999 Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend From Girlfriend

I am safe in your arms. Your touch gives me the warmth that I seek every night. You make me feel alive and happy and so much full of life. Happy birthday my prince.

My relation with you is far beyond my grasp. It is a match made in heaven, the seed of love carefully sown between us. The arrow of cupid that hit its target right in its mark. This match is heaven perfect, love so pure that we fit right with each other and only with each other. Happy Birthday my love.

You are the one I was always destined to be. I knew it from the day I first laid my eyes on you. I knew we would look so good together and I was right too. I am so madly in love you that you can’t even comprehend it. Happy Birthday my so-so dear sweetheart.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

In those cold, winter times, when the wind blows so hard that it shakes the rooftop, the weather seems so gloomy and sad and makes you wonder where you went wrong. Fear, not my love I will always be there for you like a knight in shiny armor just to shake you and tell you that you went everywhere right just to meet me and fall in love with me. I love you so so much. Happy Birthday my love my only love.

I make an oath on this special occasion my love that you shall see me love you so intently throughout your life in health and sickness, I shall face all the obstacles with you through thick and thin. Even in your illness, and that thorny path I promise, you will not have to walk alone although I do not wish it upon you. And with all this, I wish you many many happy returns of the day my love.

I am sour, bitter but you are so sweet, lovable and beautiful. With so many people in and out of my life, my heart got smaller day by day. But there was this small precious place left in there that I preserved for many years and I gave it to you, only you honey. And with time you made it so bigger, I never knew I had this big of a heart and I present you my entire heart on this special birthday occasion. I love you. You mean the world to me. Happy Birthday my amazing man.

What is the definition of the perfect guy? Well, it differs from person to person but if you ask me you are my definition of perfection. I find this perfection even in your imperfection. I beg to differ from all those perfectionists and I consider you the natural perfection because you are just so perfect with me and for me. I am in awe of you. Happy Birthday my love.

I always thought I was the unlucky one. The one that never got what she wished for, the one whose luck was never on her side but instead mocked her with every chance it got. But it turned out to be wrong when I met you. I wished for you so intently in every shooting star. And I got you as I became yours and you became mine. I am forever so so lucky honey so so happy at the same time. Happy Birthday my soulmate.

So so sad people are out there who love with all their heart and so intently but still their love is not reciprocated and here I am I lack in so so many things yet my love is always there and forever here with me. Happy Birthday, Janu. I am so lucky to have you.

Every day is a surprise day for me because I get surprised that how could such a person like you be mine. What did I do so right that it made such a huge turnover in my life to have you as mine? You are an angel in that human skin. Your touch, smile everything is so intoxicating. You descended just for me and I am so glad for it. Happy Birthday my angel.

Those nights you were with me I was never cold never lonely. These nights I miss you. I desperately seek you and want you so much. I want to stay by that fireplace so with you looking at that vast sky and countless stars. On this special occasion, I want to relive that moment my love. Let’s enjoy it once again. Happy Birthday my love.

My morning is only good when it starts with your sweet, lovely message otherwise I call it a bad morning. My day is good only when I see you otherwise it’s a completely bad day for me. My night is beautiful only when I see you in my dream. You control my day and night. My life is surrounded and filled with you. I can’t even imagine living without you. Happy Birthday, love.

I am so so happy to spend this beautiful day with you, my love. I want to enjoy it to the fullest. Remember it was the day we met. Our celebrations just got doubled. Let’s plan this in such a way that we shall always cherish it forever. Happy Birthday my love.

On this special birthday, I share this special secret with you, my boy. I am crazy for you and only you and every night I dream of being with you, touching you. Since I shared this secret you have to promise to fulfill it, my love. And today while you cut the cake and blow those candles out, wish hard and strong and wish for me because that is one wish that will always come out true. Happy Birthday my love.

I never knew I could love someone so much dearly and so intently yet I loved you. I never knew I was this capable of loving you yet with every passing day my love for you grows bigger and bigger and my heart grows fonder of you so much with every passing minute. And today it has increased tremendously because it’s your birthday love. Much many happy returns of the day.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

I am completely caught up in your smile, laugh. When you smile, and that smirk what a sight for my eyes. When your lips make such a curve and your eyes shine when you talk about something beautiful to you. And that shine I can see every time when you say those three magical words to me. I Love you. Ahh, I love you so so much love. And happy birthday once again.

I thank the lord, Oh my almighty thank you for sending me such a creature and amazing life force into my life. Now I can never fathom what it would have been if it were not for him to play such a tremendous role in my life. My life makes no sense without you and it only gets better and better with you filling my void life with such happiness and hope. I love you so so much. Wish for anything today and I shall not utter the word no to you. Happy Birthday, love.

The world is lonely without you. It’s incomplete and sad and unfulfilling but with you, in my life, it is so beautiful. Every day is a bright, new and amazing day with you here. And I want you here by my side, holding me darely so hard. Never let me go ever my love. Happy Birthday my love. I love you so so much.

I have to admit that one or two time you drive me crazy not in a good way. You get all jealous on me when you know for sure that I am all yours and only yours. But sometimes it’s cute in a way that you are possessive about me and you want me all to yourself which is all that I want for now. Happy Birthday my cutie pie.

I always thought love would be a one-time thing for me that it wouldn’t last a lifetime. But all these changed for me when I met you. All my doubts went into pits. You are such an amazing person. You are a wonder, my love. I just can’t get enough of you ever. Happy Birthday to my future husband.


A dear boyfriend who is soon going to be my husband very very soon. I want to convey my message that I love you and want to remind you that I will always be by your side even when you are all old, grey and grumpy. Our love is at the end of the time. Forever and ever. Always and forever. Happy Birthday my love.

The first time I met you, I found out how amazing person you were. And you still are the same amazing guy that I fell in love with. And I also know that you will not change any matter the circumstances. And we will be in love always and forever. Let’s stay same no matter how many birthday cakes we get to cut in our lifetime. Happy Birthday my love.

Every girl dream is to find a prince charming who will sweep your feet off the ground and take you in far Netherland. Well, I got my dream come true and I found you as my prince charming. You are the most amazing man. And I hope your wishes come true after you blow out your candles. Happy Birthday my man.

This birthday I am glad to be by your side and celebrate this amazing occasion with you. And I hope that we get to be by each other side on all our birthday. Happy Birthday my chubby hubby.

I am lonely and I am sad when you are not with me. I get gloomy when I don’t get to talk to you for a while. You run in my mind all day long and I just can’t stop craving for you. It’s like as if I am addicted to you. You are my addiction and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing but I like how I feel. The feeling of wanting to be with you all the time. Happy Birthday my love. I am happy I will be spending a tremendous amount of time this birthday. Love you lots.

We fight and we say things we don’t mean. We try to hurt each other with vile words and pinch other. But that doesn’t mean our love for each other has decreased even an ounce. Our foundation remains unshaken no matter the ups and downs. And I am glad to have found such an amazing partner to spend the rest of my life with. Happy Birthday my hubby.

Happy Birthday to my prince charming. I wish for this life to treat you good and fill your life with all the happiness that you seek and desire. You are the one that makes it worthwhile and worth living for. I am glad I chose you and I got to be the part of your life. Happy Birthday once again.

My heart goes crazy when I hear your voice. My eyes shine when they see you. My lips can’t hide their happiness when they see you. Each part of my body wants you and seeks for you so desperately and they cry in despair when they can’t see you. I am so much in love with you my love. I love you so so much.

My love for you has no language. My love is without any boundaries, with no limit. I am proud of my love. And I show it with proud too. And I am proud to show you and call you my love and my boyfriend too my dear man. Happy Birthday my dear love.

Out of all the guy that I met, you are one of a kind. So gentle, so lovable and so so nice. Is there even such a guy like you in this entire universe. I don’t think so, my love. You are the man of my dream. You are the one, my love. MY one and only love. Happy Birthday to my handsome boyfriend.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

The way you held my hand, the way you kissed me, everything was so nicely done and so delicate. I swear it makes me fall for you even more and more. Every morning, every day, every night becomes so amazing and so mesmerizing with you by my side. I hope to make you feel like same too. I wish to spend my entire life with you, my love. Happy Birthday my love.

If it were possible to show how much I love you. I swear I would do it right away and show you how much I love you. But alas! I can’t do so. Anyway, I have lots of surprises for you this night. Just wait and watch my hubby. Happy Birthday and remember your kiss is also coming along the way.

With every passing second, minute and hour, my love for you are growing so much like mad crazy. I want to make your so so special so that your feelings for me also grows tremendously. I know it is selfish but it is what I want to be madly in love with you. Happy Birthday my dear. Let’s make your birthday very very special.

Today is a blessed day. Today is the day you stepped into this world and it is much more special because this day brought you into this world so that you can be in my life for which I am entirely grateful for. So, I am so so happy and I am thankful for this day. Happy Birthday my love.

God must have taken his day off entirely just so he could create you. You are and will always be an important part of my life. You are a blessing to me. I thank the Lord every day for sending someone like you in my life. Happy Birthday my love. May you bring joy in other people live just like you bring into mine.

Every day is a joy when you are with me. It is fun, exciting and so so amazing. Happy Birthday my love.

I am so happy that it’s your birthday at the same I am sad because you are far away and I am not with you. I am feeling bitter about it. Please wait for me, I will be there soon. I can’t wait to meet you, see you, and love you intently my love. Happy Birthday my boyfriend.

Warm fire, under the vast sky in the moonlight. I want to be there with you and feel this moment and celebrate your beautiful birthday with you all alone. Happy Birthday my hubby.

I went out there and thought of choosing the most beautiful gift for you. I thought and thought and at last, came up with the idea what’s better than my beautiful heart that fully loves you more and more with each passing days. My heart completely belongs to you. Happy Birthday my true love.

Happy Birthday to my lovely boyfriend who isn’t only nice but also funny and you are an amazing company to be around. You make me laugh and you just know how to make me smile and have fun.

You are everything that I ever hoped for. You are my wish. You are my dream. Everything that I ever wanted and now that I have got you I don’t ever want to lose you ever again. I want you to have the best of birthdays today! Happy Birthday my boyfriend.

Happy birthday to this amazing person who warms my heart and makes me dream of something that is beyond my limit. You give me strength, love and everything that I lack for myself to go ahead. You are my knight. Happy Birthday my knight.

Words aren’t enough to tell how special you are to me. They are not enough to show the depth of my feelings for you. I pray every day to the god to fill your life with blessings as my life is filled with blessing when you became mine. Happy birthday my blessing.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

I know you deserve something much more great and beautiful than me. Yet I would do anything for the thing to stay the way it is. You deserve all the happiness, all the love that the entire world can give you. You deserve everything, my love. Happy birthday to you.

The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew it was you that was meant for me. I knew you would completely twist and turn my boring lonely life and you did so too. Happy birthday to the man who lifted me up from that darkness to this happiness.

This wish is for this sweet special person who always looks out for me, supports me, hold me dearly. Sometimes he may get hard, rough all for my sake and other time he gets emotional, weak only for me. I love you. Happy Birthday my man.

This birthday wish is for the most handsome and cool person. And that lucky person is you, my man. Happy birthday my boyfriend.

The love had no any special meaning for me until you came into my life. Now, it has such a depth in my life that my life is incomplete without it. You are my love and I am so incomplete without you. Happy birthday my other half that completes me.


Author: Rita Mahato

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