999 Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend From Girlfriend

101. Just like you say you never get enough of my love, I never get enough surprising you on your birthday.

102. Unwrapping gifts are you’re favourite part of birthday but some birthdays are for undoing my clothes.Happy birthday dear.

103. How come your warm heart love my cold soul.And how come my cold soul love your birthday so much.I’m glad to send you a happy birthday kiss.
104. Just my back on your chest and you’re hands on my waist with a little birthday cake is the perfect setting there ever will be.

105. The smile on your lips means a world to me than these birthday cakes.Happy birthday.

106. There will be most amazing clouds, there will be snowy evening, and there will be rainbow.But there will never be the birthday like yours.I wish you on this very day as the one who will always love you.

107. the most delightful feeling is to surprise you with birthday cakes and presents.Happy birthday.
108. You’re face will look as cute as it was splatter by last year’s cake.Many happy returns of the day.

109. You’re birthday is the salvation of my happiness.Happy birthday dear.

110. All the memories that was spilled on those cakes are the fantasy that you and I will live with.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

111. You’re birthday is like magic.It always empties my purse.Happy birthday sweet heart.

112. The more you write the better your words get, the more you eat cake, the more it’s like to celebrate.Happy birthday.

113. You’re birthday cake will be as tasty as today, when we will pass by gate of heavenTo my only love.Happy birthday.

114. I look up to the sky and send a prayer.It echoes on our ear.You are blessed to have each other.Happy birthday, always stay the same.

115. I feel so lucky to have my comfort while wishing you the very best on your birthday.

116. You will do better than you did yesterday.Happy birthday.

117. Be gone sadness, come stay happiness.After all it’s your birthday today.

118. There are no words that can express my overwhelming birthday surprise for you.Have a blissful birthday.

119. I am falling for you as the shooting stars.Stay blessed, happy birthday.

120. I want to smother you with flowers.Have a blissful birthday.

121. The root of all my feeling started on the day of your birthday.So I want to take this moment and wish you the very best.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

122. Kind, gentle, manly and sweet man like you is the gift of heaven.I’m happy to wish happy birthday to my archangel.


123. The foreword to speak is that you’re birthday gives me the sensation of warmth and comfort just like you doHappy birthday dear.

124. Happy birthday!! Not just any other price but my priceI want you to chase you’re dream to the end of the world.I’m just happy to be by your side while you do it.

125. Curse the sadness.You’re birthday is for joy.Happy birthday.

126. The birthday like yours is the four-clove leaves and I’m happy that you belong with me.Many happy returns of the day.

127. It’s good to add a candle every year.Happy birthday.

128. Hey my prince, birthday means you’re existence.Many happy returns of the day.

129. So many present to unwrap and so many memories made.I’m glad to wish you on your happy birthday.

130. You give this feeling of happiness like no other can.Stay happy, happy birthday.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

131. Little things like cuddling with you make me feel like I’m worth to tell you happy birthday.

132. You’re birthday bring me the joy in my eyes.Happy birthday.

133. Let the happiness empty you’re heart instead of leaving sadness to break itHappy birthday, sweet heart.

134. You’re birthday sparkles the hope of happiness in my heart.Many happy returns of the day.

135. I love you for who you are.And you’re birthday is significant to me.

136. Happy birthday!! My hope of marvel.

137. I think I was made to believe in the dignity of light that the birthday of one person can ignite.

138. Happiness dwells in believing that you’re birthday makes the chill run down my spine than mineHappy birthday.

139. The cake laid on the table will splatter in your face in no time saying many happy returns of the day.

140. You’re face that is as sweet as the chocolate makes me want to watch and eat you at meanwhile.Happy birthday.
141. The portrait of your life style ends up in the size of your cake.Happy birthday.

142. May my price be blessed with all the happiness that heaven have to offer?
143. You’re birthday is to me a realization of love that was never forgotten.

144. Happy birthday, this life is life only when I feel you’re existence.
145. Happy birthday boy!! The sky is yours.

146. Today’s date will always forever ring a bell in my heart.Happy birthday, love

147. Despite, I found your feet made of clayYou’re birthday will be more important to me than my life.Happy birthday

148. Regardless of the awesomeness of the Rome it wasn’t built in one day.Neither was our love, it was written very long ago.Happy birthday to my one and only.

149. Time to rise and shine….Happy birthday to my only love.

150. As we are celebrating your born day, I cannot be happier with any other thing rather than your pretty smile on your pretty face. May god give you thousands of reasons to remain happy. I love you more each and every moment baby. Happy Birthday!


Author: Rita Mahato

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