65 Best Happy Birthday Gifts for Your Father to Make Special B’Day

51. Eyeglasses


Glasses can be the best gift for your dad if he wears them. Give him some cool glasses frames and wish him on his birthday. You can choose from a variety of glasses designs. However, the best one would be the rectangular glasses frames as these never go out of fashion. Also, these glasses can be gifted for those who are conscious about the safety of eyes. Even if your dad does not have power, you can gift him safety glasses to protect eyes from flying dust and debris. These glasses also give protection from UV rays of the sun. So, sunglasses can be a cool idea for a present to dad on his birthday.

52. Soft briefcase

bag – briefcase

If your dad needs to travel frequently for leisure or for official works, then soft briefcase would be the best gift to present to him on his birthday. These briefcases are soft and they can be easily carried and traveled from one place to another. Unlike big suitcases, soft briefcases make traveling more comfortable. Apart from for traveling, soft briefcases can also be used to carry important papers and electronic devices such as laptops or tablets. So, this briefcase would be the perfect gift for your dad if he is traveling freak and professional business person.

53. Luxury Pen


The Super luxury pen can be an awesome gift for your father if he is into writing. The luxury pen looks classy as well as writes smoothly. Bentley pens, Delta pens, parker pens, Ferrari pens, diplomat pens are some luxury high-end pens. These might cost a little too much, but totally worth your dad’s appearance and personality. Using this pen enhances the personality as well as makes an awesome little gift for your father. So, think about this. Your dad would definitely love such luxury pens

54. Fancy shaving kit

shaving kit
shaving kit

Shaving is something males have to do every day. So, for your dad, there cannot be other most used gift as a shaving kit. For a perfect shave every time, the use of most branded and quality product is the most. One brand that provides 8 piece shave kit is Colonel Conk that includes safety razor shave brush, brush stand, pre-shave oil, after shave lotion, and much more. This kit can provide your dad perfect shave every time. So, make the most of your dad’s birthday and gift him something that he can use daily.

55. Cool belt


If you are little short on budget and still want to gift your dad a gift, then go for cool belts. Belts come in various price ranges and you can choose from various brands, colors, designs etc. A leather belt is common for every occasion, be it the formal party or informal hangouts. A simple yet elegant black belt is something your dad would always wear. Some common brands of belts that you can choose from are Hermes Logo Belt, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, FendiZucca belt and much more. Choose the one that comes under your budget yet looks very elegant and classy.

56. Wrist watch


While selecting a perfect gift for your dad, you can always look around for wrist watch. Designed to be worn on the wrist, these watches varies in style, size, price, and brand. Today, there are many inexpensive watches, as well as expensive collectible watches that are more valued for aesthetic appeal, glamor, and craftsmanship. Various popular brand of watch to look for are Rolex, Chopard, Adidas, Casio, diesel, Bulova etc. All these brands are well known for its quality products. Choose any brand that suits your father’s personality as well as your budget.

57. Cool shades


Yet another cool option as a gift to your father would be shades or goggles. These shades are stylish, glamorous as well as protects from UV rays and other debris. If your father needs to walk in the sun for a long time then this could be the best option. However, the prices can go up to few hundred dollars. But, some low-end shades are also available. Armani exchange, Micheal kors, coach are few high-end brands. Some local brands of low prices are also available. Choose the one that comes under your budget and that looks stylish on your father.

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15 Best Happy Birthday Gifts for Your Father to Make Special B’Day

58. Cologne


Who does not like the smell of deodorants or perfumes? We are sure your dad would love to have perfumes. So, it’s a good idea to present your dad for his birthday along with a wish of happiness and prosperity. There are a lot of deodorants or perfumes on in the market. Among many, pick up one like an ax, crystal, jack black, urban cowboy. These are quality products and last longer than other. Not to mention the smell. These smells amazing.

59. Classy tie


The necktie is something that makes every man look smart and classy. With perfect tie around the neck, I am sure your dad would look a well-intentioned gentleman. This is why neck tie would be a perfect gift for your father on his birthday. Since tie does not cost much, you can buy different ties with different colors and sizes that go perfectly with his shirts. Wrap it up and present him the tie with your sweet wishes.

60. Pair of Wine Glasses

wine glasses
wine glasses

Is your father passionate about wines? If yes, you can gift him a pair of classic wine glasses. Typically, the wine glasses differ in size, shape, and color. If your dad loves red wine, a bit taller glass would be perfect. On the other hand, for white wine, white wine glasses are available in the market. All in all, gift him a cool pair of wine glasses and wish him birthday.

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