Only the memory left behind the reality, we can say hope make us live the life. If our loved friends are not with us, then our life has a hard part, we miss our craziness.

It’s very hard to realize their absence. We always remember our friend heartly but on the special day of him/her, we can make it best so that our friendly smiles from heaven.

Here are some of the heart touching Birthday wishes for the friend who is not with us. You can share the feeling that how much you love and miss him/her.

Happy Birthday Wishes Cards Image for Best Friends in Heaven
Happy Birthday Wishes Cards
  • Happy Birthday, Kriti! I, is you a lot. I wish you are watching us from heaven like the past days.
  • Always I can remember you were by my side. You gave me strength and confidence.
  • Always you were the one so strong, Handsome, I looked up to.

Always you provide me love, happiness, and laughter full of tears.

I can remember, you are everything a friend should be, I can remember. You have supported me a lot to be who I am today. Thank you for everything friend. I love you from the depth of my heart. Happy birthday Susan, in heaven !!!!!

  • T0oday is your Birthday, the friend! You are not with us, might u are in heaven. I always missed you a lot. May the angels sing the soothing songs in a joyous way for you beautiful lady in your special day… Many many happy returns of the day….
  • We used to share our secrets, happiness, and sorrow. I missing you friend with whom I can do the craziest stuff… you are always special to me. Today is your special day. Happy birthday !!!!!
  • Guess what !! Today is your Birthday sweetheart. Happy Birthday to you beautiful girl !!! I know that you are watching us from the blue sky. I got you, a loving star, which sparkle bright when I smile. Hay Birthday my golu !!!!!!
  • Today, I am recalling lots of reminiscence, happiness, and tears that we have shared throughout the year. I always miss you a lot. The valuable joy we had, warms my heart with gratefulness and fills my entire thought. Where you are, I hope you can watch me. Hay birthday to you, We love you!!!!
  • There are many special superior memories, we both have shared. All these best memories are Flashing in my mind. I miss you, I wish you have a wonderful birthday in heaven. And I love you !!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, dear,
  • You left the world, I have to miss my good friend. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. But in my heart, there is always a special place for you dear !! Today is your Birthday, but I can’t be with you on this special birthday… I don’t want to miss the chance to wish you with loud saying Happy Birthday to your friend !!!!!!
  • U were such a nice person. I feel sad when I think about, how god can take the good friend from us. It feels like yesterday, we have been far enough but it has been so many years. I know that you are in peace and charismatic place. I hope you are happy there. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday !!!!!!!
  • With the time, the world changes from year to year, our life from day to day, but the memory with love and care shall never pass away. You are always in our heart…… A great celebration…. Happy birthday dear !!!!!
  • Happy birthday, dear!!!! Wishing a special Birthday with sweet memories we had together,

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  • You have never left my trusty thought since the day you left us. Still, I am sending birthday wishes. I am thinking of you today….. Happy Birthday dear friend !!!!!
  • Dear friend, I thought of you today but that is not a new thing. All I have are sweet memories in my heart. Today is your special day, a great celebration. Happy birthday dear friend in Heaven!!!!!!!!!
  • I cried when you passed away, I couldn’t make you stay. Your golden heart stopped beating, hands at rest. God proves that he only takes the best of him. But today is your Birthday today. I miss your presence….. Happy Birthday, Dear !!
  • Today is a full of wonderful memories of a friend laid to rest and every single memory are filled with joy and craziness. It’s a joy to say that you are the special friend of mine. There was so much pain when the time came to say goodbye to you forever. Today is your Birthday, So I have sent you this special wish in the heaven above for the angels to take care of you by giving all my love… Happy Birthday dear friend!!!!!
  • There are many treasured memories we had shared in my heart. I miss you. Remembering you is easy, but the pain of losing a good friend like you is still fresh in my heart that will never go away…. Happy birthday dear friend…
  • Happy Birthday u in heaven from your friend. I love you and miss you a lot… I want you to let you know. Happy Birthday, sweetheart…
  • Your life was a consecration, your memory a sweet treasure, you are loved beyond words and you are missed beyond measure… Happy Birthday, Sweetheart !!!!!
  • May God blessed you and May angles sing for you on this special day……. May you rest in peace in Heaven… Happy Birthday, dear !!!!
  • Your birthday is here but you aren’t, I would send you the beautiful gifts but I couldn’t. Dear, I wanna make a wish for a start carry my care and love to the place where you are. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • Time goes on and so our life but you are never gone from our heart. We think about you always, we talked about you too… We have so many best memories but we wish we still had you….. Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!!!
  • The life of the one who is not with us is in the memory of the living… I missed you a lot…. Dear, Today is your special day… Happy Birthday lovely girl…. May God bless you always!


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