999 Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Boyfriend From Girlfriend

51. I’m so blessed to always have you by my sideThis birthday wish goes for my one and only.
52. There’s still a long way to goThis birthday is just a door to another chapterHappy Birthday

53. For the most handsome and loyal boyMy birthday wish for you is that you live happily ever after.
54. I don’t need chocolates just the warmth of your armsHappy birthday dear.

55. Never leave holding my gently.Happy birthday
56. All those irreplaceable moments has come to this day when my king would cut his cake.Happy birthday.

57. Smile, laugh and memories are great.But our happiness is the best thing given to us.Happy birthday to my sweetheart.
58. Today, my special person needs a special treatment.Look forward for surprises.Happy Birthday.

59. The happiness I long for, I find it in youHappy birthday to my everything.
60. You are the author of our Romeo and JulietHave lots of gift to unwrap.Happy birthday, sweetheart.

61. I wish my knight in armor a happily happening birthday.
62. Your birthday and my wishBoth of them are destined to be written in the stars.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

63. I’d like to wish the price of my life a blissful happy birthday.
64. The love you gave me comes with the price of happiness.Happy birthday dear.

65. Stay safe, stay sound.Happy birthday, prince.
66. I see you when the night falls, I think of you on the daylight.Happy birthday sweetheart.

67. Today is the day that happiness must come alive.Happy birthday dear
68. Heard that keeping your heart on your sleeves counts the most so I kept all my money inside my purse.Have a great birthday.
69. for that sexy man who drives all the girls crazy but is loyal only to me.Happy birthday.

70. Who said a manly person can’t be sweet.Perhaps, they haven’t met my man yet.Have a great birthday.
71. You’re demeanor is as sweet as you look.Happy birthday, sweet heart.

72. You’re birthday excites me more than my own.
73. Today is the greatest day I know of.You’re birthday brings me a bliss.

74. You are my one and only.So I planned you a surprise.Err really can’t keep that a secret.Happy birthday.
75. Today is the day I’d always eagerly waited for.Because today I get to wish you a very happy birthday.

76. Life is a cone.Birthdays are ice-cream.Many happy returns of the day.
77. You gave me the feeling I’ve never had.You are worth wishing.Happy Birthday, sweet heart.

78. The is a very little contrast in our birthdays.I feel special in mine and I feel extra special in yours.Happy birthday.
79. I hope my words will sugar coat you’re special day.Happy birthday, stay unwrapping you’re gifts.

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend from girlfriend

80. I’ve mastered happiness by just knowing this day exists.I wish you a very amusing happy birthday ever.
81. You want me inside your heart.Are there any better gifts that I can give to you?

82. One minute feels longer without you.Stay blessed, happy birthday.
83. Time for the hard work of whole year to pay off.I wish you happy birthday.

84. Thinking about what to plan on your birthday never ever exhausts my mind.
85. Would you believe me if I say you’re birthday is the only thing on my mind.Either way it won’t change a fact.Many happy returns of the day.

86. May we make memories? Happy birthday.
87. There are no such things that I will keep a secret from you.So just wanted to know how you would feel if I were to plan a surprise birthday party.

88. From the moment I saw you, I smile brighter, laugh harder and it feels a wonderful to say I’ve beening living for this day to come.I wish you a many happy returns of the day.

89. You’re heart has always harmonized with mine till day.Maybe, it is the reason I feel lucky to cast this magic spell.Happy birthday to the king of my life.


90. Misunderstanding creates the diversion that we have never wished for or wanted.But birthdays helps those diversions to meet the same end..Many happy returns of the day stay happy and blessed.

91. I want to be the one to wish you happy birthday in the minutes to midnight.Not only this year but all my life.
92. My attempt at making you feels special.I wish that attempt will always work on you and never fade out.Happy birthday, king

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend in English Language

93. They say loving is one thing but first learn to make birthdays special.Here I am wide awake to be the first to wish you happy birthday.

94. Wish you another year of happiness where I will ride along with you.

95. If you’re birthday was a house, I’d be furniture.
96. There is a magic in the way you touchThat makes me want to wish you a happy birthday with many surprises.

97. Today you age will add another plus one.I wish to be alongside you watching those number grow bigger and bigger.

98. Life is a front camera.It reflects what we are and what we want.Maybe you’re birthday is all I want.Happy birthday, sweetheart.

99. May you’re birthday be delightful as you are my love.

100. Do you want me to hold your hand and walk you along the beach in the evening sun? Happy birthday, MrPrince.


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